Xenonautical Adventures – Part 34: The First Human Teleportation

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Xenonautical Adventures

6th of January, 1980, 10:16

Charlie-3 have reached their first crash site. It was just a Scout, but I still wish them good luck.

Charlie-3 Response Team on the ground. Day-time mission. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

The UFO has gone down in a town at the edge of the desert, and we don’t see anything as we land apart from some panicked townspeople.

Making our way through the houses, we take down three lizards, before converging at the UFO itself.

They are not interested in coming out to meet us, but a brief glimpse as the door opened revealed there were several in there. We remember from earlier briefs that a single gas rocket will flood a whole Scout cabin, so Lt Wulf launches one inside.

After a few minutes, we move in, and deal with a single lizard hiding in the engine room before we execute the ones we gassed.

Charlie-3 are moving on to next crash site.

This they get promoted from? This game makes so little sense in that regard.


6th of January, 1980, 10:53

Charlie-3 are in the air, with no injuries, and are heading to the second crash site. There is another matter, though.

Commander Dosjevsky feels certain that after analysing the combat with the first new ship, a single Foxtrot should be able to finish off the second one. As he doesn’t need my permission for launching Interceptors, he sent Foxtrot-5 back out alone. He didn’t want to wait a couple more hours for Foxtrot-2 to get ready. We will see if his risk pays off.

6th of January, 1980, 12:18

Foxtrot-5 finished off the UFO, and it crashed over Alaska. I still want to admonish the Commander for his risky choice, but it paid off, and we do really need to see what this is about.

I grant clearance for Charlie-2 to launch. Let’s see what we got.

6th of January, 1980, 12:32

Charlie-3 have reached the second crash site. Now let’s hope I wasn’t wrong in approving this double-mission.

Charlie-3 Response Team on the ground. Day-time mission. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

This time the UFO came down in a small military base. The local forces have been assaulting the UFO as best they can, and we got radio contact with them before we landed, asking them to retreat and let us handle it. Our reputation has been growing enough for that, I think.

They reply that they got some good shots in while it was coming down, but once the robots and the hover-drone came out, they’ve not been doing well. They order a retreat, though warn us that a couple of people are still trapped in there.

Dealing with the outside robots goes fine, but the hover-drone has entrenched itself, and we’re not able to take it out before it injures Lt Mumbles.

As soon as we have cleared a path for the remaining soldiers, we breach the UFO. It’s a fierce fight with the remaining robots onboard, that injures both Lts Campster and Dima, but we manage to clear the ship.

The UFO is in rough shape, but there should be something left to salvage anyway. Charlie-3 head home.

It was a very cluttered base, with few clear shots.

Not exactly graceful.

6th of January, 1980, 13:11

Charlie-3 are heading home, though apparently they suffered some injuries. Was it because we asked too much of them, or simply because it’s what happens?

Maybe I’m making bad decisions due to lack of sleep. I’ve only had a few power-naps, and those few hours I had before all this started.

I have a bit of time until Charlie-1 lands, and then it should be quiet until Charlie-2 reaches the new UFO.

6th of January, 1980, 14:34

It was tough to remain steady as Charlie-1 landed and the team got off. I congratulated them on a good job, and then took the report with me to my quarters so I could check it out while I got ready to rest.

I believe it’s time to promote Lt Squirrel to Captain, and to promote Cpt Herr to Major. I have offered him a shield, but he claims he doesn’t need it. Hopefully I won’t need to order him to use one. I also see this was Cpt Berwolf’s 10th mission, so she has earned a Service Medal.

6th of January, 1980, 18:53

I won’t claim I feel fully rested now, but I am feeling better, at least. Charlie-2 have reached the crash site, and they still have daylight, so… I hope we’re ready for this. What even is this new UFO?

I have also gotten the reports from Charlie-3. It seems like they went through a lot. I will do my best to keep multi-missions like this to a minimum. Commander Marabello recommends Lts Campster, Dima, Kittan, Mumbles, Ruts and Spectre for promotion to Captain. Also, Cpt Kittan has earned an Order of Gallantry, while Cpt Campster has earned an Order of Merit.

Charlie-3 Response Team on the ground. Day-time mission. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

The UFO has come down in an industrial area, so we have to be careful. Lots of places for the aliens to hide.

As we are getting off the ship and spreading out, something takes a shot at Cpt Grump. We see it’s a blue-jersey, but they seem to have picked up on our idea of personal combat armour. Lt Notsogrump takes a shot at it, and while it hits, it’s not enough. The creature flees behind a nearby train cart.

Even tried to kill a civilian down there.

Smug bastard.

Cpt Havoc heads around the carts to flank the thing, but Lt Vecre just jumps between two carts as he’s not carrying a shield. One more shot, and the thing goes down.

From here we split up. Cpt Havoc heads straight north with Lt Vecre. Lt Notsogrump heads for the office building just around the northern wall with Sgt Guard. Cpts Grump and McNutcase take the east path north of the adjacent warehouse, while Lts DeHaan and Sibana go the southern path, making sure to check the interior of the warehouse as we pass by.

We can hear both gunfire and plasma fire coming from the east, and we try to hurry.

We find another blue-jersey outside the next warehouse, and Cpt McNutcase takes it down.

But a carbine fires three shots, so it'll do.

Not exactly in optimal range.

It was already wounded, so we merely finished it off. This allows us to rendezvous with the remaining security forces. They tell us that they haven’t seen many aliens come out of the ship, but the few that have, have been more than enough.

We tell them they can hang back and look after the civilians that haven’t been able to get away, and we will deal with the UFO.

Lt Notsogrump and Sgt Guard have found the office building empty, and are heading north-east towards the UFO as well.

