I Am Not Quite Dead

However, the last six months of 2014 have not been all that good. November and December having been especially busy and leaving me little time for other things, and essentially killing my desire and ability to get any writing done.

But as we are rapidly approaching the end of the year, it has been the time not only to eat myself silly on Yulefoods, but also reflect on the year that has passed. So I am putting together a list of games I found notable this year.

Simultaneously the autumn anime season is currently wrapping up, and I will be writing some final thoughts on that too in the near-future.

When it comes to hopes for 2015, I haven’t really made any major plans, but I do hope to get back to a couple of Let’s Play series, namely Xenonauts and Metroid Prime 2. I might as well just say it here and now, that I don’t plan to try going back to Blood Bowl any longer. Writing the play-by-plays just take too much time, and I no longer have whole days to dedicate just to doing that. Should that change, then maybe, but don’t expect anything.

Since my last update post, I have done a few things over at Battle Screen, so let me just list them here as well.

I wrote a post on how and why Alien Isolation terrifies me so much. I still haven’t been able to complete the game, even though I work on it whenever I can work up the courage to do so.

I reviewed the Legend of Korra game from Platinum Games, and while it does show its budgetary constraints very clearly, I still ended up liking it. It is probably the worst Platinum game I have played, but it is still a Platinum game.

I played and reviewed the first episode of the long-awaited Dreamfall Chapters. To be honest, it is not perfect, but it shows a lot of promise. They still seem to have a firm grip on story-telling and characters, and for that I can largely forgive some technical and mechanical issues. At least so long as we’re assuming that they will improve in later episodes. That’s always a problem when talking about episodic games.

Speaking of Platinum Games, I also reviewed Bayonetta 2. Now this is Platinum in top form. Easily the technically and mechanically best game I’ve played this year. In form and style I found it absolutely flawless. I really couldn’t, and can’t, think of any way it might have been improved. I’m sure there are people who disagree, but for me this is what I see as the current benchmark for perfection in videogaming. That’s a lot of praise, I know. I’ll say a bit more on the end of year list.

And that’s it for now. I can’t give you any promise on when I’ll have the ‘games of the year’ list done, all I can really hope for is ‘soon’. Take care!



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