Xenonautical Adventures – Part 42: Apparently Pulse Lasers Explode

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Xenonautical Adventures

17th of January, 1980, 11:12

Charlie-3 Response Team on the ground. Day-time mission. Weapons at the ready.

UFO came down in a warehouse district at the edge of a nearby city.

A lot of buildings to search, so it takes several minutes before the first blue-jersey comes running at us, but we already felt the pressure of their psion.

We find a total of five blue-jerseys spread among the various buildings, and deal with another five greys of various jersey colours when we breach the UFO.

A few injuries sustained due to the difficulty architecture of the area. On the other hand, it also meant it was easier for the locals to hide.

Charlie-3 head home.

Even routine stuff like this easily incurs injuries.

I hate these maps.

17th of January, 1980, 11:39

Seems Charlie-3 are safely back in the air. The injuries sustained were unfortunate, but understandable,  considering where the UFO came down.

We still have UFOs out there, but it seems like at this point it would be unlikely for new ones to appear. Still, it’s too early to ask Ch- excuse me, Shrike-1 to stand down.

17th of January, 1980, 12:12

Boats close to the Atlantic side of the Antarctic came under attack. We don’t have anything with the range to go that far, though.

17th of January, 1980, 14:28

Now’s our chance. UFO spotted on the northern border of South Africa. Corsair-3 and Foxtrot-3 are still refueling, but Foxtrot-6 and Condor-6 can go.

17th of January, 1980, 15:05

The report for the new grenade type has come in. I’ll start having them assigned to the troops immediately.

Were the soldiers really calling them “shock-jocks” though? From the reports, I’d say we’d mostly been using them in self-defence situations. Right?

Anyway, I instructed the North American research team to get started on the preliminary work for our own range of plasma weapons.

17th of January, 1980, 16:22

Oh. Foxtrot-6 detected a landed UFO just outside of our detection range. The closest responder is actually Shrike-1, as the new engines can get it there as quickly as Charlie-3. Let’s try.

“Launch Shrike-1! Set course for the landed UFO!”

“Yes sir!”

It might take off again before we get there, but it would be interesting to try.

There’s also a flying UFO coming in from the south-west towards Africa, just entered detection range. Foxtrot-6 and Condor-6 have been diverted.

17th of January, 1980, 17:50

Foxtrot-6 hit the UFO, but then it went out of Condor-6’s range. They’re returning to base. The UFO is now headed towards South America, so Foxtrot-2 have been launched to intercept.

17th of January, 1980, 18:17

The UFO has turned back towards Africa. Foxtrot-3 have been launched to intercept.

Additionally, Charlie-3 are back on the ground, and have submitted their report.

Clearly these industrial areas provide extra trouble for our troops, but they did well even so. Cpts Campster, Dima, Mumbles and Ruts are now Majors. Also, Majs Campster, Dima, Mumbles, and Cpt Spectre have earned their Service Medals. Maj Ruts has earned his Order of Merit.

17th of January, 1980, 20:34

Foxtrot-3 shot down a landing ship over the water outside of Angola. Heading back now. There’s another UFO sighting just by Cape Town now. With no other recourse, Corsair-3 have been sent to investigate.

17th of January, 1980, 20:47

Just got word North America’s Shrike is complete. We could have used that before we launched Charlie-2, but at least they have it for the next mission.

Speaking of which, Charlie-2 are very close to their target now. They should be setting down at any moment. Good luck, soldiers.

Charlie-2 Response Team on the ground. Night-time mission. Flares have been distributed. Weapons at the ready.

We land just after sunset, and have to break out the flares.

The area is quiet, but we quickly discover some blue-jerseys running about. One of which is dealt with swiftly, but the second one manages to throw a grenade before we can take it down, injuring Majs Grump and Notsogrump.

We find and dispatch a third blue-jersey outside the UFO, but the rest of our search is fruitless.

Inside the UFO we find one purple, three blue and one red on the ground floor, and again we are hit with a grenade, injuring Maj Notsogrump again, along with Cpt Vecre.

The bridge contains two purples, who manage to hold us off for a long time before we finally break through. It is further complicated by us trying to not stand too close to one another in case they get tempted to throw more grenades. It seems the officer died in the crash.

