Xenonautical Adventures – Part 29: Back In Action

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Xenonautical Adventures

26th of December, 1979, 21:56

It seems our break is over, and things are starting up again.

Medium UFO detected over Northern Europe. Foxtrot-3 has been launched to intercept. If it was my call, I might have sent Condor-5, but I agree with Commander Marabello that it’s far enough out that a Condor might not be able to catch it in reasonable time.

26th of December, 1979, 22:55

Foxtrot-3 has shot down a Corvette over France, and an incident was reported on Angola’s eastern border. Condor-5 has been sent to investigate. Maybe we should have saved Foxtrot-3 after all.

I am withholding the order for Charlie-3’s launch, until we feel certain nothing more is coming down.

26th of December, 1979, 23:27

Well hello. A medium with two escorts has appeared in Canada’s northern wilderness. Condors 3 and 4 have been launched to intercept.

27th of December, 1979, 00:40

Condors 3 and 4 shot down a Corvette and two fighters over the wilderness. I now feel certain enough to authorise the launch of both Charlie-2 and Charlie-3.

I hope Charlie-2’s team still remember proper procedure and conduct. I’d rather not have half the team return in pieces.

27th of December, 1979, 02:46

Condor-5 did a small patrol route and found nothing. They are returning to base. Foxtrot-3 is ready to go if any other incidents are reported.

27th of December, 1979, 03:09

Oil rig attacked up in the Arctic. Attack pattern consistent with a Corvette. Foxtrot-3 has been sent to investigate.

27th of December, 1979, 03:41

UFO sighting in the middle of the Pacific, out of range of both Foxtrot-1 and Foxtrot-2. Nothing to be done about that unless it moves closer to either base.

Charlie-2 have reached the crash site in Canada, and are setting down. I wish them the best.

Charlie-2 Response Team on the ground. Night-time mission. Flares have been distributed. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

Our first thought as we pile out is what on Earth are they farming this far north? Canada is weird. At least there shouldn’t be many people around this time of year.

The area around the dropship is quickly secured, and our only paths right now are north and north-west. It doesn’t take long to establish that the first field is empty save for a farmer whom we ask to take cover by the dropship. He speaks of scaly monsters, and we leave him in the care of the co-pilot.

As Lt Grump throws a flare into the next field, it suddenly lights up a lizard carrying a rather large gun. It charges towards us once it realises it’s been discovered, but Lt Grump shreds it with her scatter laser.

I am good at jokes.

More like splatter laser, am I right?

As throwing more flares both north and west reveal no more horrors willing to charge at us, we split up. Cpts Havoc and McNutcase lead Lts Notsogrump and Sibana towards the building to the west, while Lts Grump and Vecre head north with Sgt DeHaan and Cpl Guard.

The first discovery is made by Cpt Havoc as she finds a lizard taking cover. Cpt McNutcase follows to try to get a good shot, but she only grazes the thing. This does cause it to move in outrage though, giving Lt Notsogrump a clear shot.

Shut up, I know jokes!

Burn! … you know, laser, heat, burn?

Just around the corner we find a dead Reaper, though no sign of whomever killed it. Lt Notsogrump watches the team’s back as the others scout the large yard.

Cpl Guard leads the scouting for the other team, her baton held tight and her grenade belt ready. She wonders if she should have asked for a gun anyway.

The northern field turns out completely empty, and at the edge of the farm, so we turn west towards the stacks. We see a Reaper dart between cover. Lt Vecre tries to shoot it, but misses. Cpl Guard creeps ahead and throws a grenade behind where the thing went. We see it move, trying to get away probably, but Lt Vecre shoots again. It falls, the grenade goes off, and entrails fly everywhere.

I guess it sowed explosives.

That used to be a reaper.

After we have made sure it really died, we start approaching the UFO, and the other team have come around similarly.

Cpt Havoc, Lt Grump, Lt Sibana and Lt Vecre take up positions guarding the door, while the others scout the rest of the area.

Cpl Guard heads around the back of the UFO, while Sgt DeHaan rushes past the front, and they meet on the other side.

