Xenonautical Adventures – Part 26: Life is Strange

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Xenonautical Adventures

15th of December, 1979, 11:52

Cpt Herr is still advised to stay in bed, though the doctor says he should be able to get up if needed. Cpts Beargal and Cuftbert seem to be mostly recovered, but I can tell by their posture that they’re still a bit stiff. Lt Squirrel has been released from the medical centre, but advised to take it easy for another day or two if possible.

Major Merrywhiskers’ presence seemed to be appreciated, though I am uncertain if it would have mattered to her if it wasn’t, since she just seemed happy to be out and about.

With some luck we’ll have a couple of days of peace now.

15th of December, 1979, 20:37

The production of more laser weaponry is steadily progressing, but I can’t stop worrying that it’s still too slow. We still have none at Commander Marabello’s base, because they’re too busy finishing armour sets for everyone. Maybe I can eventually have the other bases produce extra and ship them over, but we have to supply our own first.

Regardless, that is basically all I can do for today. Let’s hope for an uneventful night.

16th of December, 1979, 05:09

I jinxed it. I bloody jinxed it. Single medium UFO detected over the western part of the Sahara. Probably a Corvette. Foxtrot-3 has been launched to intercept as it’s heading away from the base, but I’m not sure I can afford sending Charlie-3 on another mission without advanced weaponry. If those are the robots, they will be in serious trouble.

16th of December, 1979, 05:11

Just as Foxtrot-3 had taken off, a second UFO appeared at nearly the same location. Condor-5 is launching, but I feel a lot more apprehensive now.

16th of December, 1979, 05:22

Oh no, a third contact already. Medium with two escorts, just north of the equator. With no other choice, Condor-6 is launching on its own. Normally I would easily pitch one of our Condors against two alien fighters, but the Bomber makes it anyone’s guess.

16th of December, 1979, 06:09

Foxtrot-3 managed to take down their target with minimal difficulty and are returning to base, but I refuse to give any launch orders for Charlie-3 until the other Corvette is dealt with.

16th of December, 1979, 06:55

Condor-5 has dealt with their target which puzzlingly was a lone Bomber. Why would the aliens the do that? Also, that makes me somewhat fearful for what Condor-6 might be chasing.

16th of December, 1979, 07:22

Condor-6 is heading home. It was a Corvette with two escorts, and no matter how we try to turn and twist the scenario, a single Condor can’t deal with that. We will send them both when we can, but for now it will go unopposed. Damn it.

16th of December, 1979, 08:03

Airliner shot down over Brazil. Foxtrot-2 has been launched to investigate.

16th of December, 1979, 09:36

Foxtrot-2 reports a flight of three fighters, and immediately turns around. With only two missiles, that’s not going to go well. Instead, Condor-3 and Condor-4 are launching to try to catch them while they chase Foxtrot-2.

16th of December, 1979, 09:47

Condor-6 and Foxtrot-3 have both launched to challenge the Corvette and its escorts. We believe they should have a fair chance, and Condor-5 is still a bit of a way away from being ready.

16th of December, 1979, 10:31

They pulled it off flawlessly, and now we have two crash sites. I am curious as to why that one Corvette was guarded, so I have given permission to send Charlie-3 to that location, while bombing the other one. I wish them the best of luck, and keep my reservations to myself.

16th of December, 1979, 11:06

Foxtrot-2 managed to lure the fighters right into Condors 5 and 6 who took them down with no trouble at all. All three interceptors are returning to base.

16th of December, 1979, 11:32

Charlie-3 have reached the crash site and have permission to set down and engage. Please come back safe.

Charlie-3 Response Team on the ground. Day-time mission. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

We set down in the outskirts of a village near the edge of the Sahara, and upon disembarking from the dropship, we are immediately greeted by one of the local Homeguard officers. He does not seem to trust or like us especially, but he is willing to share intelligence.