Charlie-2 head home.

Why don't they have any sort of back-up though?

Even just on their own, the greys cause a lot of trouble.

17th of January, 1980, 21:54

It seems they weren’t able to get through it without injury. In spite of their relative frailty compared to other aliens, the caesans have a knack for causing us substantial trouble. In contrast, the androns don’t seem to have much tactical capability, nor do they know how to use grenades, and the sebillians are too aggressive for their own good, so they’re easier to pick off.

Shrike-1 are now just over halfway to the landed UFO. Will it sit there for another five hours?

18th of January, 1980, 00:51

No, it would not. It’s taken to the air again, and revealed itself to be a Corvette. Foxtrot-6 have been launched to intercept.

18th of January, 1980, 02:55

It’s landed again, in the south of Mozambique. Shrike-1 were in pursuit, and are setting down before it can escape again, and Foxtrot-6 will patrol the skies overhead, just in case.

Good luck. Let’s hope the Hunter works out.

Shrike-1 Response Team on the ground. Day-time mission. Weapons at the ready.

We land in an industrial area next to an office building and a container yard. We saw the UFO to our north-east as we came down.

A hover-drone comes out from among the containers to meet us, lightly injuring Maj Cuftbert before Lt Volatar deals with it.

After which the blue-jerseys start coming out of the woodwork. We perform our first field-test of the Hunter’s Pulse Laser. It took out one alien and half a building. Effect radius of the energy blast bigger than expected.

Most of the greys are outside the UFO, including the Officer. They seemed quite unhappy about the Hunter’s presence, and shot at it at every opportunity. It took minimal damage.

We took down the roaming greys, though Maj Beargal took a hit while engaging the Officer.

There were only three left on the UFO once we went inside, and they were swiftly dealt with.

Shrike-1 head home.

Extra shiny.

New medal!

18th of January, 1980, 03:35

Shrike-1 are back in the air, and it does sound like they had a few problems. It makes sense, a landed UFO is a different deal from a crashed one, even if it is just a Corvette.

Though in general, it seems like our first field-test of both the Shrike and the Hunter went pretty well.

With what we earned from the most recent ground missions, I think we can order a Shrike built for the Euro-African base too.

Now I am definitely going to bed. I’m leaving the rest for the night crew to deal with.

18th of January, 1980, 09:03

I overslept a bit. Might have been even more if Major Merrywhiskers hadn’t been quite so playful this morning.

Neither Charlie-2 nor Shrike-1 have landed yet.

And while we suspect there is one more UFO out there somewhere, it’s shown no signs for a while. Maybe it went back into space.

18th of January, 1980, 13:12

Charlie-2 have landed, and the transfer process to Shrike-2 has started. They delivered their report first, so let’s have a look.

The only injuries this time came from grenades. It does indeed seem like the caesans are the most shrewd and tactical of the aliens we face.

Only one promotion this time: Cpt Vecre is now a Major. He also earned his Service Medal with this mission. Cpt Guard has earned the Order of Gallantry, and Cpt Madwater has earned the Order of Merit.

18th of January, 1980, 14:31

Shrike-1 has landed. Maj Beargal was taken to the medical centre immediately, and the Hunter was rolled off for repairs. It showed clear signs of scoring from plasma fire, but didn’t seem to be damaged much.

I asked the former Charlie pilots what it was like to fly a Shrike instead, and they said it handled much better than you would expect. Apparently the strangest feeling was the speed. It can go pretty close to Mach 1, which no helicopter has yet to achieve. Of course, we can’t really call the Shrike a helicopter as such. Vertical take-off and landing, isn’t that what they say? My background isn’t navy or air force.

According to the report, it wasn’t an ideal testing ground for the Hunter. Too much stuff in the way. Industrial areas are not advantageous for us to engage in. Though it sounds like the pulse laser was more than they expected. The rest of it sounds like it was pretty routine.

I hereby promote Lt Volatar to Captain. I also see that this was Maj Riddium’s 20th mission. I believe that earns him the Long Service Medal. Also, Cpt Squirrel has earned his Order of Gallantry now.

Now we hopefully have a few more days to recover and prepare before the next wave comes.



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