Xenonautical Adventures – Part 19: Laser Machinegun

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Xenonautical Adventures

29th of November, 1979, 12:42

Another equipment inspection done. We are getting better at these, I feel. Major Merrywhiskers stayed in my quarters for this one. She was sleeping when I went out, anyway.

30th of November, 1979, 06:05

Abduction suspected off the coast of Perth, Australia. An entire hydrofoil was found without crew.

“Launch Foxtrot-1!”

“Yes sir!”

I was awake anyway looking over the paperwork.

30th of November, 1979, 08:07

A UFO was sighted further to the south-west. Foxtrot-1 has been informed to adjust their course.

30th of November, 1979, 09:38

Foxtrot-1 has detected a signature. Looks like a Corvette. They have adjusted to an intercept course.

30th of November, 1979, 09:48

Due to low fuel, Foxtrot-1 had limited manoeuvrability, and suffered some damage, but the UFO is going down. Let’s get them home and fixed up.

30th of November, 1979, 12:20

Major Merrywhiskers is not happy with her food. I think she wants fish. Or possibly just to annoy me. Please stop mewing.

1st of December, 1979, 00:24

I guess some people don't have happy-faces.

Even when pleased, they look grumpy.

It seems like going over paperwork for the past week paid off, because that went a lot better than expected. Quite a lot better.

Right, time to get some of this money spent. North America are getting a Scatter Laser too, we need security forces and engineers for the Euro-African base, and…

I’ll think of more. Maybe in the morning.

1st of December, 1979, 07:21

Okay, I’ve expanded the construction for the Euro-African base a bit more. Getting a fourth hangar, since it might be prudent to order a Charlie for them as well. Once the third hangar is online, they will start constructing a Foxtrot.

2nd of December, 1979, 07:12

Money is as much a curse as a blessing. Major Merrywhiskers doesn’t care about money. I envy her.

2nd of December, 1979, 22:25

“Contact, sir! Confirmed extraterrestrial contact!”

It looks like the Chief was right. That looks like a squadron of three fighters.

“Launch Condor-1 and Condor-2! Intercept course!”

“Yes sir!”

It’s far out, but there’s not much a Foxtrot can contribute against those things.

2nd of December, 1979, 23:10

Warship sunk off the coast of Alaska. Foxtrot-2 sent to investigate.

3rd of December, 1979, 00:14

The Fighter squadron came straight at our Condors, no hesitation, and were blown out of the sky. Condors 1 and 2 both report no damage, but ammunition stores are nearly depleted.

3rd of December, 1979, 01:20

UFO attack in Brazil. With Foxtrot-2 out on a recon mission, we can’t respond to that unless it comes closer. Annoying.

3rd of December, 1979, 01:56

Foxtrot-2 have discovered a medium-sized contact, and have been ordered to intercept.

3rd of December, 1979, 02:08

It was a bomber, and Foxtrot-2 reports it was circling the sunken warship. It put up a surprisingly good fight, but Foxtrot-2 won out and are heading home.

3rd of December, 1979, 07:38

The UFO in Brazil was spotted closer to the coast around 3 am, which is unfortunately even further away from the American base, and then a freak storm happened in the Atlantic around 5 am. Foxtrot-2 is still being re-equipped.

Our first scatter laser is done. Cpt Cuftbert will be test-firing it on the range later tonight. I do like that she can just take alenium batteries to reload now, rather than those heavy LMG ammo packs.

I asked the Chief to help think of security measures for the firing range, so we don’t have more fires.

3rd of December, 1979, 11:06

Test-firing successful. No fires. Though the target is also no more. And the wall behind it is sort of crumbling.

Also, suspected UFO activity off the coast of Senegal. That’s close enough for Condor-5 to investigate, so Commander Marabello has ordered a launch.

3rd of December, 1979, 12:42

It seems a Corvette might be operating off the east coast of Argentina. It’s too far away for even Foxtrot-2 to reach, unfortunately.

3rd of December, 1979, 14:36

Condor-5 found nothing, which admittedly could be due to their short radar range. Foxtrot-2 is ready to go, but it’s three and a half hours since the incident now.

3rd of December, 1979, 17:40

The Corvette in South America appears to have moved west of Chile, and is performing attacks there. Still outside of Foxtrot-2’s range.

4th of December, 1979, 00:49

Night report: UFO sighting just off the Brazilian coast. Foxtrot-2 has been launched to investigate.

4th of December, 1979, 04:20

Night report: Corvette UFO engaged and shot down over the Atlantic. Foxtrot-2 returning to base.

4th of December, 1979, 07:39

The night reports are read. I give one of the copies to Major Merrywhiskers for shredding.

The third hangar has been completed in the Euro-African base, and construction of a Foxtrot has been started in it. We really need the range. I’ve been thinking that maybe we should have planned these bases closer to the equator. Not much we can do about that now.

5th of December, 1979, 07:55

Some news from the American base. Lt Grump is also equipped with a scatter laser now. And Cpl Guard’s combat role has been reclassified as a grenadier. Been a while since someone volunteered as that.

5th of December, 1979, 11:34

UFO detected over central Africa. Medium size. Condor-5 has been launched to intercept.