The aliens have so far been contained to the north and west of our current position, and several grey aliens in blue jerseys along with one drone have been spotted. We can also feel the mental pressure of a psion or officer also weighing down on us. Not all the townsfolk were successfully evacuated, but the Homeguard have been unable to push forward and get them. He says they will hold the line here, either until we succeed, or until we die and the bombers come in. Good to know he has our backs.

We feel a strange sense of unease as we spread out, and hear the occasional bouts of plasma fire; no doubt the aliens hunting down civilians. Cpl Spectre is the first to spot one, and tries to gesture to them to come towards us, but the panicked civilian flees the other way instead.

You're going to get yourself killed!

Why are you still over there?

She finds what is chasing them shortly after. It’s a blue-jersey, and it’s on the move. She fires a shot, which does manage to clip the thing, but it ignores her and unloads a salvo in the direction the civilian went before Cpl Spectre can fire again and put it down. We’d like to imagine we didn’t hear a human’s death cry just before the alien’s, but we know better.

We don’t really have time to mourn, as the drone suddenly whizzes past ahead of Sgts Dima, Mumbles, and Cpl Tomalinsky, and smashes through a door into a house. This catches Sgt Ruts’ attention, who turns in time to see the drone through a window, and he opens fire. It is unclear whether anything hits, because the thing darts out of view quickly after trying to fire back.

Sgt Dima attempts to get a visual through another window, but the thing seems to have hid in a corner. Sgt Dima gets clear, and Sgt Wulf gets the go-ahead.

With military efficiency.

Precision engineering.

With that corner of the building gone, and the drone exposed and rattled, a single shotgun blast from Sgt Mumbles is enough to make the thing crash to the ground and smash itself apart.

After this commotion, Sgt Dima and Cpl Spectre can hear several aliens scurrying about in the courtyard where Cpl Spectre already took one down. Sgt Dima tries to get a look, and gets shot twice. Once in the shield, and one absorbed the armour, so she retreats and signals for Cpl Tomalinsky to come over. Sgt Mumbles ducks into the opened building to see if she can flank anything.

Meanwhile, Sgts Campster and Scouter have gotten through to the market north of us, and find a single blue-jersey hanging out there. They fire upon it and manage to graze it, while Sgts Ruts and Wulf approach the other side of the square. We expect it to stay in cover and shoot back, but instead it jumps over the wall and storms towards Sgts Campster and Scouter, firing on the run and hitting nothing. Sgt Scouter puts it down.

The AI being a bit weird, to be honest.

Not sure what you hoped to accomplish.

Outside the courtyard, Sgt Dima and Cpl Tomalinsky have a similar experience where a blue-jersey rushes forth and tries to shoot them, only for Cpl Tomalinsky to put a bullet through its chest. It’s not getting back up.

They move forward, keeping Sgt Dima and her shield up front, and they spot another blue-jersey huddling in a corner and looking a bit distracted. Cpl Spectre gets a good line on the thing’s head, and down goes another alien.

I wanted to do an 'another one bites the dust' joke, but I think I've used that before.

We’re filling this yard with bodies.

Advancing a little further, Sgt Dima and Cpl Tomalinsky are suddenly pinned down as yet another blue-jersey appears around a corner. Sgt Mumbles is able to fire out a window to give Dima and Tomalinsky the chance to reverse the situation and provide covering fire while Cpl Spectre gets into position.

Upcoming dead alien.

A clear line.

With that done, the courtyard seems to be secure. Nothing more is moving, and we’re not getting shot at any more. At the far end we spot the entrance to the UFO, which explains why so many of them had congregated here.

We are also able to call the market clear as Sgts Campster and Scouter searches it while Sgts Ruts and Wulf watch their backs. Soon enough we all start moving in on the UFO.

There is one final alien outside, and it is hiding among a copse of trees west of the UFO’s entrance. None of us can get a clear shot through there, so Sgt Wulf tells us to clear a path so she can fire a rocket straight in among the trees.

