Xenonautical Adventures – Part 11: Rocket Is Best Solution

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Xenonautical Adventures

26th of October, 1979, 04:19

I was woken by the news that the American base have discovered yet another UFO. Likely the one making trouble in the Pacific ocean.

They have launched Condor-4, even though repairs were only mostly done. May luck be on your side, pilot.

26th of October, 1979, 07:24

Looking at the most recent reports, it would seem the grey aliens have stepped up their game. Our early encounters didn’t really indicate that they had such good aim, or could see that far. They clearly had better sight than the lizards, but nothing to show they could see further and clearer than us, until now.

Not to mention that new type, or new rank, however that works. The one in the purple jersey. Some sort of commander? The research team propose that it might have had stronger telepathic ability than the others we have faced so far, and might have been directing the efforts of the rest.

That would be an unfortunate development, especially if it can sense where we are, as it seems the latest encounter up in Canada would suggest.

I have signed the order to hire another replacement soldier, and I should have our current soldiers tested in marksmanship to see who is best suited to be our new sniper.

26th of October, 1979, 09:13

The UFO has been shot down, and Commander Dosjevsky and I briefly debated whether to send in another ground team.

We both agree that sending in either of the wounded soldiers is too soon. They haven’t even gotten out of the medical beds yet.

For this mission, Pvt DeHaan will be given the rocket launcher, because he has had some previous experience, and it’s far too useful to not bring one. Pvts Angnor and Vecre will take the places of Lt McNutcase and Cpl Grump.

Charlie-2 heads out again.

26th of October, 1979, 14:37

Charlie-2 arrives at its destination about half an hour after sunrise.

Let’s hope for the best.

Charlie-2 Response Team on the ground. Daytime mission. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

To help against a hostile takeover.

Visiting the industry!

We file out of the dropship with haste. We saw the crashed UFO north of us, so we split into five and three.

Cpl NotSoGrump takes Cpl Sumanai and Pvt Angnor to check out the building towards the east and circle around to meet up with the others at the UFO.

Cpls Havoc, Madwater and Sibana head northward with Pvts DeHaan and Vecre.

We don’t really see any aliens to begin with, but there are several civilians and security guards scurrying around.

Silly civvies.

Why haven’t you guys evacuated?

Cpl Sibana heads outside the fence with Pvt DeHaan, as they both need more room for their weapons. Cpl Havoc leads Cpl Madwater and Pvt Vecre with her shield in front as they advance into the depot building and check in with the civilians. Amazingly none of them have been hurt, yet.

Cpls NotSoGrump and Sumanai make their way around the office building with Pvt Angnor, keeping a close eye on the windows while covering eachother’s backs.

Cpl Sibana is the first to spot non-human movement, though it ducks behind the depot building too quickly for her to get a shot off.

Cpls Havoc and Madwater head to the door opposite the one they came in, and open it so they can take the alien down with combined shotgun and pistol fire.

But he has a friend!

One down.

That second lizard is too far away from them to get a shot, though, and Cpl Sibana can’t see it because of the train car in the way.

Pvt DeHaan has the solution. He steps out from the left side of the train car, and lets a rocket fly.

It hits, but amazingly doesn’t kill the lizard. However, it is currently on fire, which gives Cpl Sibana and Pvt Vecre the time they need to get into position and finish the job.

They come for you.

The fires of wrath.

We slowly make our way into the train yard, but since we’re dealing with lizards, we are careful to not go too near to the door of the UFO. We remember from the briefings that the creatures don’t like to fire unless they’re really close.

The doors to the UFO open, and we spot at least five lizards in there. Cpl Havoc and Pvt Vecre take a few potshots, but the doors close again before they manage to hit anything.

Cpl Madwater spots another lizard come running down from the left side of the UFO, and taking cover behind a concrete wall. Pvt DeHaan has reloaded his rocket launcher though.

The alien won't be missed.

So long, wall.

Meanwhile Cpls NotSoGrump and Sumanai, and Pvt Angnor are encountering no resistance and have started circling around the building and heading towards the UFO from the east.

The others are taking up defensive positions a short bit away from the door to the UFO to minimise the risk of getting shot, while still having the option to fire at anything that opens the door.

The door does open once, and Pvt Vecre manages to score a hit on one of the lizards, but then it stays closed for a while.

Once Cpl NotSoGrump’s group have gotten close, Cpl Havoc moves up with her shield, and the others follow behind.

Perhaps they heard us move, because the door opens again. We fire a few shots inside and score some glancing hits, but we don’t see any of them go down before the door slides shut again.

After a short break which gives us time to find better positions, the door opens again, and Cpl NotSoGrump lets loose a three-shot burst, finally taking down one of the lizards.

Only... four or five more to go?

About time.

The rest seem huddled towards the back of the room, and the door automatically closes again. After a minute of waiting where nothing seems to be happening, Cpl Madwater crawls forward and triggers the door before ducking out of the way again.

They’ve huddled more towards the centre of the room, and they’re all in good cover, so there’s really only one good option here.

We give the signal to Pvt DeHaan.

Disco inferno!

So much fire.

A couple of aliens survived the blast, but one of them gets shot as they run away from the flames, while the other manages to get into cover as the door closes.

Cpl Havoc takes up position directly in front of the door and opens it herself this time. The lizard is pressed as far into a corner as it can get.

The whole team starts firing on it, and manage to flush it out. It comes running for us, but Cpl Havoc’s shield stops any shots coming at us.

At least it faced it bravely.

About to die.

Cpl Havoc fires her pistol twice, causing the lizard to stumble, and Pvt Angnor finishes it off.

As we slink into the UFO, keeping a close eye on the back door, the final lizard comes charging out.

Cpl Madwater distracts it with a blast from his shotgun, and Pvt Vecre finishes the job.

We put out the flames, check in with the civilians again, and make our way back onto Charlie-2 to head home.

Too much misery lately.

We really needed another good run now.

26th of October, 1979, 15:11

They made it through with no injuries, which seems unheard of these days. Granted, they seem to have used a lot of explosives to ensure that, but better to get our soldiers back in one piece than the alien equipment.

26th of October, 1979, 18:58

Charlie-2 has landed, and based on what Commander Dosjevsky told me, they seem to have gotten some of their cheer back.

After later reading a copy of the mission report, I agree with Dosjevsky’s recommendation that Pvts Angnor and Vecre be promoted to Corporals, and that Cpl NotSoGrump has earned her Sergeant stripes for her leadership during this mission.

If only they could all go this well.

Now maybe we can have peace for a few days.

26th of October, 1979, 22:22

I go through the results of today’s marksmanship test.

Our newcomer, Cpl Berwolf, scored the highest, very closely followed by Sgt Troidell. Though both could fill the role, I think I’d rather have one less rifleman than one less assault. I’ll inform Cpl Berwolf in the morning.

27th of October, 1979, 07:20

Cpl Berwolf is set up, and the world has gone quiet again.

Due to the rather heavy UFO activity in America, a second missile battery has been ordered to be constructed.

I’ve also sent the order for more engineers for both bases, to fill our workshops to capacity. Will we get the time to actually construct some of this stuff our researchers have designed?



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