Xenonautical Adventures – Part 18: Interrogation Techniques

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Xenonautical Adventures

23rd of November, 1979, 09:29

Major Merrywhiskers in under my bed. I can’t get her to come out. I don’t understand why.

23rd of November, 1979, 10:13

Major Merrywhiskers is currently purring on my favourite chair, acting as if nothing happened.

23rd of November, 1979, 18:01

Commander Dosjevsky reports that Cpl Specktre’s body has been shipped off to his next-of-kin.

23rd of November, 1979, 19:14

The reports for the enhanced explosives are in. Depleted alenium, instead of depleted uranium, huh? Wait, they did what to the firing range? Commander Dosjevsky didn’t say anything about that. Per our schedule, the American research team will now begin analysis of the grey prisoner. I want some further assurances before we start doing tests on that Reaper.

I suppose our Foxtrot pilots will have an easier time taking down Corvettes now. Or so I hope.

24th of November, 1979, 08:18

I treasure these quiet nights now. I think Major Merrywhiskers prefers them as well. I was woken by her chasing something this morning. I don’t think much of anything actually gets in here, so I can’t think what she was chasing.

24th of November, 1979, 21:43

It is getting quite late by the time I get the report on our lizard captive. I must admit the combat reports didn’t really describe these things as that formidable. I’ll organise a briefing for the soldiers regarding the vulnerabilities we’ve discovered.

And better medical supplies are certainly helpful. I am going to speak with the Chief about possibly using some of this to speed up recovery times for injured soldiers in the medical centre. Maybe it’s not that easy.

I’ll be leaving the Reaper analysis to the American team, because I definitely do not trust moving that thing. It is hard to make a pick out of the projects we have though. There’s still three new alien weapons to analyse, and then there’s the stuff we salvaged from the Corvettes, and the new combat armour design. I almost forgot there’s also the interrogation… let’s work on that. See if we can develop a way to communicate. We could use some solid intel for once.

25th of November, 1979, 07:22

Will there be any excitement today that doesn’t include cleaning up barf from the floor? Part of me hopes not.

25th of November, 1979, 19:23

The new soldier has arrived at our American base. Pvt Desiré Guard. Let’s see how she does.

Based on his earlier performance, it seems Commander Dosjevsky has picked Sgt DeHaan to be their new rocketeer, and Pvt Guard will take over his rifleman duties for now, unless she turns out to have other strengths.

26th of November, 1979, 07:18

With nothing happening in the world, and our monthly review coming up in a few days, I figure I’ll just take Major Merrywhiskers for an excursion. I’ll leave the responsibilities to the XO, and hope the world doesn’t go under in the few hours I’m away.

26th of November, 1979, 11:52

Nothing new to report from the base, it seems.

Major Merrywhiskers found a rodent of some sort, and nearly ran off her leash. I ran with her for a bit, but it went into a hole, and in spite of her best efforts, we couldn’t dig it out.

26th of November, 1979, 16:03

It took a little longer than I had expected, but the report on our grey prisoner has arrived on my desk. The idea that they were purposefully made to resemble us strikes me as somewhat… disgusting. Malevolent.

I will organise another briefing for the soldiers. Maybe it will improve our survival chances. The American scientists are moving onto the Reaper, and best of luck to them with that. I completely understand if it takes them a while.

27th of November, 1979, 07:21

I am in that hell of bureaucracy where I’m reviewing paperwork in preparation for the end-of-month review. I am almost hoping the UFOs will show up to give me something else to do.

Major Merrywhiskers has gotten a new catnip mouse, and she hasn’t torn it to shreds. Yet.

27th of November, 1979, 14:57

I am trying to get Major Merrywhiskers to try this kangaroo jerky. I don’t think I’ve seen any creature look quite this sceptical before.

27th of November, 1979, 18:32

My presence was requested in the laboratory for this one, as the Chief laid forth his results of interrogating one of our captives. Nice to see he’s still holding onto his humility.

I do wonder if we will eventually get the ability to influence the alien grunts in the field, in spite of what the report says…

For now we have to knock out one of their officers and see if they’re different in any way. We can do that.

I told the Chief to start looking at those alien electronics I know he’s been itching to research.

28th of November, 1979, 07:29

May the future be void of paperwork!

28th of November, 1979, 08:46

A UFO detected off the Italian coast. Looks to be a Corvette. With our new armaments, we have calculated that a single Condor can handle a Corvette now, so Condor-5 has been launched.

28th of November, 1979, 09:11

Second UFO has appeared close to Egypt’s western border. Condor-6 has been launched to intercept.

28th of November, 1979, 09:27

Condor-6 have engaged and shot down its target. Minor damage suffered. Returning to base now.