Cpt McNutcase and Lt Notsogrump follow the southern road leading west to check out the storage yard over yonder.

A lizard tries to poke its head out of the UFO’s entrance, but Lt Vecre punishes it for that.

That's probably not a real saying. Until now!

Hubris felled the lizard.

Cpt McNutcase sees blood stains inside the storage yard, and steps forward to investigate until she suddenly spots a lizard standing near a corner. She fires a blast, but it scatters too much to hit.

The shot does draw the attention of Sgt DeHaan, who quickly looks over, sees the situation, and as the lizard is about to raise its weapon to return fire, a rocket impacts right in front of it.

Feel the room! Er... no, that's not right.


A quick check of the rest of the yard confirms the outside area is now clear, and we all assemble outside the UFO.

Cpl Guard lobs a gas grenade inside, and then we back off and wait a minute for it to clear.

We decide to make a boarding team of Cpt Havoc, Cpt McNutcase, Lt Grump and Lt Notsogrump. Cpt Havoc immediately throws another gas grenade ahead as we enter, to buy ourselves some time to set up before we probably get rushed.

A single lizard rushes out and Cpt McNutcase blasts it right back. Once the gas has dissipated, we move in. Turns out that was the final survivor. We execute the ones that were simply knocked out, and head back to Charlie-2 for our trip home.

In terms of surviving, I mean.

Poor farmers never seem to do well.

27th of December, 1979, 04:27

Charlie-2 is back in the air, and reporting no injuries. I guess they weren’t as rusty as I feared.

There’s been another sighting over the Pacific, just within range of Foxtrot-2. After a short consultation with Commander Dosjevsky, Foxtrot-2 has been launched to investigate. It’s not good letting any of them run wild, even that far out at sea.

27th of December, 1979, 05:16

Charlie-3 have arrived at the crash site, just as we received word from Foxtrot-3 that they’ve picked up a medium-sized contact on their radar. They change course to intercept as Charlie-3 sets down and engages.

I almost feel like I’m juggling.

Charlie-3 Response Team on the ground. Night-time mission. Flares have been distributed. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

We ponder the aliens’ preference for aiming for train yards when crash-landing in urban areas, and we have to lament our surroundings.

There is a lot of buildings, stacks of shipping containers, walls and fences, civilians running around, and virtually no open areas for a clear view. We worry we might be facing lizards and reapers, but a passing civilian screaming about “murder-robots” lets us know that is probably not the case.

Era-appropriate jokes!

I am going home to write the script for the Terminator!

We don’t really know which direction is safe, so Sgts Kittan and Young check out the parking lot east of us; Sgts Spectre and Wulf go to scout the shipping yard to the north-east; Lt Dima and Sgt Mumbles head towards the local forces we see to the north-west; and Lts Campster and Ruts go through the building to our west.

East and west sides are to form up and go together after the edges have been cleared.

The first team to report contact are Sgts Spectre and Wulf. A robot comes stomping out of the darkness while firing towards them. Sgt Spectre fires back, but is only able to damage it. Sgt Wulf can’t set up her launcher in the face of the robot’s suppressing fire, but Lt Dima lines up a shot from the side and puts it out of commission.

I really wasn't sure what to do if that hadn't worked.

Pistol-sniping at its finest.

Sgt Wulf got singed by one of the plasma bolts, but Sgt Kittan comes running up with a medkit. The burn gel acts quickly, and Sgt Wulf says she’ll be fine.

The local forces aren’t doing well, since it seems they’re fighting one of the alien hover-drones. We try to find a hole in the fencing to get through, but a hail of plasma bolts comes flying from the east at Lt Dima, all of which miss, but force her to retreat and look elsewhere. It’s already too late for the local forces anyway.

Sgt Wulf heads up to see if she can find where the drone is, as we saw the bolts fly in front of her and Sgt Kittan.



It’s close, but her mind goes “it’s not too close” as she raises her launcher and fires.

Guaranteed success.


The heat-wave knocks her on her arse, but she’s unharmed and the drone is gone as Sgt Kittan comes up to check on her.