5th of December, 1979, 11:49

Another medium-sized UFO detected over eastern Canada. Condor-3 has been launched to intercept.

Does this mean another outing for Charlie-2?

5th of December, 1979, 12:02

Third medium-sized UFO, off the coast of Nigeria. Condor-6 has been launched to intercept.

That was quite quick for three UFOs, wasn’t it?

5th of December, 1979, 12:50

The American UFO is shot down by Condor-3, and I’ve authorised the launch of Charlie-2.

Let’s see how this goes.

5th of December, 1979, 12:59

Condor-5 have shot down their target, and an air strike is being organised.

One more. And no blips happening around the world. Yet.

5th of December, 1979, 13:33

There we go. Condor-6 have shot down the third UFO, and we’re air striking that site too. I’d be surprised if that was it, but for now all we’re waiting for is Charlie-2.

5th of December, 1979, 15:18

Charlie-2 have reached the crash site. I wish them the best of luck.

Charlie-2 Response Team on the ground. Day-time mission. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

We are in farmland again, and our pilots put down fairly close to the UFO itself. We get a message from home base before we set out.

Find an alien in a funny hat.

All right then.

As soon as we start getting out of the dropship, we see lizards coming for us. Oh good, that means they probably have reapers too.

Sgt Vecre deals with the first lizard as the rest of the team come down the ramp, except Lt Havoc and Sgt DeHaan who head out the side doors to make sure the sides are clear.

With that established we fan out and dig in.

We're fucked without it.

Defend the dropship!

A second lizard comes running around the side of the sheds on our right, but is taken down by Cpt McNutcase.

We start splitting into two groups then. Cpt McNutcase will go with Sgts Dehaan and Sibana, and Cpl Guard around the shed where the lizard came from, while Lts Grump and Havoc will take Sgts Angnor and Vecre to check out the yard to the west as we heard noises coming from there.

Before we even have time to split up much, Lt Havoc spots a reaper moving down west, a third lizard comes bursting through a door to the north, and a fourth comes running down the road.

Lt Grump spins up her new scatter laser and mows down the lizard on the road. Sgt Sibana and Vecre work together to kill the one in the door. Lt Havoc moves around the fence to try to spot where the reaper went, keeping her shield poised.

Run, you fools!

There’s farmhands down there.

We see the thing hiding behind the tractor, and we call for the farmhand to come to us quickly. The reaper is quicker.

As soon as the guy starts running, the alien bolts out, quicker than we can track it, and sinks its nightmare claws into his back.

The speed at which he transforms is staggering. In a matter of seconds he has turned into a bloated carcass, somehow still on its feet.

I wish it had taken a better screenshot.


As it turns towards us and starts lumbering, we open fire.

Sgt Angnor hits the zombie dead-on with a shotgun blast, and it bursts quite gruesomely to reveal another reaper inside. So much for the theory that killing the zombie would kill the thing inside.

Lt Havoc and Sgt Vecre fill the newborn with hot laser, buying time for Lt Grump to swing the scatter laser around and unleash hell on the original reaper.

Laser bolts are close enough.

By fire be purged!

We are all feeling rather sick after that, so we take a moment and just scan our surroundings in all directions.

Cpt McNutcase’s group are slowly making their way around the shed, checking all the corners, but finding nothing beyond a scared farmhand. They were spared the gory spectacle.

Once they get moving, advancing slowly in case of ambushes, Lt Grump’s group discover more dead people in the yard beyond. As a small mercy, they were shot to death rather than turned into incubators.

With no further encounters, both groups rendezvous at the entrance to the UFO.

It's always such a pleasure.

So here we are again.

Lt Havoc and Cpl Guard move up to the sides of the door, and a fire team is formed in front of it. Once everyone is ready, Lt Havoc opens it.

We spot one lizard, and Cpl Guard casually throws a gas grenade in there before we close the door and let the gas do its work.

After a minute we open the door again, and Lt Havoc leads the way inside, with Cpl Guard staying close behind her with grenades at the ready.

We make it halfway down the corridor before two lizards storm in and try to shoot us, but the shield holds firm. Once the aliens seek cover, Cpl Guard lobs another gas grenade, and both lizards drop.

Cpt McNutcase and Sgt Angnor come in once the gas thins out, and we search the rest of the ship, but the officer is dead, either from the crash or shortly after, along with others of the crew.

It’s time for Charlie-2 to head back home.

Still, I'm happy with that result.

We did bad on keeping farmers alive.

5th of December, 1979, 15:52

The mission was a success, but apparently the alien officer died from injuries sustained during the crash. A shame, but nothing we could do about that. There will be others.

5th of December, 1979, 19:09

No further reports of UFO activity, but I’ve gotten the report on Charlie-2’s mission. They actually witnessed a reaper reproduction? That sounds horrific.

Well, Lt Grump now has enough confirmed kills to get an Order of Gallantry. And Sgts Angnor, Sibana and Vecre are now Lieutenants.

I have a certain morbid curiosity for what the next stage of the alien invasion will be. Hopefully we’ll still be able to stop them.



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