Commander Marabello is organising an air strike now.

28th of November, 1979, 09:52

UFO sighted north of Australia.

“Launch Foxtrot-1!”

“Yes sir!”

28th of November, 1979, 10:24

Condor-5 has engaged and shot down its target over Germany. Yet again reports of damage. Not an ideal match-up for us, then. Let’s hope the engineers are quick to patch this up.

Commander Marabello has another air strike to arrange.

28th of November, 1979, 11:10

A contact that appears to be a Scout has appeared over Central America. Foxtrot-2 has been launched.

28th of November, 1979, 13:23

Foxtrot-2 has shot down the Scout over Ecuador, and I gave Commander Dosjevsky permission to launch Charlie-2. Sgt DeHaan is still heavily injured, so we’re taking the risk of sending the team without a rocketeer. They have more laser weapons now, that’ll have to do.

28th of November, 1979, 13:33

Foxtrot-1 is down to half fuel, and has to head back. No further reports from Australasia. Could that have been the UFO we picked up in Central America? Could it have flown across the Pacific? It seems unlikely.

28th of November, 1979, 22:35

Abduction reported from a ship in the Pacific.

“Launch Foxtrot-1!”

“Yes sir!”

28th of November, 1979, 23:04

Charlie-2 has reached the crash site, and have set down to engage. Good luck, soldiers.

Charlie-2 Response Team on the ground. Night-time mission. Flares have been distributed. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

We land next to an office building, and are greeted by one of the local forces. She informs us that the building is secure, and that so far they’ve been able to contain the aliens in the rail-yard, but they are losing ground to the greys’ superior weaponry.

Hail, friend!

Making contact.

We split into three groups.

Lt McNutcase takes Sgt Sumanai and heads around the back of the building. There should be less possibility of running into any aliens there, but it still needs to be secured.

Sgt Grump takes Sgt Vecre and Pvt Guard and go to secure the parking lot.

Lt Havoc takes Sgts Madwater and Vecre and heads straight for the UFO.

We ask the local soldier to stay with the dropship, but she refuses and insists on showing Lt Havoc’s group the way. Occasional exchanges of gunfire can be heard not far away.

Our progress is met with little incident for the first couple of minutes. In fact it turns out to be Lt McNutcase who spots the first alien, as a blue-jersey comes running out in front of her and Sgt Sumanai. It didn’t seem to expect us being there, and is quickly put down by Sgt Sumanai.

It's still warm.

Eat this!

It seems the alien didn’t bring any friends, so Lt McNutcase throws a couple of flares into the open area to the north. Nothing moves in the flickering light, so she and Sgt Sumanai heads for the nearby depot structure.

Meanwhile Sgt Grump’s group are finding the parking lot and its surroundings clear, though there are a lot of dark spaces to throw flares into, making their work take a while.

Lt Havoc’s group are following the local sergeant, who has introduced herself as Carrera. She leads them into another depot building, but they only make it a few metres inside before Lt Havoc suddenly drops her shield and falls to her knees. She clutches her head and neither Sgt Madwater or Sibana can get her to respond. They go into defensive positions while Sgt Carrera watches Lt Havoc.

As soon as it came, it seems to have gone again, and she relaxes. According to Sgt Sibana, Lt Havoc mumbled something like “it was in my head” before she grabbed her shield again and said more loudly “Let’s go.”

Look how cool the new med pack is.

Picking it up.

Lt McNutcase and Sgt Sumanai find the depot building they entered empty at first glance, but there are still some boxes that could hide danger, so they progress cautiously.

Sgt Grump’s group discover a dead blue-jersey behind a rail car, apparently killed fighting the locals. They proceed ahead towards the UFO.

It’s Lt Havoc who first spots it through the darkness as she opens the northern door of the building. Sgt Carrera stays behind to guard the civilians, and we scramble out the door to make sure area is clear. There are signs of fighting, but not any living enemies. Sgt Grump’s group quickly catches up to Lt Havoc’s group, and they work together to guard the entrance and secure the west side of the UFO, while waiting for Lt McNutcase to come from the east.

However, Lt McNutcase is almost through building when she hears the door open on her right, and another blue-jersey is standing there. It crouches down to fire, but she reacts quicker, and fires a couple of blasts from her new laser carbine as Sgt Sumanai comes running up behind her. The first blast goes wide, and so does the second, but the blue-jersey is scrambling for cover now, and the third blast hits it dead-on.

It was to be expected.

And you’re dead.

We move up to the door to check, and spot another blue-jersey through a window on the second floor of the adjacent building. Lt McNutcase and Sgt Sumanai quickly hug the opposite wall to avoid being in any line of fire, and then head for the stairs.

