Xenonautical Adventures – Part 36: Corsair Ready For Duty

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Xenonautical Adventures

10th of January, 1980, 00:54

Night report: UFO spotted by civilians off the coast of Peru. Foxtrot-2 have been launched to investigate.

10th of January, 1980, 03:43

I have been woken. Foxtrot-2 tailed a Corvette to over Guatemala and shot it down. Commander Dosjevsky has asked for permission to launch Charlie-2, and I have granted it.

While I’m up, I looked at the report for the new combat armour that came in. It’s… heavier than I hoped it would be, though they did add a note that it gave them ideas for a lighter design, though it would have to give up some toughness. I like the specs, apart from the weight though. Now I’m just questioning if everyone would be able to wear this. Still, I should get them made sooner rather than later. Once we have money.

Per my earlier instructions, the North American scientists have started working on a new grenade for better effect against our robotic enemies. And I am going back to bed.

10th of January, 1980, 07:19

It was hard to get out of bed this morning, because Major Merrywhiskers was sleeping really cutely on top of my duvet.

One more day, and we should have more stuff up and running. For now, Charlie-2 are well on their way. With Lt DeHaan so wounded, Cpt Vecre agreed to carry the rocket launcher for this one. Cpt Grump was the least wounded, and insisted on still coming along. Hopefully it will be fine.

Charlie-1 landed shortly before I got into the paperwork today, and their report is now in my hands. Seems like one of the robots they hunted down put up more of a fight than expected, so both Cpt Niña and Major Herr are currently in the medical centre.

I think it’s time we made Cpt Niña a Major. Additionally, Lts Malo and Wanyal are hereby promoted to Captains. And finally, both Maj Niña and Cpt Beargal earned their Service Medals with this mission.

10th of January, 1980, 09:01

Charlie-2 have arrived at the scene and are setting down. Good luck, soldiers.

Charlie-2 Response Team on the ground. Night-time mission. Flares have been distributed. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

We have landed in a small industrial complex, and we’re shot at pretty much as soon as we set foot out the door. A blue-jersey is firing from an adjacent building, but a gas grenade through the window puts a stop to that.

The remainder of the mission feels a little odd, as the blue-jerseys are charging at us more like lizards than their usual behaviour.

With the exception of the officer, who keeps trying to snipe us from the door of the UFO. Scored a grazing hit on Lt Madwater.

UFO is swiftly cleared out, and looks to be in good shape. Charlie-2 head home.

A new map though, that's nice.


10th of January, 1980, 09:37

It seems things got a little rough down there, but it sounds like they got out mostly in one piece.

I’ll see the report later today when they get home.

10th of January, 1980, 15:43

I’ve been trying out some dried fish treats on Major Merrywhiskers. She doesn’t seem too impressed.

Charlie-2 have landed and submitted their report. I would also classify the greys’ behaviour as odd, but it was fortunate for us as the soldiers could always see them coming. I would have suggested that maybe they have poor night-vision, but they’ve shown no such indication before.

Cpt Havoc has earned her Service Medal with this mission, and I think it’s also time we made her a Major.

11th of January, 1980, 00:17

It’s past midnight, and I’m getting reports in as various construction projects wrap up and are made operational. Extended radar range for both of our other bases, our third laboratory standing ready, and the second workshops for all bases starting up.

Now I can finally approve and send the new personnel requests. I have always been annoyed with this rule, as it will take another day or two for them to arrive, and I could have just had them here ready for when their work-stations were operational.

Time to head to bed.

11th of January, 1980, 07:21

Just what we needed… there was a problem with the new laboratory, and they need to overhaul it. This will take a while.

[ Current mood: Head-desking. I somehow put down the wrong building, so now I’m looking at another 10 days to actually get a third laboratory ready. ]

In other news, Major Merrywhiskers somehow got her claws on the treat bag, and completely shredded it, not even bothering to eat most of the treats.

11th of January, 1980, 08:46

At least the Corsair is done on schedule. Not quite what I had expected… when the Chief said it couldn’t carry heavy torpedoes, I thought he meant it would still have missiles, and not just two cannons. It’s a good partner for the Foxtrot, but how will it fare on its own?

Regardless, the Condor-1 crew have been briefed and trained, and have already transferred over. Same with Condor-3’s crew for Corsair-2, and Condor-5’s crew for Corsair-3 in another couple of days.

12th of January, 1980, 07:35

Still somewhat weird to have such a light desk in the morning again. With the vast majority of construction complete, there’s not much in the way of progress reports. And it’s been otherwise quiet, I’m happy to report.

12th of January, 1980, 14:17

It’s actually snowing a bit outside today. We’re just on the edge of the Gobi, so we do get a little bit of precipitation now and again. The wind is also quite harsh, so you might almost call it a snowstorm. Almost.

I was thinking of going outside for a bit, but maybe tomorrow will be better.

12th of January, 1980, 15:33

Oh dear. UFO detected over the Panama Canal. Travelling at 1800 km/h, meaning it’s quite likely another Landing Ship. Right. Time to see what a Corsair can do along with a Foxtrot. Corsair-2 and Foxtrot-2 have been launched to intercept.

12th of January, 1980, 15:35

Another detected over southern Sweden. Commander Marabello asked me for my opinion, and I told it to him blunt. He’d have to send both Foxtrots to guarantee success, so Foxtrots 3 and 6 are launching to intercept.

12th of January, 1980, 15:37

“Contact, sir! Confirmed extraterrestrial contact!”

And there we have a third, over the Philippines. Why three in such rapid succession? They were mere minutes apart, and usually UFOs tend to have a bit more of a break between them.

“Launch Corsair-1 and Foxtrot-1, intercept course.”

“Yes sir!”

12th of January, 1980, 15:41

Yeah, they’re really laying it on thick now. A slower contact appeared over Saudi-Arabia, seeming to have a course straight for the Euro-African base. Condor-5 have been launched to intercept.

12th of January, 1980, 16:37

Foxtrots 3 and 6 have shot down a Landing Ship over the southern parts of France. I’d like the other contact to be gone before I authorise launch of Charlie-3.

12th of January, 1980, 16:50

Corvette shot down over Egypt. Charlie-3 are go for launch to France. I am ordering an air strike for Egypt.

12th of January, 1980, 17:10

Corsair-1 and Foxtrot-1 shot down a Landing Ship on the Chinese coast. It seemed to not notice, or not care, that it was being pursued.

“Launch Charlie-1! Set course for the crash site.”

“Yes sir!”

12th of January, 1980, 17:21

Third one down. Foxtrot-2 and Corsair-2 have shot down a Landing Ship over Colombia. I’ve cleared Charlie-2 for launch. I leave it up to Commander Dosjevsky to decide who is and isn’t fit to go.

So, that’s three Landing Ships down, one for each dropship. Could that be intentional? Is it a trap? Are the aliens testing us? Maybe I’m just letting the paranoia get to me.



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