Xenonautical Adventures – Part 21: A Tactical Landing

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Xenonautical Adventures

9th of December, 1979, 07:18

I am really tired. Major Merrywhiskers still has plenty energy.

The UFO in Equador has still not taken off. Charlie-2 are getting close, but Condor-4 have had to turn back home. Foxtrot-2 is close to being ready to launch again, though.

9th of December, 1979, 08:48

A military aircraft was shot down over Mozambique. Foxtrot-3 has been sent to investigate.

9th of December, 1979, 10:02

Foxtrot-3 has detected a squadron of Fighter UFOs. It has changed course to see what damage it can inflict, and Condors 5 and 6 are being scrambled.

9th of December, 1979, 10:11

The Fighters were too agile for Foxtrot-3’s torpedoes, so they are turning back for home before they can be hit back.

9th of December, 1979, 10:34

Charlie-2 have reached the landed UFO. Foxtrot-2 is still on patrol overhead, and will be joined by Condor-4 until the mission complete.

Good luck, soldiers.

I will make arrangements for an air-strike on the crashed UFO.

Charlie-2 Response Team on the ground. Day-time mission. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

We set down in a military installation this time. Our pilot has landed in a corner right inside the main gate, so we really only have to worry about north and west of us.

We wonder for a moment if the installation has been evacuated, or… pacified… but we’ve barely made it off the ramp before we hear the first sounds of fire-fights going on.

I even saw damage numbers.

To the north-west!

From the screams and roars, it sounds like we’re dealing with lizards, meaning that in all likelihood they have brought along a Reaper or two. Actually kind of clever, but we’re not here to admire alien tactics.

As soon as we are sure the area around the dropship is clear, we split into two groups. Lt Havoc will lead Cpt McNutcase and Lt NotSoGrump straight north through the check-point, to make sure the area just outside the gates is clear and move back into the base from the east. Lt Grump will lead Lts Madwater and Sibana, and Sgt DeHaan and Cpl Guard through the chain-link and straight into the base.

We move slowly, as there are a lot of buildings, and fire-fights are still happening. We’d rather not get ambushed here. Yet we’ve barely gotten past the chain-link before we spot a Reaper run around a corner and duck in the building right in front of us.

It's probably within range to run right out and spear one of us next turn.

Well, fuck.

We hesitate for a moment as we really don’t want to go in there, though we know we must. Hearing a scream from inside seals the deal.

Lt Grump gives the signal to Sgt DeHaan, who raises his rocket launcher and fires straight into the side of the building. The heat from the fireball is intense, and the shockwave rattles us, but we’re safe. Unfortunately the Reaper wasn’t caught in the blast, but it seems to have been startled, as we see it has taken cover behind some shelves instead of killing the civilian.

For a good cause!

Big chunk of the building gone.

Lt Grump spins up her scatter laser and obliterates the shelves, leaving the monster without cover.

Laser machineguns rule.

No hiding for you!

Cpl Guard throws a grenade, while Lts Madwater and Sibana pin it down with gunfire. It is not able to get away before the alenium grenade vaporises it.

Turns out frag grenades don't explode until you end the turn.


The civilian had wisely sought cover, and doesn’t come out until everything has stopped exploding. We give Sgt DeHaan a moment to load up a new rocket before we move on.

Meanwhile, Lt Havoc has made it past the gate, and finds a lizard hiding out there. Cpt McNutcase and Lt NotSoGrump deal with it quickly, and all three of them head through the next gate back into the base.

No idea why it was hiding out here, either.

No biggie.

Lt Grump’s group splits up again. Lt Madwater and Cpl Guard head west towards the downed soldier to see if they can do anything for him, while Lts Grump and Sibana go with Sgt DeHaan north past the wreckage they created.

Glancing through the building, Lt Grump sees that the door at the other end is open, and a lizard can be seen through it. The scatter laser spins up again, and unleashes a salvo towards it. It doesn’t go down immediately, but it is pinned down long enough for Lt Sibana to line up a shot and finish it off.

