Xenonautical Adventures – Part 20: A Night In Germany

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Xenonautical Adventures

5th of December, 1979, 23:58

I have ordered a Charlie for the Euro-African base. The new soldiers should be ready by the time it arrives.

6th of December, 1979, 07:40

Nothing new to report, except that Major Merrywhiskers has learned to get into my desk drawers.

6th of December, 1979, 08:50

I am looking over the report on the alien electronics, and I am grateful that the Chief has made it largely easy to understand. Or maybe I’m just better at reading these now. They are so far ahead of us…

So now we have three new projects. A new interceptor, which is of course useful. A tank. Do we need a tank? Maybe we need a tank. And an… electroshock grenade…  we haven’t seen much in the way of robotic enemies. Yet. But a better stun grenade might be good in an of itself.

For now though, I am interested in this ‘directional thrusters’ project. The Chief says it can result in a better dropship. That feels like a priority to me, right now.

6th of December, 1979, 23:38

Foxtrot-3 is completed. Our reach now spans… most of the world, at least.

7th of December, 1979, 07:17

Another sock gone. I need to figure out where these go.

8th of December, 1979, 07:19

I’ve gotten a report on the American team’s analysis of the Reaper. Seems like they had a tough time, and I must admit I too am glad that it’s now gone. We will never bring another one near any of our bases.

I’ve had our store of unresearched alien weapons sent over there, so they can begin working on those. Should be much less stressful.

8th of December, 1979, 18:57

It has snowed out there. I felt I had to go outside and make sure that my snow boots were still in working condition. Major Merrywhiskers turned white. Good times.

8th of December, 1979, 23:10

I was just heading to bed. I just had a hot cup of cocoa. Why, aliens?

A Scout has been detected over Spain in Europe. Foxtrot-3 has been launched. Been a while since we’ve seen these speedy buggers.

Charlie-3 arrived at the base earlier tonight, and by my report, the new soldiers arrived just hours before it. Maybe they’ll see action on their first night?

8th of December, 1979, 23:48

A blip reported in Colombia, South America. Foxtrot-2 has been launched to investigate.

I am gonna go to bed and leave this to the Lt-General, unless something shows up around here.

9th of December, 1979, 00:03

“Contact, sir! Confirmed extraterrestrial contact!”

I jinxed myself.

One medium and two very small. Another bomber with escorts?

“Launch all interceptors! Intercept course!”

“Yes sir!”

No bombing in my territory, you bastards.

9th of December, 1979, 00:07

Foxtrot-3 has shot down the Scout over Germany. I have authorised launch of Charlie-3. It should be an okay starter for them, even with the darkness.

9th of December, 1979, 01:42

Foxtrot-2 have encountered and shot down a Corvette over Venezuela, but there’s a second one down there. While it is dangerous to send Charlie-2 in those circumstances, we are going to try with Condor-3 as escort, and Condor-4 on intercept.

9th of December, 1979, 03:37

Charlie-3 have reached the crash site, and I wish them the best of luck.

Also, the second Corvette in South America has landed. Commander Dosjevsky and I have been discussing whether we should re-direct Charlie-2.

Charlie-3 Response Team on the ground. Night-time mission. Flares have been distributed. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

There’s an air of nervousness as the doors open and we start disembarking. Our first time encountering actual aliens. Turns out we don’t have to wait long.

Were you waiting for us?

Hello there.

We didn’t even need to throw a flare.

Pvts Kittan and Dima are first off the dropship, and lock their shields together before they start opening fire. In the end it takes the support of Pvts Young and Spectre to take the thing down, and the rest of the team start throwing flares around.

Seeing that it’s a lizard has actually eased our nerves a little. From the briefings, we’ve been told they’re less dangerous, if more resilient, so long as we can stop them at range.

And taking it slow.

Lightning the place up.

We secure the immediate area and check all corners. Pvts Campster, Kittan, Mumbles and Young advance on the field of grain, while Pvt Spectre gets in a good position to cover them, though we don’t advance too far. Pvts Dima, Ruts and Wulf are to check the fields west of us before they come into the grain field from that side.

We find the farmer and two of his kids down there. Apparently Pvt Wulf knows a bit of German, and manages to ask if they’ve seen any more aliens down here, but they say no, so we all regroup in the grain field.

It’s slow progress across the thing, because the stalks are tall and hard to navigate through, but all is quiet. It’s when we get to the fence at the end of the field that we spot our second alien.

Can't get a line of fire, aaahhh!


We hurriedly form a defensive line, but the lizard uses our scrambling to run forward into cover behind the hay bales. Pvt Campster is quick enough to get a burst of rounds off before it gets behind cover, even hitting the thing once, but the rest of us have to try to hit it behind or through the hay as it starts firing back and literally exploding bits of the wall into molten rock.

Pvt Mumbles finally seems to be able to suppress the creature with several rounds from her shotgun, so Pvt Ruts steps forward to unload his LMG. With the darkness and uneven ground he misjudged the recoil of the weapon, and ends up hitting Pvt Mumbles, but he also obliterates the hay bales, which lets Pvt Kittan finish the alien with her pistol.

Pvt Young quickly grabs his med pack and attends to Pvt Mumbles’ wound. The bullet went straight through her side, causing some extra damage that way, but at least we didn’t have to dig it out (or leave it in there). Pvt Young quickly patches her up, and we give her a moment for the improved stuff in the new med packs to kick in.

Of course it had to be one SW member hurting another.


As soon as Pvt Mumbles is able to get back on her feet, and we convince Pvt Ruts is was absolutely just an accident, we move ahead. Those two still keep a bit of distance from each other.

The UFO is just ahead, and we don’t encounter any more aliens outside, and unlike in previous reports we’ve read, nothing is opening the door to look outside. It does look pretty banged up, so perhaps more of them died in the crash than is typical.

Once we’re sure the area is clear, Pvt Kittan runs up to the UFO, staying to the side of the door, as the rest of us start to get into cover where we can. She will run in, open it, and run back, and the rest of us will deal with whatever is inside.

Guns who?

Knock, knock.

Feeling a little too confident, we open the door before everyone is ready. Once Pvt Kittan is clear, only Pvts Mumbles, Ruts and Spectre are ready to fire.

They unleash what they have, but the alien cover is too great, and the lizards return fire. Most shots fly wild, but one actually manages to graze Pvt Spectre before the door closes again.

Pvt Wulf immediately starts changing to a gas rocket and moving into position, but the rest of us figure we’ll give it another go.

Pvt Kittan opens the door again, and with everyone in decent positions we unleash once more, but we only manage to injure the aliens.

It's not just XCOM rookies that have poor aim.


So the third time we open the door, Pvt Wulf is ready to fire. The rocket doesn’t go as far in as we’d hoped, but the purple cloud still seems to cover most of the inside, as well as spilling out a bit. We wait for the doors to close again, and then give the gas time to clear from the entrance before we look back inside.

It turns out that knocked out every alien left in there, and we help both Pvts Mumbles and Spectre back to the dropship as the adrenaline is wearing off.

We make a quick report to the farmer, and then head home.

A few fuck-ups aside.


9th of December, 1979, 04:11

Foxtrot-1 and Condors 1 and 2 have engaged and shot down the bomber squadron over the Arctic ocean. Nothing to recover from that, unfortunately.

Charlie-3 are heading home from their first mission with a couple of injuries, but no one died. They probably all deserve Corporal rank for that.

As for Charlie-2, Commander Dosjevsky and I agreed to alter their course to the landing site for now. If the Corvette takes off again, they can revert to their original course. Condor-3 will guard it for as long as it has fuel.

Maybe there’s hope to get a little sleep now.



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