Xenonautical Adventures – Part 38: Where Did You Even Come From

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Xenonautical Adventures

12th of January, 1980, 21:06

Charlie-1 Response Team on the ground. Night-time mission. Flares have been distributed. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

We can’t even get off the dropship before we see the first blue robot come stomping towards us. Maj Cuftbert and Cpt Beargal are quick to greet it with a shower of laser fire.

Thankfully it didn't spread.

We might have also set the fence on fire.

With that thing down, at least we know what we’re dealing with. Charlie-3 sent a warning about a new type of alien, and we received it just before we set down.

Okay, now to secure the landing zone. We start throwing flares in all directions, seeing if anything else is within range.

Cpt Jonely throws a flare that illuminates another robot, which seems to be menacing one of the locals. Cpt Berwolf fires, and so does Cpt Wanyal, but it’s not enough to bring it down before it fires at the ground next to the farmer, which causes an explosion.



We quickly finish it off before it can turn the weapon on us, and now we’re a little worried. We were talking a week ago or so about how it was strange that it didn’t seem like the aliens had something similar to our rocket launcher. Well, clearly they have this thing…

It doesn’t take long before we find a third robot, hiding in the nearby building. We can just barely see it, but it’s hidden well, so we can’t get a clear shot. Cpts Beargal and Jonely set up guard outside, while Cpts Malo and Troidell go in through the door further east to try to flush it out.

Once it notices them, the thing stomps forward and attacks, managing to graze Cpt Malo past his shield before it falls to combined carbine and pistol fire.

At least it had the decency to go down.


One quick application of burn gel later, and Maj Riddium leads Cpts Malo and Troidell to search the next building. We spot the UFO just north of that, meaning our pilots brought us down pretty close.

We keep hearing a strange recurring noise as we’re sweeping the area. There doesn’t seem to be any more aliens directly outside the UFO, so Maj Riddium heads around back to check there while Cpt Malo keeps watch on the UFO’s entrance and the surrounding area to make sure nothing sneaks up on us. Cpt Troidell joins the rest of us in searching the area to the west.

What follows is several minutes of basically nothing. We still hear that strange noise fairly regularly, but nothing presents itself, and we basically figure out there isn’t much at all to the west besides empty fields and what looks like a shed.

As Maj Riddium is coming back to the front of the UFO, having found it’s impractical to get around the back, he suddenly finds himself face-to-face with an alien type he’s never seen before.


Where did you even come from?!

He is quite startled, but dropping the launcher is on purpose. As the alien’s eyes follow the falling launcher, he pulls out his stun stick and starts striking the creature. One, two, three times, and the alien finally falls. Panting from the exertion as Cpt Malo comes over, Maj Riddium makes sure the alien is truly down before he picks up his rocket launcher again. They both head back to guard the door again; Cpt Malo watching the door like a hawk, and Maj Riddium watching his back just in case more things like that suddenly appear, or that thing tries to get back up.

While we don’t really notice until later, we don’t hear the strange noise again for the rest of the mission.

Over by the shed, Cpt Wanyal has moved closer to examine it, while Maj Cuftbert and Cpt Beargal cover her. A blue robot appears in the side door, and all three of us open fire.

It seems we need better weapons.

Why are you so tough?

It takes about half a dozen hits before it finally drops, and Cpt Wanyal cautiously checks the inside of the shed for more, but find nothing.

It does not take us much longer to declare the rest of the area clear, and head back to the UFO.

Once Cpt Berwolf has set up in a good sniping position, we trigger the door and look inside. We see another of those strange new aliens dead on the floor close to the door, but nothing is moving in there.

We start throwing flares in, or trying to, but between the ceiling and the cargo in the way, it’s tricky to get them all the way inside. We do spot a collapsed blue robot, but since there’s still no movement, we figure we might as well move inside.

Less cluttered, definitely.

This one looks different from the first two.

It seems more spacious that what Charlie-2’s report described. Perhaps this is a different configuration? We are able to get flares further in now, and spot the teleportation pads towards the back, off to the sides. There’s also the wreck of a pink robot, like the one we found in the alien base. We guess it was a rough crash-landing.

Considering the pink one is supposedly the officer, we hope that means it will be easier to take down whatever’s left. And clearly none of them are down here. We cautiously approach the teleporter pads, and check the back room, but nothing is coming out to attack us. So we send a few people up. Cpts Troidell and Wanyal go up the left side, while Cpts Beargal and Malo head up the right.

Both sides find themselves in empty rooms, with doors leading in to the reactor. Yeah, this is definitely not the same layout as what Charlie-2 described.

A robot appears in the left-hand door, but two face-fulls of carbine fire drop it before it even crosses the threshold.


No cigar.

We slowly move into the central room, and there are two more robots in there. We are noticing that there are indeed two different shades of blue on these things. We take down the one just inside the doors, and then the one hidden back in the bridge area. Cpt Beargal does take a hit in the process, but the armour absorbs most of it.

With the UFO secured, we have to figure out how to safely get that new alien Maj Riddium beat down back home. Based on how it just appeared like that, we have to assume that either it can turn invisible, or it has some form or personal teleporter device. Or maybe it can teleport innately. That would explain the strange sound. The gist is that we can’t take the risk of it waking up during the flight home. As it is still breathing, we give it a dose of the stun gas before we drag it to the dropship. Then we secure it in place, and keep people on watch with stun sticks ready in case it starts stirring.

Charlie-1 head home.

At least they're not minors.

A lot of Majors.

12th of January, 1980, 21:51

Charlie-1 are back in the air with some minor injuries, but they still sounded less weary than Charlie-3 did. Apparently they’re also bringing a guest, though they sounded a bit stressed about that part.

Looking forward to that report too.

Now there’s only Charlie-2 left, but they’re still a couple of hours out, and Charlie-1 and Charlie-3 won’t be back for a few hours either, so it might be time to try to get some rest before the next thing happens.



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