On the other side of the warehouse, Lts Ruts and Dima get to watch a robot just walk through a fence. Lt Ruts finds this highly offensive, and guns the thing down.

I am running out of jokes. I am not a pun-master.

Do bring a laser machinegun to a fencing match.

Lt Campster spots the second drone hiding behind a shipping container. He tries to shoot it, it fires back, and then retreats further in.

Lts Dima and Ruts come over to see if they can help figure this out, while Sgt Mumbles goes around to that hole in the fence the robot made.

Then Lt Campster remembers that he brought along an alenium grenade this time, and throws it in after the drone.

Grenades are for using, right?

Like so.

It bonks off the drone, lands on the ground, then goes off, instantly vaporising the damn alien construct.

The four of them fan out to check the rest of the area. Sgt Mumbles heads into the warehouse through the open side-door, while the other three search the yard thoroughly. Just beyond they can see the UFO, and Lt Ruts sets up behind a stack of piping to guard the entrance.

In the opposite yard, the rest of the team are acting similarly. Sgt Kittan is making their way to a side-door, while looking around every corner on the way, and the others are searching the rest of the yard while approaching the north exit.

As soon as Sgts Spectre and Wulf exit the yard, they are fired at. They spot another robot to their left, and Sgt Spectre fires. Her aim seems off today though, and again she only damages the thing. Flush with her earlier success, Sgt Wulf decides this is the time to use her second rocket.

It's fun for everyone!

Collateral damage!

At least the robot is gone. Sgts Young and Wulf head further north to investigate the buildings and the surrounding area, while Sgt Spectre makes her way towards the UFO. Sgt Kittan explores the warehouse and meets up with Sgt Mumbles, and the both of them also head towards the UFO.

Lts Campster and Dima have set up to help guard the UFO door, but they’ve made sure to stay well out of Lt Ruts’ line of fire. Even when he’s accurate, that thing is scary.

A robot comes charging out and ignores a shot from Lt Dima as it goes behind a wall before Lt Ruts can react. Lt Campster quickly steps forward and takes it down before returning to his position.

Now Sgt Mumbles has a plan. She brought a stick of C4, as the scientists reckon it’s powerful enough to destroy the entrance doors to the UFOs. She sets the timer, throws it so it splats against the door, and then everyone gets behind cover.

Why would we ever need to close a door?


The blast radius was slightly larger than we expected, but it did the job brilliantly.

Now to go in there. As anything left onboard is probably just more robots, it means that gas grenades are pointless.

Lt Dima and Sgt Kittan put their shields in front, and Lts Campster and Ruts take up positions behind them. We then slowly advance inside. Sgt Mumbles stays close to the entrance in order to come in once the entrance hall is clear.

We can see movement inside, but nothing clear enough for long enough to shoot at. Once we’re halfway up the hall, we are met with fire. Lt Dima’s shield melts in mere moments, and she burns her shield hand. Sgt Kittan’s shield holds though, so they takes point and run into two robots on our right.

We are your new neighbours!


They smash the closest one with their shield, knocking it over and giving Lt Campster a perfect opportunity to to come up and finish it off. A couple of shots later, and the second robot in the back is down too.

Sgt Mumbles rushes in and spots a third robot, then everyone clears a path for Lt Ruts to fire at it. Once that drops, the interior of the ship goes quiet. We find no more functional robots, and we can call the UFO safe.

We check in with any remaining locals to have them stay clear just in case, and then we get on Charlie-3 and head home. Let the clean-up crew handle the rest. We have burns to treat.

Yes, Campster got hit a little too.

Hello, that’s a new medal.

27th of December, 1979, 05:55

Foxtrot-3 has sent a Corvette down into the Arctic ocean, and Charlie-3 is back in the air. Some of them suffered minor burns, but from what I hear of the circumstances down there, and the fact that several of their weapons were still being transported, I’m still quite impressed.

I feel myself relaxing a little now, even though there’s still the matter of Foxtrot-2’s investigation, and the rogue contact in the southern parts of Africa.

Still, we are probably past the worst of it for today.



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