We should probably put out the forest fire before we go.


Cpl Spectre can see just enough behind the trees to witness the alien be blasted into giblets.

We all approach the entrance, and a red-jersey comes running out. Sgts Dima and Mumbles are closest to the door, so they both open fire and stop it.

Take that!


Flush with our success, and the knowledge that there can’t be more than a couple of aliens left inside, we immediately assemble a boarding party. This should be easy!

Sgts Dima and Mumbles form the first line, while Sgts Campster and Scouter are to form the second. Then Sgt Scouter is hit with a psychic pulse, drops his weapon and nearly falls over a rock. Whatever that did, it did it hard, and he’s not moving for a while. Sgt Wulf sees to him while Cpl Tomalinsky takes his place.

We open the door, and a mere moment later a blue-jersey rushes out towards us, gets shot and takes cover. Then we hear something ping off Sgt Dima’s helmet and impact the ground between us. She and Sgt Mumbles see an alien officer retreating into the UFO’s control room, and Sgt Campster just barely has time to shout “Grenade”.

I should have learned by now.

Well, fuck.

Cpl Tomalinsky is dead[@~%&/\], being the only one among the four without Jackal armour. Sgts Dima, Mumbles and Campster all open fire, trying to hit the officer before it gets away, but only manage to kill the regular blue-jersey before the door slides closed in front of them.

Coughing and injured, we nonetheless open the door again and storm inside. Sgt Wulf still has her arms full with Sgt Scouter, who has gone into a seizure[@~#&/\¤], while Sgt Ruts and Cpl Spectre rush forward to secure Cpl Tomalinsky’s body.

Sgt Dima storms through the middle door, finding nothing. Sgt Mumbles has similar luck through the right-hand door. Sgt Campster opens the left door[£~%$/\+], and is immediately shot three times in the torso, his armour might as well having been made from wood [@~%&/\¤#].

He sees Sgt Dima rush past him while he falls, but the alien officer aims well, catching Sgt Dima in the foot before finishing him off[€@~%&/\µ]. Sgt Campster hits the ground, and sees Sgt Mumbles come running only to be met with a salvo of plasma and thrown backwards before everything goes black. [€£$@~%&/\#¤=^}><{_–]

. . .

The rocket exploding is the next thing he sees as the copse of trees goes up and the force of the blast rattles him.

Cpl Spectre can see just enough behind the trees to witness the alien be blasted into giblets.

We all approach the entrance, and a red-jersey comes running out. Sgts Dima and Mumbles are closest to the door, so they both open fire and stop it. Sgt Campster experiences the strangest sense of deja vu, and tells everyone to approach carefully and not stick too closely together.

We’ve done well so far, but that’s no reason to abandon caution and protocol. We wait a moment, then Sgts Dima and Scouter approach the door from both sides. The door is opened, Sgt Dima throws a gas grenade in, the door is closed, and they both step back.

Gas gas gas!

By the book.

After we’re sure the gas has dissipated, we form a boarding party and breach the UFO, only to find everything inside either dead or knocked out, including the officer who had been trying to mentally attack us the whole time.

We execute the unconscious aliens as soon as we are sure we have found all of them, and then report back to the Homeguard officer by the dropship.

As Charlie-3 takes off, Sgt Campster says he has something to tell us. Well, it’s going to take a couple of hours to get home, so why not.

It could have looked quite different.

Pretty good.

16th of December, 1979, 12:22

Charlie-3 is in the air, reporting only small burns and some melted armour. It could have gone so much worse, so I am relieved at that.

I would still like to know why the aliens seem to have such an interest in the African continent lately, but it didn’t sound like Charlie-3 found any answers.

I wouldn’t bet on that being the end of this wave of disruptions, so I ordered lunch be sent up to the command room. I was too worried to eat before, but I’d better get some now and continue monitoring.



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