Meanwhile, Cpt Havoc spots a blue-jersey at the edge of the compound, and Lt Vecre takes it down with two shots.

Goki genyou.

Good day.

As Cpts McNutcase and Grump are securing the warehouse, Lts DeHaan and Sibana start setting up to guard the UFO’s entrance. It’s not as flat as we expected. In fact, it’s quite tall. Looks beaten up, but not really broken up in any way.

Not that that necessarily has to mean anything.

No smoke either.

They spot another blue-jersey across the lot, but it spotted them first, and suddenly Lt DeHaan has a hole straight through his thigh.

Cpt McNutcase has just come out of the warehouse, so she rushes over. It is definitely a hole, but it’s been cauterised, so all she has to do is apply the gel and close it up with bandages. Lt DeHaan struggles and nearly goes into shock, but the alien-enhanced painkillers kick in quickly and calm him down.

The blue-jersey used one of those alien sniper rifles, and Lt Sibana tries to get a clear shot, but it ducks out of sight rather than try to finish the job. Lt Sibana switches with Cpt McNutcase, so the captain can flank the blue-jersey and take it out.

You deserved that.


As soon as Lt DeHaan starts to become coherent again, he is able to pick his rocket launcher back up, and we ask him to switch to gas rockets. It’s time to see what this thing is like on the inside.

We give Cpt Grump, Lt DeHaan and Lt Sibana time to set up their weapons, and once everyone else is in position to cover them, Sgt Guard walks up and triggers the door.

We immediately see two blue-jerseys, and one in purple. We recall having seen purple before, on the Scouts, with the psions, but this one looks different. We don’t really have time to study it now, so Lt DeHaan fires the rocket.


Gas gas gas!

The purple cloud envelopes what we can see of the alien cargo hold, and wild shots start flying out, so Sgt Guard quickly closes the door again.

Cpt McNutcase moves up on the other side of the door as we wait a minute. Once that is done, and Lt DeHaan has reloaded, we open the door again, and try to get a better look inside. We are getting bombarded with psionic attacks out here, so we need to move in sooner rather than later.

When Sgt Guard peeks around the corner, she is shot at, but thankfully not hit. We see the room is vast and open, though with several bits of cargo getting in the way of a clear shot. Lt DeHaan fires his second rocket much further into the room, and Cpt Havoc moves up to close the door again.

We might have been a little excessive.

So much gas.

We give it another minute as we assemble, and then we breach the UFO. The purple-jersey is nowhere to be seen, so we spread out and wait a moment. Lts DeHaan and Sibana remain outside. The purple-jersey materialises on a glowing platform near the back of the room, and takes cover behind a console. We realise it has to be one of those teleporter thingies like what Charlie-1 found at the alien base.

The purple-jersey moves a bit wobbly, probably having absorbed some of the gas before it fled. Sgt Guard rolls forward and lobs a gas grenade at it to finish the job. We don’t know if we need to take one of these alive, but at least now we have one.

Real tough guy!

Got a present for ya.

As the rest of the team move up, going around the side of the cargo, the side-door on the left opens up and a blue-jersey shoots Cpt Grump. The armour takes most of it, but some of it gets through and gives her a nasty burn. Cpt McNutcase shoots the thing, though it manages to give her a glancing shot before it goes down. She insists she’s fine, and that Sgt Guard should focus on treating Cpt Grump’s burn.

Lt Vecre checks the rest of the room, while Lt Notsogrump checks the one on the other side. The rest of us creep slowly up on the teleporter platforms, ready to fire if anything materialises.

Nothing does, so Cpt McNutcase volunteers to be first person to go up. And to test if they’re safe for humans, we realise in hindsight. Charlie-1 never tested, after all.

Imagine if the game made it so we couldn't get up.

Phew, safe.

Once she radios that it’s clear, Cpt Grump, Lt Vecre and Sgt Guard all come up and take whatever cover we can find. Cpt Havoc and Lt Notsogrump are meant to come up the other side, but with the gas still lingering, they are delayed trying to get around it.

A purple-jersey rushes out through the nearest door, and nails Sgt Guard with a shot before it’s taken down by Cpt McNutcase and Lt Vecre. Once we’ve dealt with Sgt Guard’s burn, Cpt McNutcase approaches the door and opens it, only to be met by the ship’s officer right on the other side. She reaches for her stun-stick and manages to strike, but not well enough before she takes a point-blank shot.

Lt Vecre rushes forward as Cpt McNutcase is knocked back, and finished the job with his own stun-stick, as it was faster to draw when he had to dart around the falling captain. Cpt Havoc just made it up the other teleporter, and rushes to McNutcase’s aid as Vecre closes the door. Lt Notsogrump enters the alien bridge from the other door to scope it out, and finds there’s just a single purple-jersey left. After a short, but fierce fire-fight, she comes out victorious, and the UFO is ours.

You should probably not mess with any Brendas, just to be safe.

You don’t mess with this Brenda.

Lt Sibana escorts the wounded back to Charlie-2, while the rest of us secure the ship. We get on the long-distance radio to base, and describe what we’ve found, asking the scientists if they want any of the aliens alive. After a thorough description of the purple-jerseys and the officer, they tell us that they don’t need either, and we’re free to dispose of them.

We head back to Charlie-2 and prepare to take off as the clean-up crew come in to see what we can salvage from this thing.

Charlie-2 head home.

But at least no one died!

This was a messy one.

6th of January, 1980, 19:46

They are back in the air, but it seems like there were several injuries. Hopefully the Chief and his team can give us some answers as to what this thing is. While it’s inevitable, I am not a fan of how the aliens keep switching things up.

I am looking forward to seeing the reports on this one, both from the soldiers, and from the research department.

Now I’ll be heading to bed early. I’ll look at Charlie-2’s mission report in the morning.



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