The rest of us are slowly creeping up on the door to the UFO, when suddenly a blue-jersey comes bursting out. Sgt Madwater puts a stop to whatever it was planning, and we spot a purple-jersey and a red-jersey hiding in there before the door closes again.

How many times do we have to tell you?

Sit. Down.

Meanwhile Lt McNutcase and Sgt Sumanai scurry up the stairs, and spot the alien about to head out onto the terrace, maybe to get a shot at the rest of the team. Sgt Sumanai can’t get a clear shot, but Lt McNutcase just shoves her carbine through the window and takes it down.

Lt Havoc has decided to gas the UFO. Sgt Madwater is carrying several grenades, so Lt Havoc moves up to the door and triggers it, which allows Sgt Madwater to fling a grenade in there before Lt Havoc quickly closes it again. We believe at least two were caught in the gas, and even through the door we can hear them coughing and collapsing.

Or would it be 'gas in the hole'?

Fire in the hole!

Sgt Madwater moves up to the door with Lt Havoc, and after waiting a minute she opens it again to check. The purple- and red-jerseys are knocked out, but there’s a blue-jersey hiding in the back corner. We take a couple of shots at it, but it’s in good cover and starts firing back, so we close the door again, and wait for Sgt Grump to join us.

Sgt Sibana and Pvt Guard watch our back as the rest of us take positions by the door. Sgt Grump sets up her LMG, and Lt Havoc opens the door again. The alien has moved, but it takes Sgt Grump a mere moment to adjust her gun and open fire. Most of the cover is shredded, and the rest of the team open fire.

The alien alloy is tough, so the console held up enough for the blue-jersey to hide behind, but eventually the alien goes down.

That was a lot of ammunition for one grey alien.


Lt McNutcase and Sgt Sumanai form up with us, and we start moving inside. We heard one of the back doors opening and closing, so we know there’s at least one alien hiding back there.

We wait for a minute to see if it’s going to come out, but it doesn’t. Lt Havoc volunteers to go back there. She keeps her shield up, opens one door, then the next. Through the eye-slot she sees the final red-jersey standing there, and with a shot from her pistol it drops dead.

We make a call back to base to hear if the scientists are interested in a live purple-jersey, but apparently not. They need a full-blown officer, so we leave it to be destroyed with the other bodies. After checking in with Sgt Carrera and telling her to expect our clean-up crew, we head back to Charlie-2 and go home.

Though, this was a smaller UFO.

That’s more like it.

28th of November, 1979, 23:37

Charlie-2 are taking off, and reporting no injuries. They weren’t able to bring back anything new, but at least the threat is dealt with, and we’ll receive some extra funding from the recovered materials.

The UFO we sent Foxtrot-1 looking for has been sighted close to their current heading, so hopefully they’ll run right into it.

29th of November, 1979, 00:25

Foxtrot-1 has found the UFO, though it’s bigger than we thought. The pattern seemed more consistent with a Scout, but it’s the size of a Corvette. Only it hasn’t attacked anything. Regardless, Foxtrot-1 is moving to engage.

29th of November, 1979, 00:36

It was definitely a Corvette. Foxtrot-1 shot it down with little trouble thanks to the new torpedoes. I do wonder about the strange pattern. Could there be another UFO out there?

Regardless, I am getting some sleep. The Lt-General is on duty during the night. We’ll see if I have any reports in the morning.

29th of November, 1979, 07:38

No new extraterrestrial reports, though I can report that Major Merrywhiskers absconded with one of my socks during the night. I’ve yet to figure out where she hides these things, so I’ve had to take out a new pair. This messes up my schedule, but I have no choice.

With the extra funds we’ve secured, I’ve asked the engineers to construct our first scatter laser. I’m sure Cpt Cuftbert will enjoy it.

I’ve also authorised them to start construction of a third hangar and a storeroom at the Euro-African base.

29th of November, 1979, 09:21

Charlie-2 safely made it back this morning. While there were no physical injuries, Lt Havoc was still sent for a check-up. The other soldiers say they saw her nose bleed.

Looking at the report, it seems she had some sort of incident. Possibly because of the alien psion.

Both she and Sgt Madwater have now earned an Order of Gallantry. For promotions this time; Pvt Guard is now a Corporal, Sgts Grump, Madwater and Sumanai are now Lieutenants and Lt McNutcase is now a Captain.



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  1. It’s a little jarring to read the research reports going so gamey all of a sudden. It’s all in-character descriptions and scientific theory, and then they end on ‘and by the by, your dudes now do 10% more damage against these enemies‘.

    I can’t imagine you can’t find something more profitable to do with these corpses than just destroy them. Why not sell them to McDonalds?

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