Xenonautical Adventures – Part 39: Terror Strikes

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Xenonautical Adventures

13th of January, 1980, 00:20

I find a report that says construction on Corsair-3 has completed, and the crew have been transferred from Condor-5, as I get up.

Charlie-2 have reached their crash site, and unfortunately they didn’t make it before the sun set, so they have to go in under darkness as well.

Best of luck to you, soldiers.

Charlie-2 Response Team on the ground. Night-time mission. Flares have been distributed. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

The UFO came down in a deserted area, so at least we’re unlikely to have to worry about any civilians.

We know the UFO is somewhere to our north-east, so we fan out. The issue is making sure we watch our backs. There’s a lot of rocks and such in the area, easy for things to hide behind.

Minutes pass with nothing happening as we comb the area. Maj McNutcase leads Cpts Sibana and Vecre north, Maj Havoc is checking the area straight east with Lt Sumanai, and Cpts Grump and Notsogrump are scouting towards the north-eastern rocks with Lt Guard.

They see us before we see them, with a plasma bolt coming out of the darkness to the north and singeing Cpt Notsogrump.

Can you spot it?


What happens next is basically a mad scramble. We try to push north to see who made the shot. We find a lizard, and take it down with support from Cpt Sibana and Lt Sumanai. It turns out to not be the only enemy, as several more shots ring out before we get further, injuring Cpt Grump, and forcing the rest of us to duck for cover.

The wound wasn’t properly cauterised, so Lt Guard has to quickly stop the bleeding. We can’t find the other shooter, and suddenly two lizards rush out from the darkness to the east. Cpt Grump has yet to get back on her feet, and the rest of us just barely manage to kill both of them before they come too close.

We’re still being shot at from the north though, and we manage to spot an outline on top of a rock column. In the darkness we can really only see a bunch of red lights and what looks to be a plasma sniper.

Sneaky bugger.

Dun dun DUN!

Did it climb up there? Or are there flying aliens now? It keeps ducking out of sight when we try to shoot it, so Cpt Vecre solves the problem by firing a rocket at the rock column. Whatever it was, it’s crushed now.

Things fall quiet again, and we have time to apply burn gel to Cpt Notsogrump. The rest of the desert exploration is largely without incident. It seems like all the ones out here put their force into that one ambush, but they were still only four to our eight. Even then they did nearly get Cpt Grump.

Cpts Notsogrump and Sibana are the first to reach the UFO. Unlike the first one, there seems to be actual activity at the door here. The lizards have always been more eager to rush out than any of the other aliens.

As Maj McNutcase and Cpt Vecre approach from the west, a lizard charges out of the door, carrying what we think might be the largest alien gun we’ve seen yet. Cpts Notsogrump and Sibana take it out before it manages to fire.

Fairly certain it had one of those plasma cannons. I don't want that in my face.


Cpt Vecre takes on the job of checking around the back of the UFO while the rest of the team slowly arrive to help guard the entrance.

Another lizard opens the door right after Cpt Grump has set up her scatter laser, and gets cut down quickly.

There is no more activity at the door as the rest of the team assemble. Majs Havoc and McNutcase take a look inside, but it’s quite dark. We try to throw some flares back there, but it’s hard to find a good throwing arc, so they don’t get too far.

We can tell there is a lot of smoke in there though. It seems likely that the reactor has blown in the crash. We move inside, and keep trying to throw flares further in, but the smoke just complicates things further. We spot a lizard that tries to flee into the back room.

Too grump for you.


The interior of this one is definitely different from the last one we were in. Even with all the smoke in the way, that’s pretty clear. The engines are in the back, and the teleporters are to the side.

Finding a safe route through the smoke is a different matter. The right-hand teleporter pad is currently unavailable, but we do manage to get access to the left-hand one. Maj Havoc can’t really get through without dropping her shield, so she stays by the door and tries to keep it open, in case that helps clear the smoke out. Whatever ventilation system this thing has, it does seem to be getting rid of the smoke, but very, very slowly.

As we get close to the left pad a lizard comes through, but we take it down immediately.

After waiting a minute to make sure no more are coming, and also keeping an eye on the right pad, Maj McNutcase volunteers to go through and check upstairs.

