Xenonautical Adventures – Part 7: Europe In Flames

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Xenonautical Adventures

6th of October, 1979, 13:33

I’m going over the deployment lists as the report of a freak storm in the Mediterranean comes in. Nothing we can do about it.

I see we have six corporals now. Wanyal, Squirrel, Volatar, Jonely, Grump and NotSoGrump. I’ll assign them all to Charlie-1 for now, with Lt Riddium and Lt Gardes as oversight.

Maybe we’ll hit a weird lull like last month, and nothing more will show up until we have the American base up and running.

Or maybe we’ll get a new contact before the day is over.

6th of October, 1979, 20:09

Our communications officer knitted a mouse toy for Major Merrywhiskers, and I’m seeing how she likes it as the call comes in from the workshop.

The Hunter armoured car is complete.

I head down and have a look at it. It’s honestly more impressive-looking than the schematics would have you think.

For now I am keeping it as a backup though. Our soldiers need all the experience they can get. But I’d rather send this than a couple of wounded troops.

I leave orders for them to create a few more Jackal armours. With the money we got for taking down those three UFOs, we can afford another three sets.

7th of October, 1979, 07:11

The research team’s report on the new type of UFO is ready. I’ve been looking it over since I got to my desk. Larger, yet faster and more manoeuvrable than the Light Scout. I’m guessing that power core is responsible for that.

I was reading the encounter report from Condor-1 yesterday. The Sidewinders alone weren’t enough to bring it down, even when one of them scored a direct hit. It had to enter dog-fighting with the vulcan to bring it down. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this one managed to dodge both missiles on occasions. So unfortunately I think that the Foxtrot simply won’t be able to take these on without a great amount of luck.

Since they are faster than the Condors, that represents a problem… I didn’t expect our new interceptor to get outclassed quite so quickly.

Considering the erratic movements of the UFOs in general, we will of course still chase after them.

They apparently also finished their report on alien biology during the night. I must admit I don’t really understand it too well. The information that these two species we’ve encountered are not from the same world does give me some insight into what we might be facing, and that there will probably be more types as we go along.

They offer a proposal for a research project on stun weapons, but I send word for them to work on the alien plasma technology instead. I don’t feel that we’re ready for live captures just yet.

7th of October, 1979, 12:28

A UFO has been sighted near Paris, and it’s creating panic. I wish we had the range to go there, but it’s just not possible. I wait to see if a pattern is going to form.

8th of October, 1979, 07:25

There were two more incident reports yesterday before things went quiet. Only two days until the American command centre is operational now. Then another ten days to get the first radar array running. As for a European base, that’ll be November at the very soonest. Do we have till November? I don’t even know.

8th of October, 1979, 15:10

Managed to get the doctors to agree to let Major Merrywhiskers tour the medical centre. I told them about a study on how patients reach positively to the presence of animals.

Apropos, I got a request from Lt Gardes asking to get a dog on base. So long as it’s not going to chase or attack Major Merrywhiskers, I think that can probably be arranged.

9th of October, 1979, 02:58

“Contact, sir! Confirmed extraterrestrial contact!”

I stumble my way into the command centre.


“Just off the east coast of India, sir! The new Scout class.”

“Understood. Launch Condor-2!”

“Yes sir!”

I see it’s headed south, but as much as I want, I feel it would be futile to send Foxtrot-1.

9th of October, 1979, 06:46

I am nudged awake as Condor-2 makes contact.

Apparently the UFO just went back and forth over the ocean until Condor-2 managed to catch up.

15 seconds later the thing is barrelling down into the ocean. Nothing to go and recover, but Condor-2 was almost out of fuel, so it had to be now or never.

9th of October, 1979, 10:43

Activity in Europe again. Trawler found damaged and empty. Crew presumed abducted.

They seem to be hitting Europe hard this month. I hope they’re not going to withdraw from the program.

10th of October, 1979, 00:09

“Contact, sir! Confirmed extraterrestrial contact!”

Reports have been coming in from both Europe and North Africa until this one hit us. Another Scout.

“Launch Condor-1!”

“Yes sir!”

It might be turning around so there’s no guarantee we’ll reach it, but we have to try.

10th of October, 1979, 01:49

“Sir, UFO has vanished! Based on our readings, we believe it went into space. Condor-1 is returning to base.”


We might have never caught up, but that’s still annoying.

10th of October, 1979, 08:05

Lt Gardes has left base along with Lt Beargal to pick up the dog they’re getting.

I wonder what type it’s going to be.

11th of October, 1979, 00:01

The command centre in America is done. I stayed up to make sure they got the next construction projects started, but now I’m going to get some sleep.

11th of October, 1979, 07:21

I look over the personnel needs for the new base. They’re going need their own contingent of soldiers, and I was thinking of transferring three from here, and hiring nine fresh troops. Then we’ll have 12 for each base, and they can construct their own  Hunter once things are up and running. It should make do for a while. I hope.

12th of October, 1979, 07:45

I have the transfer orders ready. Lt McNutcase, and Cpls Grump and NotSoGrump will take charge of the training and be team leaders for the American base. I won’t sign them until the living quarters over there are ready though. It’s still four days away, and anything could still happen before then.

12th of October, 1979, 21:51

It’s pretty late at night, and Major Merrywhiskers has stolen one of my socks, as the research report for alien plasma technology lands on my desk.

While the idea of laser weapons does indeed sound like an improvement, I was kinda hoping we’d be able to replicate the alien weaponry right away. A fool’s hope, I suppose.

I send word for them to start research on the new alien material that was brought back from the Scout. What did they call it? Alenium? Who comes up with these names?

13th of October, 1979, 07:38

It’s been suspiciously quiet for a few days now. I hope this isn’t going to turn into another lull.

Major Merrywhiskers seems quite happy to occupy my lap, though. Maybe I should try taking her outside one of these days?

13th of October, 1979, 14:13

I went to the living quarters to see what sort of dog Lt Gardes had brought back. It’s a possum. I tried to figure out how to tell her that is not a dog, but in the end I didn’t have the heart. So long as she can keep it out of trouble.

14th of October, 1979, 07:19

More reports on my desk. Europe and North Africa again. Could the aliens have established a base over there somewhere? Not that I believe us currently capable of assaulting any sort of alien base, but it might explain why precisely that part of the world is so active.

I worry again that we might not be able to save Europe.

14th of October, 1979, 10:11

I watch in horror as the blips seem to multiply. What is going on over there? Did I make a bad choice picking America for our second base? Or are the aliens aware of where we are and what we do, and purposefully target the parts of the world we can’t reach?

14th of October, 1979, 23:11

Today has been a nightmare. Finally the pattern seems to suggest that one UFO is heading in our direction. In anticipation I launch Condor-1 to possibly meet it along the way.

14th of October, 1979, 23:48

A UFO finally gets within range of our radar, Scout class, and the order is relayed to Condor-1 to set an intercept course. I hope we catch up to it.

15th of October, 1979, 07:10

The UFO escaped during the night. Condor-1 is currently heading back to base.

The blip reports on my desk are way too many…



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