Xenonautical Adventures – Part 40: Terror In Lima, Peru

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Xenonautical Adventures

13th of January, 1980, 19:08

Major Cilla McNutcase, aboard Charlie-2:

“Listen up! This is probably the part in the movies where the team leader would say ‘you know the drill’, but honestly, we have no idea what will happen down there.”

“What we do know: for the last 12+ hours the local forces have been fighting a losing battle against the aliens. Evacuation efforts have gone poorly, so expect there to still be panicking civilians about. Help out the locals if you can, but our priority has to be taking out the aliens, as that will save more lives long-term. So try to watch your fire, but there will be chaos down there. People might run into your line of fire, but don’t beat yourself up about it. We’ll have time for that when we get home.”

“The only confirmed alien type we have is the lizards. We don’t know how many, but it seems possible they came from the UFO we dealt with yesterday. It’s unlikely to be just them, but from the mess of radio communication we’ve picked up, that’s the only presence we can confirm. There have been no reports of Reaper-like activity, but that could just mean they’ve been hiding until now, or there’s a mass of zombies undiscovered somewhere in the city. Stay vigilant.”

“If we fail, the Council is going to nuke the city, so don’t get yourselves killed. We’re working on getting getting air coverage up so we can spot where the aliens are, but it won’t be ready for a little while yet. Thankfully we have daylight on our side.”

“Right, we’re nearly on the ground, and the doors are about to open. I know some of you don’t have the weapons you’re used to, but you know how they work. Good luck to you all.”

Charlie-2 Response Team on the ground. Terror mission: City of Lima, Peru under direct attack by aliens. Day-time mission. Weapons at the ready. Dropship doors opening.

We can’t even get down the ramp before we spot our first lizards, armoured up and armed for war. There’s one down the road, across the street from a bus. It was menacing some civilians, but has turned towards us as we came down. The second we see watching us through the window of a nearby house, before it ducks out of sight.

Lt Madwater is carrying Maj Grump’s scatter laser for this mission, and sets up to fire on where we saw the lizard inside the house. We can’t worry too much about property damage here. A hole is blasted in the side of the building, revealing the lizard, and Cpt Sibana takes a shot, which unfortunately doesn’t hit.

Meanwhile Maj McNutcase, Cpt Notsogrump, and Lt Guard (whom was forced to take a laser carbine for the mission) deal with the lizard in the street.

It was just waiting for the bus downtown.


As Cpt Sibana’s last shot basically vaporised the last piece of cover the lizard in the house had, Cpt Sumanai manages to hit, but not kill it.

To our terror, we think we spot a Reaper running through the building behind the lizard, and when Cpt Vecre comes around the corner to where one of the local military is still holding out, he definitely spots one. It’s lurking by the far hedge, close to another lizard. That explains what the soldier was shooting so wildly at. Maybe the poor guy had seen what these things do to people already.

With the situation as it is, Cpt Vecre carefully aims the rocket launcher. If only he can catch them both in the same blast…

44% is pretty decent, though.

So much crap in the way.

The rocket impacts the flowerbed and instantly turns the Reaper to mulch. The lizard is caught in the blast, but doesn’t seem too badly hurt, as it returns fire, which thankfully misses.

Cpt Sibana does spot another Reaper through the kitchen window of the first house, and manages to score a hit. While the thing ducks out of sight, we don’t think it’s because it died.

Lt Madwater keeps up the barrage against the lizard, but the thing refuses to die. Maj McNutcase goes to help the local soldier against the lizard in the yard, and spots yet another one inside that house. We tell Maj Havoc to enter the house from the back and try to catch it unaware while we attempt to keep it distracted on the front.

Cpts Notsogrump and Sumanai, and Lt Guard, slowly approach the house we saw the Reaper in, careful to not get in the way of Lt Madwater’s line of fire.

It was I, Reaper, all along!


As it rushes out the door, Cpts Notsogrump and Sumanai try to hit it, but it ducks through a hole in the hedge before they manage it. However, Lt Guard is sitting ready and pumps two carbine rounds into it to make sure it goes down and stays down.

Then a zombie comes shambling out straight for Lt Guard, and we know we have to act fast. Cpt Notsogrump fires the shot that pops it, exposing the Reaper inside, and before it has the chance to move, Lt Madwater turns the scatter laser on it.

Pew pew pew!

Take this!

With that dealt with, Maj McNutcase finishes off the lizard in the yard, and Lt Guard pops around the hedge to blast the one still cowering by the hole we blew in the house.

