Xenonautical Adventures – Part 32: Happy New Year

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Xenonautical Adventures

[ Hello! I think this is the first time I’ve broken character during this series, but I felt I should do an update for this, so here we are! Starting this episode, I am going to be doing shortened ground mission reports for most missions. It’s not that it’s hard to spin a little story about each mission, but there’s also been a lot of the same lately, and it’s dragging the series out longer than I probably should allow. So unless something special happens for a mission, for instance something awful or awesome, or there’s a new UFO, new aliens, or another base assault, or whatever out of the ordinary, I’ll just be doing a succinct report for a ground mission. Should help speed things along, as I’d like to be able to finish this series sometime this year. ]

31st of December, 1979, 00:18

Charlie-3 have reached the crash site and are setting down. Good luck, soldiers.

Charlie-3 Response Team on the ground. Night-time mission. Flares have been distributed. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

We landed close to where the UFO had come down, rushed out the doors. We were immediately met with two of the green robots, and dealt with them accordingly.

A hover-drone attempted to flank us, but apart from inflicting light burns on Lt. Spectre, it only succeeded in being shot down quickly.

We got into a fierce fire-fight with two more green robots outside the UFO’s entrance, the darkness and foliage making things difficult to see properly.

A second hover-drone was hunted down by Lts Campster and Mumbles before we entered the UFO and put down three more green robots. Lt Ruts was injured in the process.

The farm was heavily damaged and civilian casualties were incurred. Charlie-3 head home.

I honestly can't remember.

First time we’ve had no promotions?

31st of December, 1979, 00:43

With Charlie-3 back in the air, and no serious injuries reported, I think I should try to get some rest while Charlie-1 are in the air. Charlie-3’s report should be ready by the time I wake up.

Major Merrywhiskers is nowhere to be seen as I get back to my quarters, but she shows up while I’m getting undressed. Any inquiries as to where she was has only been met with purring.

31st of December, 1979, 01:19

Night report: Incident off of the north-eastern coast of Australia. Foxtrot-1 not ready to fly, and Condors can not reach. Continuing to monitor situation.

31st of December, 1979, 07:26

I shan’t claim I slept well, but I slept. Major Merrywhiskers woke me up when she determined it was feeding time.

Commander Marabello had no recommendations for promotions this time, but tolling up their records, I see that Lt Ruts has earned an Order of Gallantry, while Lt Spectre has earned an Order of Merit.

Just 16 and a half hours until the call from the council.

31st of December, 1979, 07:52

Charlie-1 have reached their crash site. It’s still daylight over there as they’re setting down, which helps ease some of my worries.

Charlie-1 Response Team on the ground. Day-time mission. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

We are up in the mountains, and the UFO managed to crash into one of the few villages up here. We suspect they may aim for them as they go down.

The local militia speak of lizard-like creatures hiding in the buildings, but makes no mention of Reapers.

It seems they were laying low, as after a few minutes of silence, a villager is attacked. Maj Riddium blows up the Reaper and the zombie, and we quickly ferret out the second Reaper as well.

We slowly go from house to house, and end up taking down four lizards before we approach the UFO’s entrance.

The ship’s officer confronts us at the door, but goes down under concentrated fire.

We deploy a gas grenade when breaching the ship, taking down two lizards, and a further two are killed by fire from the boarding party.

Local militia died in the fighting. Charlie-1 head home.

I wonder how that affects our overall rating.

Not many civilians seem to make it through these missions.

31st of December, 1979, 08:39

It took more time than I expected, but I’m relieved to hear they’re all safely in the air. Apparently no injuries, but some deformed armour.

Now I can mostly relax with my morning coffee as they fly back home.

I’ll return to my office, and keep Major Merrywhiskers company.

31st of December, 1979, 12:42

Based on that night report, there should be at least one more UFO out there, but things have been quiet. Could it have been a false report? Unlikely. Perhaps the aliens only needed that one incident to complete their goals, whatever they were.

Less than 12 hours until the council calls. I feel too distracted to get any more work done. It’s been quite a month.

31st of December, 1979, 17:50

Charlie-1 have landed, and submitted their report. There wasn’t much structural damage to the village, but there was a toll on the inhabitants. A lot more families will be ruined by the time this is over, unfortunately.

I am putting Cpt Cuftbert in for a promotion to Major, and some medals have been earned. Cpt Herr will receive a Service Medal, Lt Volatar will receive an Order of Gallantry, and Maj Riddium will receive an Order of Merit.

That is likely my last mission report for the year, but even that thought it mostly symbolic. It’s not like I’m getting some big break simply because we go into 1980 in just over six hours.

1st of January, 1980, 00:44

Can never have too much in this game, it seems like.


Overall they were pleased with our results for December, but the discussion did carry on as they wanted to talk in general about the rest of the year as well.

There were concerns about the lack of coverage for South America and for Australasia, and I understand them fully. Our base placements weren’t as well-though-out as they maybe should have been. However there’s just not enough budget to fund any more bases. It’s unlikely we’ll ever get enough budget for two more, even if they were simply interceptor bases.

Only time will tell, of course, and for now, I have to order some construction before I go to bed.

1st of January, 1980, 01:24

Night report: Yacht found abandoned south of Australia. No interceptor in range. Continuing to monitor.

1st of January, 1980, 03:24

Night report: UFO sighting even further south. No interceptor in range. Continuing to monitor.

1st of January, 1980, 07:16

Okay, there is suddenly a fair deal of stuff on my desk. I ended up ordering construction of a laboratory and extra living quarters in the Euro-African base, along with a second radar array for both that base and the North American one, along with a sixth hangar for all three bases, and a second Foxtrot for all three bases.

And it seems the Chief finished his design during the night, because the report for the new Corsair Interceptor was on my desk when I got up. Looking at the time needed to make one of those, and how badly we need them, I went ahead and ordered construction of a second workshop for all three bases as well. That’s a lot of money signed away immediately, and I don’t even know if we’ll be able to afford any Corsairs by the time we’re ready to build them.

It was nice to have funds while it lasted, though. I sent a message to the Chief to get started on designing a new dropship. As soon as he wakes up, that is. Even that man has to sleep sometime.

We didn’t get to have any fireworks, now that I think about it…



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