Xenonautical Adventures – An Introduction

Yes, I had another Let’s Play idea. No, I don’t know if I’ll finish it in due time.

Serious men.

The game this time is Xenonauts, a game much more like X-COM than XCOM ended up being (the hyphen is important).

I have not played much of this. I played a bit before I started the Let’s Play game, but after the first few hours I’ll essentially be running blind. So that could be fun! Or horrible!

I have set up a team roster here.

And you can start on part 1 here. I have called it a pilot, since the format may still change, based on my own reflections and/or feedback I receive.

The idea is basically another narrative LP. Like X-COM/XCOM there’s not much in way of direct story to the game, so I’ll be making up my own. There’s the story of what happens on the base seen through the eyes of the commander, and the story of what happens on the ground missions with the soldiers. They’re written slightly differently, but I hope you’ll like them both.

I have also put links here and there that you can click to get a JPG with more information on the thing in question. I figured I might as well do it like that, since I’m sure many people don’t really care for all the backstory and explanations, and would rather just read about what happens.

I hope you enjoy!



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