Xenonautical Adventures – Part 41: Aliens Do Autopsies Too

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Xenonautical Adventures

13th of January, 1980, 21:24

Two autopsy reports on my desk.

The one for what the scientists have dubbed a Harridan arrived first. From what I can read from this report, it seems Harridans would not be super-dangerous without an Officer present. Which might be part of the reason we have not seen them earlier. It doesn’t sound like they’re capable of tactics on their own, but guided by the right hand, they could be awfully dangerous. Thankfully they have gone down fairly easily so far, but we might not have the same fortune in the future.

The next one the Chief has dramatically dubbed a Wraith. He personally oversaw the autopsy of that one. These things sound exceedingly dangerous based on this report. It seems Major Riddium was quite lucky in being able to bring it down before it could attack. Elite troops, eh? And we currently have one of these sitting in the containment cell? The Chief said he’d been keeping it sedated until he could finish the autopsy, and has now followed his own advice to amputate the glowy things. They’re going to be letting it wake up tomorrow, and he’s asked me to make sure the base is on alert, just in case.

He advised we get started on the analysis as soon as possible, and I agree. He seems to be working extra hard to finish up the current project.

14th of January, 1980, 07:26

Charlie-2 is about to land shortly. I should have their report in about an hour.

Also, the new engineers have arrived at each base. The ones that came here were put into action on the Shrike right away. The Comrade estimates it should be done in about 3 days now. I’ve also given North America the go ahead to start on their Shrike. It will be a little tight with hiring the new scientists as well, but I have a feeling the aliens won’t leave us alone for long. So it should be fine. Should be.

14th of January, 1980, 08:31

Charlie-2 have landed, and most of them were sent to the medical centre for triage immediately. The team still managed to produce and submit a report, of course.

While I honestly feared even worse, this is still the largest concentration of alien forces we’ve faced so far. Granted, Peru’s national forces did whittle them down a little before we got there, but it was at best a fighting retreat. The aliens’ handheld weapons can easily take out even the toughest of tanks, and their armour can withstand a lot of ballistics fire.

We managed to stop them. We suffered several injuries, some quite severe, but we didn’t lose any of ours, and I think that’s the best we could hope for. The aliens were super aggressive, and the team responded in kind. No sense trying to preserve a few houses if it cost us the whole city. Casualty numbers for the locals are still coming in, but honestly, I expected worse there too. The Peruvian military and Lima’s police forces did a pretty good job keeping the aliens occupied and away from the civilians.

It’s still thousands of dead and injured, but it could have been tens of thousands. Certainly hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, if we had to go for the nuclear solution.

Now for promotions. Lts Guard and Madwater are now both Captains. They entered the field with weapons they’d only used in training, and handled them well. Cpts Notsogrump and Sibana are now both Majors. They naturally formed a duo down there, felling over a third of the aliens in tandem.

When it comes to medals, we have made the Citation for Courage for all participants, as a mark that they successfully defended a city from attack. Maj Havoc receives the Crimson Heart for suffering such a grievous injury, yet still recovering. Maj Sibana and Cpt Sumanai have both racked up enough confirmed kills to earn their Orders of Merit. Maj Notsogrump earned her Service Medal with this mission, and is also the first Xenonaut to be awarded the Order of Terra for downing over twenty aliens throughout her service.

14th of January, 1980, 12:09

Looking at our injury list right now is somewhat depressing. There are people who will be out for a while. On the bright side, with our advancements in medical technology, they are all expected to fully recover. But how will they all hold up after this is over? I feel like I ponder this too often.

14th of January, 1980, 12:48

The Chief didn’t come in person to drop off the report for the alien communication array. The aide said that all the scientists were already too busy making preparations for the Wraith study. While I don’t really like him acting without express clearance, I did give unofficial approval last night to make that the next project.