That looks bad.


Though it’s really only smoke and embers left, it’s clear there was a massive fire up here. It’s impressive the door still looks operational. McNutcase reports back to the rest of us, and then takes Lt Sumanai with her up.

A path to the other teleporter clears up shortly after, so Cpts Notsogrump and Sibana go up here. It’s just as much of a mess as on the other side.

The rest is just waiting for the smoke to clear enough to get access to the doors, and then trading shots with the two lizards trapped on the bridge behind the smoke until they go down. It takes a while, because these lizards are significantly tougher than the ones we’ve faced before.

Eventually we succeed and manage to get onto the bridge. As soon as we can declare the UFO clear, we evacuate. No sense in staying in that smoke. Let’s leave the rest to the clean-up crew.

Charlie-2 head home.

Smoke-filled UFOs are a pain.

Possibly the longest mission yet.

13th of January, 1980, 01:11

Charlie-2 are back in the air, with only a few injuries. Though it sounded like they had some issues with the UFO itself. It did take them quite a lot of time. I suppose I’ll see once the report is in.

It’s not long until Charlie-1 lands, so I might as well stay up. Rest in the chair. Maybe set an alarm just in case…

13th of January, 1980, 01:42

Charlie-1 have landed, and in spite of the few injuries they received, seemed in fairly good spirits. This new guest of theirs is quite strange-looking. Maybe not compared to everything else we’ve seen, but still hard to get used to. There’s something almost shark-like about it.

In addition to their report, I have also received a copy of Charlie-3’s. Let’s look at my team first though.

Nothing really stands out apart from that new alien. I wonder what the Chief will say about it. The new layout of the UFO is interesting, but we’ve seen multiple layouts for earlier UFOs as well. This one seemed a bit easier to assault, so hopefully the aliens favour that one in the future.

As for Charlie-3, although they got away without any major injuries, they seem to have had the rougher time. I can really only imagine what attacking that upper floor was like. When Charlie-2 went after the first one, there wasn’t as many aliens left on the bridge.

Commander Marabello hasn’t made any recommendations for promotions, so I won’t second-guess him. For Charlie-1, Cpts Beargal, Berwolf, Jonely and Troidell are now Majors. Medals; Majs Jonely and Troidell, and Cpts Ruts and Wulf have all earned their Service Medals. Additonally, Cpt Malo has earned an Order of Gallantry, and Cpt Mumbles has earned an Order of Merit.

I will be heading to bed now, but as a final note, looking at the money earned from these missions, I have ordered the engineers to start constructing our first Shrike.

13th of January, 1980, 05:29

No… no no no no.

“Sir! Peru’s capital are sending out a distress call! Aliens are attacking the city, sir!”

Charlie-2 haven’t even gotten back. They’re still over Florida. Other options? Charlie-3 are the healthiest, but they are 21 hours out. Charlie-1 are the most experienced, but they’re nearly 37 hours out.

“Orders, sir?”

“Have Charlie-2 go back to base, switch out the injured soldiers, restock, and then head for Lima.”

“Yes sir!”

I could, maybe should, divert them directly, but a full-scale assault like this? Too risky to send injured troops if I can avoid it.

13th of January, 1980, 09:02

Charlie-2 are finally in the air again. This is all highly stressful!

13th of January, 1980, 09:38

Charlie-2 finished their report on the UFO while flying back, and I’ve managed to look through it in spite of what’s going on. We can only wait for the next 10 hours or so, anyway.

It seems like they had quite a time navigating that UFO. At least they didn’t meet yet another new type of alien. Based on what Charlie-3 brought back, I’m fairly certain that’s what Charlie-2 faced as well. The Chief had already been theorising personal flight suits based on the alien tech.

For promotions, we have Lt Sumanai becoming a Captain, and Cpt Grump becoming a Major. Medals; Maj Grump has earned the Service Medal and an Order of Merit; Cpt Sibana has earned the Service Medal and an Order of Gallantry.

13th of January, 1980, 19:07

They have entered the country, and are moments away from the city. This will be rough. At least it’s still daylight over there.

I would I could do more. Good luck, Charlie-2.



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