Soon to be lizard no more.


We start searching the base and make contact with the remaining soldiers. They have taken down a second Reaper and a handful of lizards on their own.

By comparing notes, we come to the conclusion that there might have been one or two more aliens outside the UFO, so we keep searching, even taking to the roof-tops after seeing an open door on a three-story building.

Except quite the view.

Nothing up here.

We can’t find any more aliens inside the base, so we move towards the UFO, watching our backs the entire way. We even check around the damn thing before we head inside.

However, first we have a problem. Whomever parked this craft was clever about it, and set the entrance against a large hangar, so there’s limited space in front of it. Ideal for unleashing the Reapers if anything tried to assault the UFO. Even though we likely don’t have more of them to worry about, it’s still very cramped and dangerous.

Sgt DeHaan still has one alenium rocket left, though.

Where we're going, we'll need a door.

We make our own doors.

Seeing a Corvette like this, it is actually remarkable both how much better it looks when it hasn’t crashed, and how little damage the things seem to suffer when shot down.

We gather in front of the newly created hole and get everyone into a firing line as Lt Havoc and Cpl Guard approach the door. We need to see what sort of internal architecture we’re dealing with.

It seems like this UFO has a much larger front room than what most lizard Corvettes have. That’s a bit much ground for a grenade to cover, so Lt Havoc closes the door again while Sgt DeHaan loads a gas rocket. Once he is ready, Lt Havoc opens the door again, and he fires.

Hiss hiss hiss.

Embrace the purple.

Based on the hisses and roars we hear as the gas rapidly spreads inside the cabin, there were definitely lizards hiding in there.

Lt Havoc closes the door again, and we give it a few minutes before we move in. We find a single lizard in a corner that Cpl Guard graciously throws a gas grenade to, but outside of that it seems like everything in the front room has been knocked out. Including one of their armoured officers.

Cpt McNutcase moves inside with Lts Madwater and NotSoGrump, while Lts Grump and Sibana guard the entrance along with Sgt DeHaan. Time to clear out the backroom.

Cpt McNutcase opens the right-hand door, and immediately spots a lizard trying to hide. She guns it down, which causes a second lizard to burst through the left-hand door and get gunned down by Lt NotSoGrump.

Shield saves the day again!

Dumb lizards.

We report the UFO clear to the soldiers, while Lt Grump and Sgt DeHaan haul the lizard officer back to Charlie-2. Cpl Guard escorts them with her stun-stick ready. The rest of us agree to help the soldiers do a sweep around the outside of the base as well, and we do find a single lizard out there that is quickly put down by Lt Sibana.

With the officer properly secured, Charlie-2 heads home.

I think the fact that it was a military base helped us out.

That went better than expected.

9th of December, 1979, 11:11

So, are the aliens deliberately targeting military bases now? Or maybe they have been for a while, and this is the first time we caught them doing it?

Charlie-2 did good work though, even bringing back one of those officers the Chief wanted so much.

9th of December, 1979, 12:09

Condors 5 and 6 have shot down the three Fighters without taking damage. I have noticed a strange pattern of how the things seem to come straight at our interceptors once they’re in a certain range. I guess that’s positive in that we don’t have to chase them around, but I do wonder where their confidence comes from. Are they as mindless as the lizards and the grey men? Is some alien commander directing them from somewhere?

Maybe the new interrogation will give us some answers.

9th of December, 1979, 20:31

Charlie-2 are back on base, and I’ve been faxed a copy of their report. Major Merrywhiskers always runs and hides if she hears the fax machine.

I was looking over Charlie-3’s reports just before this. Commander Marabello and I both agree they all deserve to become Corporals after handling a night mission so well on their first outing. I think they all grew a lot from that trial by fire.

As for Charlie-2, we decided that Lt Havoc is now a Captain, and Cpt McNutcase and Lt NotSoGrump both have enough alien kills that they now classify for the Order of Merit.

10th of December, 1979, 07:13

The world seems to have calmed down again. I have a purring kitten on my lap. For a moment I can imagine everything is alright.



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