Xenonautical Adventures – Part 45: Heavy Incoming

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Xenonautical Adventures

25th of January, 1980, 07:29

Not much to report today. All soldiers except Major Ruts have are now listed as fully recovered. A fresh shipment of vegetables arrived during the night. Had to try to explain Major Merrywhiskers’ fascination with socks to the quartermaster.

Speaking of which, I found another nest of them as I was tidying my quarters last night. I feel like she’s somehow acquiring more socks than I have missing. I should make discreet inquiries as to whether anyone else is missing socks.

25th of January, 1980, 10:31

They’re back. Looking at our numbers, that is the hundredth confirmed UFO we have detected. I don’t particularly feel like celebrating.

By its speed, it is likely a Corvette or Bomber, and it appeared just above the equator in the middle of the African continent, so Foxtrot-6 have been launched to intercept.

I wonder what else will show up?

25th of January, 1980, 10:48

What is probably a landing ship has appeared further west, just off the coast. Corsair-3 and Foxtrot-3 have been launched to intercept.

25th of January, 1980, 11:05

Okay, something new has appeared. Very small, and very speedy. 2800 km/h. Even our fastest Interceptors can’t go beyond 2750 km/h. Even so, Foxtrot-6 has been told to give chase, while Condor-6 tries to intercept the Corvette/Bomber.

It is currently in southern Iraq, heading north-east, so I have launched Foxtrot-4 to come at it from this side. Hopefully one of them will catch it.

25th of January, 1980, 11:34

It all went horribly wrong. Foxtrot-6 were crippled and barely made it back to base. It changed course and came so fast. Corsair-3 and Foxtrot-3 have been re-directed, and all other Interceptors told to return to base, because it is chasing us down.

25th of January, 1980, 11:47

Okay, it was not a match for a Corsair. It easily outmanoeuvred a Foxtrot, but it was taken down quickly by the Corsair. Foxtrot-3 didn’t even have to fire a torpedo, which probably would have been in vain anyway. With so little ammunition and fuel spent, I have set them back on their original target, while Condor-6 have been re-launched to deal with the Corvette and Foxtrot-6 are hastily being put back in working order.

They sent back an image of the new UFO.

It has pew pew.

The design looks similar to the Fighters we’ve encountered before.

25th of January, 1980, 12:29

A UFO appeared just off the coast of Kenya and quickly landed a little further in. Shrike-3 are being scrambled to respond.

25th of January, 1980, 13:12

The landing ship has been shot down. They intercepted it just as it came in off the coast. Shrike-3 are still going for the landed UFO first though. Maybe if they get unscathed through that, they’ll move on to the crash site.

25th of January, 1980, 13:16

Condor-6 intercepted and shot down a Corvette. It’s close enough to us that Shrike-1 can get there easy.

“Launch Shrike-1, set course for the crash site!”

“Yes sir!”

25th of January, 1980, 15:24

Shrike-3 have reached the landed UFO. Best of luck, soldiers.

Shrike-3 Response Team on the ground. Night-time mission. Flares have been distributed. Weapons at the ready.

The UFO has landed in a deserted area, and it is highly unlikely that there will be any civilians around.

The Hunter is able is to quickly draw out and light up any outside aliens for the rest of us to dispose of. It is greys, but these are unarmoured and lightly armed, so they go down quick.

While the Officer makes an attempt at guarding the entrance to the UFO, we take it down quickly, and the raid goes well.

Leaving the rest to the clean-up crew as Shrike-3 lift off.

The new armour was actually helpful.

Quickly in and out.

25th of January, 1980, 16:05

Shrike-3 got through the mission unscathed, so I have granted them permission to move onto the Landing Ship. I have my trepidations, but they have the Hunter, so hopefully that will even the odds a little.

I also hope it’s not caesans this time. From local reports, the UFO came down in an industrial area, and buildings just mean hiding spots for the aliens.

It’s approaching dinner time here now, and we’ve not seen any hints of other UFOs anywhere. I wonder if the aliens’ current interest in Africa and the surrounding seas signifies anything special. It’s the second time they’ve landed there in a week, after all.

25th of January, 1980, 18:13

A military vessel came under attack off the coast of New Zealand, and we have nothing that can fly that far.

Additionally, Shrike-3 have reached the Landing ship’s crash site. Good luck.

Shrike-3 Response Team on the ground. Night-time mission. Flares have been distributed. Weapons at the ready.

Another industrial zone we roll out into. We quickly discover it’s the robots this time. There aren’t really that many of them outside the UFO, nor do they seem to act coordinated at all. Maj Spectre does get injured by a stray bolt from an alien plasma shotgun.

There are a couple of those jump-jet creatures flitting about, trying to outmanoeuvre us, but the Hunter blows them both up.

Inside the UFO the cargo bay is clear, but five aliens have entrenched themselves on the bridge upstairs.

After 10-15 minutes of back and forth, we are able to take them out. Might have been faster if we didn’t have to worry about the reactor getting caught in the crossfire.

Minimal civilian casualties, some structural damage. Shrike-3 head home.

So many Landing Ships seem to come down in Industrial areas.

I really don’t like the layout for these missions.

25th of January, 1980, 19:04

It wasn’t caesans, so they only had minimal difficulty. Androns are tough, but they do not seem particularly smart. Still, it’s wise to be careful.

Shrike-1 are getting close to the crashed Corvette now.

25th of January, 1980, 19:25

“Shrike-1 have reached the crash site, sir!”

“Tell them to set down and engage.”

“Yes sir!”

Good luck to you all.

Shrike-1 Response Team on the ground. Night-time mission. Flares have been distributed. Weapons at the ready.

While there are signs of habitation in the area, it seems all civilians wisely fled when the UFO came down.

It takes several minutes before we spot the first alien, and it’s a lizard. We take it out, and then a Reaper tries to jump us, but gets a short-range carbine blast for its trouble.

We root out a few more lizards in the surrounding area before we meet up at the UFO.

There’s a bit of trouble breaching it, as the Officer chooses that moment to show itself and throws its grenade at us when we don’t really have room to get out of the way. Maj Herr takes most of the blast.

We have very little trouble clearing out the rest after that, though.

Shrike-1 head home.

Can't live with them. In fact, they're designed to kill you.

Bloody grenades.

25th of January, 1980, 20:09

It sounds like they had a wee bit of trouble, but at least they’re all coming back.

Now I am going to head down to the workshop and see how their first plasma pistol turned out.

25th of January, 1980, 21:18

I’m not sure how I feel about how shiny the plasma weapons are. They look like they’re chromed. Apparently that’s what the soldiers wanted. Is that just a thing now?

The firing test was interesting, though. I’m still a little thrown by the lack of recoil. That was an issue with the laser weapons too. I hear the soldiers adjusted quickly, so I’m sure they’ll have no problems switching to plasma. And the way the target dummy just sort of melted, that doesn’t seem right. I know this is going to make me sound old, but we had nothing that did that in my day.

25th of January, 1980, 22:40

Shrike-3’s reports arrived just as I was getting myself ready for bed.

I am not super-comfortable with making them do these double-missions, but it might become increasingly necessary. They did well. Having the Hunter to distract the aliens definitely seems like it’s helping, because all of them appear to instantly hate it on sight.

It’s been a while since Sgt Scouter was in the field, so I think he deserves to be promoted to Lieutenant. He’s also earned his Order of Gallantry. So has Major Dima. And Cpt Wulf is now Major Wulf per Commander Marabello’s recommendation.

Now it’s bedtime, and let’s hope the aliens are done for the night too.



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