Xenonautical Adventures – Part 10: An Unnerving Discovery

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Xenonautical Adventures

25th of October, 1979, 15:01

Charlie-2 have reached their crash site, and a blip occurred off the east coast of Argentina. It seems we have a UFO down there as well.

I hope Charlie-2 finds success, and doesn’t suffer losses.

Charlie-2 Response Team on the ground. Daytime mission. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

We’ve set down in farm country. The rookies are nervous, but that’s to be expected.

They can take our lives...


Lt McNutcase takes charge and is the first person off the ramp. She asks the closest farmer what they can tell us, and they say they’ve been guarding the road here. They’ve not seen anything go past, but they’ve been shot at from the east. The UFO should be beyond the buildings to the north-east.

The rest of the team start filing off while Lt McNutcase is being briefed.

We hear some noises from inside the nearest shed, so Pvt Havoc steps forward with her shield ready and crouches down, aimed at the door. Pvt Madwater and Lt McNutcase take up positions behind her, while Pvts Specktre and Sumanai keep an eye on the open field to our east. Cpls Grump and NotSoGrump watch the road along with Pvt Sibana.

Suddenly the door flies open, and an alien inside starts firing on the farmer, who luckily manages to duck for cover. The alien is several metres away from the door though. Did it manage to open it from that far away?

Blasted telepaths. Telekinetics? Arseholes!


The farmer further up the road isn’t so lucky as a second alien opens fire on him and nearly cuts his arm off at the shoulder. We hope he died instantly.

Pvt Sumanai later reported feeling a sudden wave of unnatural unease at this time. He had brushed it off as his reaction to spotting movement across the field.

Whatever is over there is too far away for him to take a shot, but it tries to shoot at him, or at least at someone taking cover behind the small hedge, but misses entirely, creating a burn mark in the field instead.

Pvt Havoc crawls forward with her shield, which seems to give the alien pause for thought. This is the first time we’ve deployed a shield, so they wouldn’t have seen one before. Lt McNutcase and Pvt Madwater emerge from behind her and open fire with their shotguns. They spot a second alien coming towards the shed, but Pvt Specktre has also seen it.

Alien vaporised.

Kaboom, baby!

In the end it’s Pvt Havoc herself who finishes off the alien in the shed with her pistol.

With things now seemingly quiet across the field, the team tries to move up the road towards the UFO.

They are suddenly ambushed by the alien that killed the farmer. It takes a shot and hits Cpl Grump, who gets wounded quite badly. She still manages to fire back and pin down the alien, which gives Pvt Sibana the opening she needs to plant a bullet in its head. Cpl NotSoGrump and Pvt Sumanai rush over and administer first aid to Cpl Grump.

I hope.

It’s gonna be alright.

Though they are certain they saw more movement across the field, things go quiet now for a while.

We advance slowly up the road, checking out the buildings we pass.

Lt McNutcase brings Cpl Grump westward to check out the building there, just in case something did slip by, and to give the painkillers more time to kick in fully. They plan to circle around the northern hedge and meet up with the others at the UFO.

The soldiers keep feeling pangs of strange unease, unnerving them as they really slowly advance.

Pvt Havoc spots the UFO through the door that one of the aliens opened.

We're coming for you.

There you are.

After a quick huddle, they decide against going through the sheds, and instead going around and approaching from the side.

A series of shots suddenly fly out from beyond the sheds, and one of them hits Pvt Specktre in the leg.

We can’t see anything, but Pvt Sumanai fires a couple of blind shots in that direction before he drags Pvt Specktre behind a wall.

Cpl NotSoGrump is quick the med pack again, and neutralises the worst of the burn.

And I'm not even medic-specced.

I got you, soldier.

Pvts Madwater, Sibana and Sumanai are joined by Cpl Grump as they try to find and flush out the alien, while the rest of the team starts approaching the UFO.

They can’t find anything further down, but Pvt Havoc spots movement up by the UFO. The alien tries to shoot them first, but Pvt Havoc’s shield provides the cover Cpl NotSoGrump needed to finish it off.

It's a nice thing to have.


They cautiously advance on the UFO’s door, keeping Pvt Havoc in front.

The rest of the team cautiously sweep the area to make sure there are no more aliens outside, and then the whole team starts converging on the UFO.

As everyone is getting into position, the aliens open the door first. This is the first time we’ve seen one in a purple jersey.