Maj Havoc breaches the other house as Maj McNutcase approaches the front door, and they try to catch the lizard in there between them. In the first house we have found another Reaper, and another zombie that came shambling out from the back of the house. Cpt Sumanai manages to take down the Reaper through a window, while Cpt Notsogrump pops the zombie to allow Cpt Sibana to snipe the Reaper that comes out.

We hope that’s the last of them.

And yet there's still actually a civilian alive inside that house. How she dodged two Reapers I have no idea.

A lot of dead aliens.

We are reasonably certain that house is clear now, but to be sure Lt Guard goes to check the upstairs.

Across the street Maj Havoc finds the lizard and manages to nail it with her pistol while making sure to keep her shield up. Maj McNutcase dashes for the front door, but before she can get there, the lizard responds by lobbing a grenade over Havoc’s shield. She tries to move and turn her shield towards it, but it goes off before she can get away and hurts her badly. McNutcase kicks down the front door, knocking the lizard on the other side over, and gives it a close-range carbine blast before she runs to check on Havoc. Despite being badly wounded, Havoc managed to pull out her own med kit and stabilise herself. She insists she can keep going and pulls up her shield again.

Meanwhile Cpt Vecre has spotted something green moving through a second-floor window on the left-hand side of the street. Hitting the side of a house shouldn’t be so hard.

Look, extreme measures are needed here.


The wall is gone, and so is the alien. Well, there’s some of it left. Splattered against the inside walls.

The rest of the mission is slowly advancing up the street and taking down the lizards as we find them.

One was shot by Cpt Sumanai as we spotted it inside the local grocery store.

Cpt Vecre used his last alenium rocket on blowing up the hedge between two houses where a lizard was hiding, which was then shot by Cpt Sibana.

One down the street was bombarded by Lt Madwater before being finished off by Cpt Notsogrump.

One was spotted in the next yard by Lt Guard as she was checking the upstairs of the first house, and then taken down by Cpts Notsogrump and Sibana.

Cpt Sumanai and Lt Guard manage to trap eliminate one in the next house, though it does score a glancing hit on Lt Guard before it goes down.

Then we spot what seems to be the Officer in charge in the third house on the left.

This could be tricky.

Should have known.

The following firefight is quite lengthy. Lt Madwater starts providing suppressive fire with the scatter laser, partially hoping to open a better shot for the rest of us, but the car in the driveway blocks a lot of the shots. Still, the alien does seem like it’s pinned down, so the rest of us try to find good firing positions. Cpt Sumanai sets up inside the neighbouring house, Lt Guard goes through the backyard, Cpts Notsogrump and Sibana creep up the sidewalk, Maj McNutcase guards Lt Madwater, and Maj Havoc hangs back across the street in case she’s needed.

It does not take long before we ignite the petrol in the car and it blows sky-high, which temporarily stuns both sides, but also gives Lt Madwater the chance to reload. There is a second lizard in the house with the Officer, carrying one of those huge guns we’d rather not see in action.

It takes a lot of laser bolts, but we do manage to take them out in the end. Cpt Notsogrump and Lt Madwater both suffer minor injuries, while Maj McNutcase gets hit badly and receives emergency treatment by Maj Havoc.

They are for winners.

Accept these drugs.

As the Officer falls, things go quiet. Well, besides all the fire crackling. We check the other nearby houses just in case, but that was it. Further up the street we see the path of destruction that has been carved. It’s pretty clear where the aliens have been through and not. This neighbourhood is also in shambles, but we stopped them here.

More military and civilian forces arrive to help with the rescue work. While most of them seem grateful that we arrived, and we’re even looked over by the local emergency responders, some are clearly wishing we’d have arrived earlier. That is fair.

We hand out most of our med kits to help with the saving of those who can be saved, and then we board the dropship and take off. Charlie-2 head home.

Sure, a lot of people were hurt, but no one died, and we even saved most locals.

I think this is pretty much the best result I had any right to hope for.

13th of January, 1980, 20:40

The council have sent a small “good work” message, and the President of Peru and Mayor of Lima are both on the on the phone extending their thanks and pledging further future support. Why the Council approved them getting a line to here in the first place, that’s another matter. I do wish we hadn’t been caught with our pants down though. Having this happen while Charlie-2 was already in the air cost us at least 3 hours. It’s unlikely this will be the only time this happens, and I hope we’ll have time to get all Shrikes operational before the next one.

Why the change in tactics now though? Is it because we’ve been fighting back?

The word from Charlie-2 is that they all made it, but they got pretty shot up. I guess I’ll know more once the report comes in after they’ve gotten back to base. We should come up with a special medal for surviving terror missions, I suppose, like we did for the alien base assault. I’m not sure it truly helps, but they deserve it.

Let’s hope the aliens take a couple of days before they come back.



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