Actually designing the base structure the Chief mentions is listed as another research project. I guess he did hurry to complete this one. Also, an autopsy report for a salmon? The aliens haven’t just been taking humans then. I mean, that makes sense. We still don’t have a good idea of how they view us. Do they believe we’re not the only sentient species on the planet? Actually, are they aware we’re sentient at all? We’ve been fighting back, and we have a civilisation, but many creatures on this planet form groups and hives, construct homes, and will fight when threatened, even if the enemy is superior.

Things could have been quite different if they’d come with the intent of establishing communication. Or maybe that’s what they think they’re doing? I suppose it’s not my place to ponder these things.

14th of January, 1980, 21:22

It turned into a fairly busy day after all, dealing with the aftermath of the terror attack, and all the new discoveries.

I hear the Council doubled the clean-up crew for Lima, sparing what resources they could to help with the search and rescue. No hidden horde of zombies that I’ve been informed of. It could still be weeks before we know the whole picture.

The past few hours I’ve spent trying to read a book, while Major Merrywhiskers has been trying to get in my way. Since she’s so cute, I’ll let it pass.

Maybe tomorrow will be calmer?

15th of January, 1980, 07:15

Nothing’s happened overnight, and I am fairly happy about that.

Major Merrywhiskers wore herself out overnight, and was sleeping quite deeply by the time I got dressed.

15th of January, 1980, 13:45

I went down to the hangars to see how construction on the Shrike is progressing. It’s starting to take shape, though it’s still not clear what it will look like when done. Major Merrywhiskers tried to get inside, but I had put her harness on and was able to hold her back. Too many places for that kitten to hide.

16th of January, 1980, 07:32

Another night without any pressing emergencies.

Our injured soldiers are slowly being proclaimed fully recovered. Though I’m guessing Majs Havoc and McNutcase still won’t be joining the next mission, unless the aliens take an extended holiday.

16th of January, 1980, 17:12

The Comrade says the Shrike should be done tomorrow some time. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

17th of January, 1980, 03:11

A regional airport in South America has come under attack. We are worried it might be another landing ship, so Commander Dosjevsky has deployed Foxtrot-2 and Corsair-2 to investigate.

So much for our moment of peace. At least we got a couple of days.

17th of January, 1980, 04:02

The engineers must have been putting in a lot of overtime, because the Comrade just sent word that Shrike-1 is complete. I can’t really go look at it now, as I need to monitor this situation, but I’ve sent word to officially transfer Charlie-1’s team to it. And with the increased capacity, I am also assigning our Hunter vehicle to it.

Time to retire that old chopper, then. No need to foot the maintenance cost for two dropships. I hope.

17th of January, 1980, 04:03

A small contact detected in southern Kenya. Foxtrot-6 have been launched to intercept. Scouts aren’t a massive threat any longer, but that’s no reason to leave them be.

17th of January, 1980, 05:23

Foxtrot-6 have shot down the Scout, and are heading back. A little reluctantly I grant permission to launch Charlie-3. There might be bigger stuff coming, but they’re slow to appear.

17th of January, 1980, 06:44

Foxtrot-2 and Corsair-2 finally caught and shot down a landing ship over Brazil. It’s a long flight, but I have given permission to launch Charlie-2. If something shows up closer, they can be re-directed.

There’s also reported activity west of Cape Town. In case that’s also a landing ship, Foxtrot-3 and Corsair-3 have been launched.

17th of January, 1980, 08:11

Oh no. Offshore platform attacked off the west coast of Chile. Too far south for any of our interceptors to reach. Foxtrot-5 are ready in case it moves further north, but if that’s yet another landing ship, a single Foxtrot can only chink away at it.

17th of January, 1980, 10:32

Foxtrot-3 and Corsair-3 have finished their patrol of the South African coast and found nothing. They are returning to base to refuel. A swing and a miss, isn’t that what they say?

17th of January, 1980, 11:11

Charlie-3 have reached the crashed scout, and are setting down. It shouldn’t be a problem, but I still wish them good luck. It’s easy to slip up if you get overconfident.



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