Are you here for the Space Jam?

What’s your deal, then?

It takes a couple of potshots at Pvt Havoc, but the shield protects her. It tries to flee back inside, but the combined shotgun fire of Lt McNutcase and Pvt Madwater puts it down.

All of a sudden, it’s like a strange pressure is lifted from our minds, one we hadn’t even noticed because it had been building so slowly.

The other two aliens in there seem to go into a bit of a frenzy and fire wildly at us before the door closes again. Pvt Havoc hunkers down. We even spot a third alien popping out from the door to the back, but it seems to retreat.

It goes quiet for a moment, and we crawl a little closer again, but it’s almost like they could sense our movement. The door opens once more, and another volley of fire flies out. Lt McNutcase is wounded, but another of the aliens go down in the return fire. Pvt Madwater quickly takes out his med pack to stop Lt McNutcase’s bleeding.

The second alien tries to flee further into the ship, but Cpl NotSoGrump shoots it in the back before it gets anywhere.

Serves you right.


Now to deal with the one in the back. We don’t hear anything, so we start slowly moving into the UFO and taking up defensive positions.

Everyone moves into what seems like decent cover, and as if on cue, the alien opens the door. Before any of us can react, it fires a shot that goes straight through the cover Cpl Grump was behind, and she drops with a scream.

I fucked up.

I thought that was 100% cover.

Lt McNutcase won’t have any of it, so she storms forward fires her shotgun right into the alien’s chest from point-blank range.

Between them, the team manages to stabilise Cpl Grump. They get a stretcher from the dropship and get her back onboard. It seems she’s going to live, but she might be out cold for a few days.

Cpl NotSoGrump speaks to the remaining farmer before the team boards Charlie-2 and take off.

I guess blowing up an alien with a rocket launcher isn't enough to get a corporal promotion.

That almost went so wrong.

25th of October, 1979, 15:39

We get forwarded the preliminary report from the American base. A new alien type. Cpl Grump nearly dead. A dead farmer. Several injuries. By all accounts a near-disaster, but they pulled through, somehow.

Good work, people. I hope you are able to get some rest now. Even a week would be amazing.

Looking at the injury list, it almost seems like they were targeting our more experienced soldiers over the rookies. I’m not sure how they’d know, though…

25th of October, 1979, 16:53

Before either Charlie-1 or Charlie-2 get back to their respective bases, the American base detects another UFO over the Atlantic ocean.

They reckon it to be another Scout, and have launched Condor-4 to see if it can intercept. It’s far out, but seems to be heading towards land.

25th of October, 1979, 17:12

Charlie-2 has landed, and the injured soldiers have been sent to the medical facility. I will be awaiting a copy of the mission report.

25th of October, 1979, 17:38

Charlie-1 has landed. Lt Riddium and Cpl Jonely went to the medical centre, and Lt Gardes’s body went to the morgue. I feel like my heart is weighing me down.

I am going to make sure all of them are promoted. After the hell they went through, they deserve it.

I will let Commander Dosjevsky give me his recommendations for promotions on Charlie-2.

Considering what they survived, I’d say both Cpls Grump and Jonely deserve a Crimson Heart medal.

And I will give Lt Riddium an Order of Gallantry for for his avenging work with that rocket launcher.

25th of October, 1979, 19:14

Condor-4 caught up the UFO over open water and shot it down. It was dancing about a bit before it was caught, though it didn’t seem to be actually doing anything.

I have gotten the report from Charlie-2 now, and I support Commander Dosjevsky’s recommendation to promote Pvts Havoc, Madwater, Sibana and Sumanai to Corporals.

That makes a total of 11 promotions today. Lt Riddium is now a Captain. Sgt Cuftbert is a Lieutenant. Cpls Jonely, Squirrel Volatar and Wanyal are Sergeants. And Pvt Berwolf has earned Corporal.

Can we get through the day without any further excitement?

26th of October, 1979, 00:01

The American base managed to get their missile battery up and running. Just in case something comes straight at them.

We had some reports of blips outside of South America on the Pacific side, but too far outside of the range of either base.

Apparently Cpl Grump will be in intensive care for about a week, and the medical staff don’t want to release her for at least a fortnight.

I am calling it a night, as I am exhausted. And I haven’t seen Major Merrywhiskers since this morning.



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