Xenonautical Adventures – Part 43: Cars Have Headlights

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Xenonautical Adventures

18th of January, 1980, 20:55

It seems that things have gone quiet again. Been no more incidents today.

Major Beargal still sits in the medical centre, while Major Cuftbert was released after a brief check-up. I took Major Merrywhiskers down there to visit, and to try to explain to her that they’re now of equal rank. The kitty seemed less than interested, and more focused on trying to wrestle Beargal’s fingers into submission.

19th of January, 1980, 07:42

Mostly looking at injury reports this morning. Nothing to report from the science departments yet. I wonder if it’s just strange coincidence that every injured soldier is a major, or if the aliens have started figuring us out and are targeting the high-ranking soldiers.

Though, we do have a lot of majors now. I suppose we’ll have to consider soon if the ground soldiers should be promoted further, or whether that’s high enough. They’ve gotten quite tough since the aliens started showing up.

19th of January, 1980, 19:28

I just had a bad feeling. Let’s hope it was just that, and nothing more.

It’s been a slow day, as it tends to be the day after we’re done dealing with an incursion. The adrenaline drains, and everyone feels a bit dull.

Well, except Major Merrywhiskers, who is currently attacking my toes. I’m not sure what they did to provoke such an attack. The minds of kittens are hard to read.

19th of January, 1980, 19:38

Well, crap. They’re back again already. What is probably a landing ship appeared in the strait between Norway and Denmark. Corsair-3 and Foxtrot-3 have been launched to intercept.

19th of January, 1980, 20:39

Corsair-3 and Foxtrot-3 have shot down a landing ship near the coast of Poland. No other signs of activity so far.

I have given permission for Charlie-3 to launch. Annoying. I was really hoping to get Shrike-3 done before the next wave of UFOs.

19th of January, 1980, 22:11

I was hoping it might have just been a straggler, but then we got a report of an offshore platform being attacked well south of Cape Town. It might be another landing ship, but only Foxtrot-6 are ready to go at that range, so they’ve been launched to investigate.

19th of January, 1980, 23:56

Charlie-3 have reached the crash site. Good luck, soldiers.

Charlie-3 Response Team on the ground. Night-time mission. Flares have been distributed. Weapons at the ready.

We’ve seen far more of these shipping yards than we like lately. Too many places for aliens to hide, especially at night.

And hide they do. It takes over 10 minutes before anything even shows itself.

As we approach the largest depot in the area, they spring their ambush. Suddenly it feels like greys are coming out of everywhere. Blue and purple ones.

Maj Ruts starts laying down covering fire, but unknown to us there was a large fuel tank behind the wall where the alien he targeted was hiding, and it causes a massive explosion which takes out at least two of them. In hindsight, we might have fared even worse without it.

We lose track of how many we take down. They carry all sorts of armaments and fight us fiercely. A flanking manoeuvre by Maj Dima and Cpt Spectre helps the rest of us avoid get flanked ourselves. And then the psionic attacks start. We hadn’t felt anything before this, and we suspect it’s because they didn’t want to tip their hand. They really are getting more clever.

By the time the last of them drops, we have spent quite a lot of ammunition, Cpt Kittan’s shield is gone, Maj Ruts suffered heavy bloodloss and we just barely managed to stabilise him, and Maj Mumbles took a blast that melted part of her armour and burned her skin.

Those able search the rest of the area, but we only find civilians hiding. The aliens apparently put all their outside forces into a single ambush.

The UFO has only three aliens left, and they fall quickly. Now to get our wounded home.

Charlie-3 head home.

Already had to retry a few times too many.

Not the greatest result, but I’ll take it.

20th of January, 1980, 00:52

Between what the team said, and the news reports that are already coming out, it seems this was likely the toughest fight our soldiers has faced yet, with the exception of the attack on Lima.

It’s not like the aliens coordinating their efforts is an entirely new thing, but they clearly are getting better at it. At an alarming rate. Does every combat encounter with us find its way back to that hive mind of theirs that the Chief was talking about?

Whatever the reason, I am not happy about it. If after everything we’ve done, the aliens simply outsmart us, then what was it even all for?

While the night is far from over, I will be trying to get some sleep now.

20th of January, 1980, 01:05

Night report: Foxtrot-6 have detected a Landing Ship south of Cape Town. Order given to engage. Foxtrot-3 launching to finish the job, unless Foxtrot-6 can do it alone.

20th of January, 1980, 01:17

Night report: Foxtrot-6 payload delivered. As expected, insufficient. Foxtrot-3 en-route.

20th of January, 1980, 02:56

I dreamed of lovely things, while that lasted. Another landing ship has been brought down in Angola. Technically both Shrike-1 and Shrike-2 could reach it now, but Shrike-2 are still way too injured, and it’s at least a 10-hour flight for Shrike-1. We might be desperate for money, but in this case I am ordering an air strike, and going back to bed.

20th of January, 1980, 07:27

Charlie-3’s report is in, and it’s messy reading. I guess it’s hard to keep track of everything going on in such situations.

I agree with Commander Marabello to promote Cpts Kittan, Spectre and Young to Majors, and there’s also several medals to be awarded. Major Ruts gets the Crimson Heart for his heavy wounds. Major Spectre has earned the Order of Terra. Majors Kittan and Young have both earned Service Medals and Orders of Merit.

20th of January, 1980, 09:11

They’re not done yet? A warship was just attacked outside of Madagascar. Corsair-3 and Foxtrot-3 have been launched to investigate.

20th of January, 1980, 10:27

A landing ship just entered our radar range over Tanzania. Corsair-3 and Foxtrot-3 have been told to intercept. Could it be the same one that attacked the ship further south?

20th of January, 1980, 11:07

The landing ship has been brought down, and again we face the same dilemma. Charlie-3 and Shrike-3 are not ready for another launch. So the only option is Shrike-1. It’s a little closer this time, so it will probably be more like 9 hours, but that’s still far.

We’ve had worse though, so…

“Launch Shrike-1! Set course for the crash site.”

“Yes sir!”

20th of January, 1980, 13:08

The lunch room is always so much emptier when the team is out. At least it’s easier to sneak some extra mash.

20th of January, 1980, 20:09

They’ve reached the crash site.

“Tell them to set down and engage.”

“Yes sir!”

Good luck, soldiers. And be careful.

Shrike-1 Response Team on the ground. Night-time mission. Flares have been distributed. Weapons at the ready.

We’re barely a minute off the dropship before we are first shot at. The Hunter moves its searchlights around, and we quickly spot one of those jump-jet bastards on the roof of a warehouse.

We take it down, along with the four lizards that come at us somewhat erratically across the next five minutes.

It takes a while to search the area to make sure the rest is clear, and the reason for the low resistance is clear as soon we open the UFO. The reactor has blown.

We quickly clear out the cargo bay, but three lizards have entrenched themselves on the bridge, and they take a while to remove. Maj Herr gets injured in the process.

There were no civilian casualties that we know of, though a couple needed medical attention. Significant structural damage did occur.

Shrike-1 head home.

I forgot that cars have headlights.

Pretty good.

20th of January, 1980, 21:06

Sounds like they didn’t have a huge amount of trouble down there, which is good. One person got injured. Unfortunately to be expected in these situations.

Let’s hope that was the last of it for this time. They came back a lot sooner than typically, so maybe they weren’t as many either. A commander can dream, right?



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