Xenonautical Adventures – Part 5: Laying A Foundation

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Xenonautical Adventures

1st of October, 1979, 00:32

The briefing, or chiding, is mercifully brief. Before I head back to my quarters, I send out the call to start constructing a new base. It will take them about 10 days to finish the command centre, and then I can start on the base layout. In the morning I’ll decide who get to be commander over there, but right now I need to rest.

As I open the door, I find dirt all over the floor. It seems Major Merrywhiskers has bravely assassinated my potted fern. I’ll deal with that in the morning too.

1st of October, 1979, 07:47

At least the rug is still at the cleaners, so I mopping up the dirt proved relatively easy. Major Merrywhiskers was all tuckered out and didn’t even wake up to pettings.

My pick for base commander in North America will be Lieutenant General Dosjevsky. Very skilled and highly flexible. Definitely the best man for the job. ( The delicious irony of a Soviet commander protecting the USA is just a bonus. )

I will still act as Supreme Commander ( and hope I never have to write that daft title again ), but Dosjevsky will handle base operations. He’s free to launch interceptors at will, but I need to approve of ground missions. He has my trust though, so as default I will approve of any action he decides to take.

We’ve had reports of more blips around the Caribbean happening this morning. I feel like they’re just taunting us now.

2nd of October, 1979, 07:13

Some blips in Africa yesterday, nothing else to really report.

I have acquired a harness and leash for Major Merrywhiskers. I think I’ll show her around the base today.

2nd of October, 1979, 11:09

It seems a lot of scientists enjoy cats. The chief was not happy about the distraction, but it seemed like a boost in morale for some of the team members. Major Merrywhiskers is not quite so fond of scientists, it turns out.

2nd of October, 1979, 12:12

Major Merrywhiskers almost managed to slip away in the workshop. I was looking at the frame they’d set up for the Hunter, and forgot to hold the leash as tight as I maybe should. Still managed to grab it before she absconded.

2nd of October, 1979, 13:58

Very mixed interest among the soldiers. Major Merrywhiskers seemed to approve of them all, or so I like to believe.

3rd of October, 1979, 09:43

UFO sighting in Saudi Arabia. That’s close enough for Foxtrot-1 to reach, even though there’s no guarantee it’ll still be there. I feel I have to take the chance.

3rd of October, 1979, 15:31

Foxtrot-1 has returned. No UFOs found. Damn it.

4th of October, 1979, 07:23

I have received the research team’s report on the alien rifle. By the sound of this, I’m amazed no one has died yet. I’m guessing neither the grey men nor the lizard-men are their top troops, and as such not that good at using the weapons. If we could just pick them up and wield them as they are… a mere dream.

They are offering a project to further investigate the alien plasma technology, but I’ll go with their recommendation to start the alien biology project for now.

4th of October, 1979, 22:52

“Contact, sir! Confirmed extraterrestrial contact!”

What? I rush to the command centre, arriving in just a few minutes, looking somewhat dishevelled.

“Where is the UFO?”

“A short distance east of us, north of Korea.”

That close, huh?

“Launch Condor-1 and Foxtrot-1. Intercept course.”

“Yes sir!”

I am not taking any chances, as I don’t know what they’ve brought down since our last contact.

5th of October, 1979, 00:07

“UFO intercepted, sir! Light Scout, but shooting it down now will make it crash in the ocean!”

“Understood. Have them tail it until it’s over land, then engage.”

“Yes sir!”

5th of October, 1979, 01:19

“UFO is going down, sir!”

“Launch Charlie-1! Set course for the crash site.”

“Yes sir!”

5th of October, 1979, 04:14

“Charlie-1 has reached the crash site, sir!”

“Understood. Have them land and engage.”

“Yes sir!”

We need a victory now. I don’t know if we’ll bring back anything new, but money will help. And so will improved morale.

Charlie-1 Response Team on the ground. Day-time mission. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

We find ourselves on another farm. I guess one Chinese farm looks much like the next one.

Cpl Cuftbert checks the sides of the dropship, while Cpl Labor scouts the back.

It doesn’t take long for the first alien to show itself as it attempts to fire on Cpl Labor, but misses quite drastically.

At least you weren't waiting directly outside the door this time.

I see you there.

Sgt Gardes and Cpl Beargal follow Cpl Labor out. Sgt Gardes takes the first shot, but only gets a shoulder hit. Cpl Beargal follows up with a hit to the chest that puts the alien down.

As everyone gets out of the dropship and start establishing a perimeter, we hear an exchange of shotgun and plasma fire down beyond the barn.

We rush down there, and find a dead man, probably the farmer, and a red-jerseyed alien holding one of those pistols.

Caught red-han- red-jerseyed.

The fiend!

Sgt Riddium gives a quick hand signal, and Sgt Gardes’s rifle rings out again. The alien goes down after a direct hit to the head.

Sgt McNutcase and Cpl Troidell secure the barn between them, by entering from both sides, and find it to be completely devoid of aliens. So far, so good.

After making sure this side of the hedge is secure, the team advance through an opening towards where the smoke trails give away the UFO’s position, and it doesn’t take long to spot it.

And hopefully full of already dead aliens.

It seems rather battered.

Cpls Troidell, Labor, Cuftbert and Beargal head towards the front of the UFO, while Sgts McNutcase, Riddium and Gardes head around the back with Cpl Herr in tow.

Another blue-jersey is spotted hiding on the far side of the UFO. Sgt McNutcase pops out from the back and fires, distracting the blue-jersey long enough for Cpl Troidell to charge up behind it and deliver a full shotgun blast into its back.

Of course we're not being vindictive.

No chance.

The four Cpls all cautiously converge on the door of the UFO. Before they’re quite ready to trigger the door themselves, another blue-jersey comes running out.

A somewhat startled Cpl Beargal lets loose a burst of shots that rips the alien’s torso to shreds.

Cpl Cuftbert ducks into the doorway and shoots the final living alien before the door even has a chance to close again.

The scene is secure, though the civilian casualty is regrettable. Charlie-1 returns home.

Whether or not civilians get killed seems very RNG.

5th of October, 1979, 04:45

I hear no injuries, and I feel immense relief. I’m gonna go take a nap now until they’re back. If Major Merrywhiskers will let me.

5th of October, 1979, 07:09

I am in place again to personally congratulate the team on a job well done.

It seems like the aliens haven’t really powered up that much in the past month, or we were just lucky in our catch.

The rest of the world doesn’t seem like it’s had as much luck…

After reviewing the combat report later, I decide to promote Sgt Riddium to Lieutenant, and Cpls Labor and Beargal to Sergeants.

Maybe there is hope to get the American base operational without too much trouble.



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