Xenonautical Adventures – Part 47: A Feb-ulous Performance

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Xenonautical Adventures

30th of January, 1980, 07:43

Today is a day for paperwork.

Nothing to really report on Major Merrywhiskers. She was sleeping on the bookshelf when I got up, and doesn’t seem to have broken or stolen anything during the night.

30th of January, 1980, 21:12

The words on the papers are starting to look like they’re melting, so I think it’s time to call it a day.

It hasn’t helped that it’s been hard to focus today as I felt like the aliens would certainly show up. They didn’t, but just watch them pop up after I’ve gotten a couple of hours of sleep.

The soldiers have been helping clean up the base, and perform maintenance on anything and everything that might possibly need it. We will likely all continue with our tasks well into tomorrow.

31st of January, 1980, 07:21

Still nothing, which worries me, even though I probably should feel relieved.

Maybe us being able to deal with their new fighter craft was unexpected, and they’re planning something worse for next incursion, and that’s why it’s taking extra time?

That might just be the paranoia talking. We don’t even know if these… creatures have a concept of time and schedules similar to us. Maybe there are internal politics slowing things down. Maybe there are other aliens out there that are causing trouble for the ones attacking us. We don’t really have enough information to go on to make any sort of conclusions.

31st of January, 1980, 17:00

Whatever they were up to, they’re back now. A new incursion is starting, with a Landing Ship up in Siberia. Time to get this dealt with. I was pretty much done with the paperwork anyway.

31st of January, 1980, 20:53

Full report so far. We had three Landing Ships appear in the area around our main base, and between our two Foxtrots and the Corsair we managed to shoot down them all down. I ordered two of the sites bombed, and launched Shrike-1 for the last one. I wonder if they were looking for our base, to do a base assault of their own, but surely they must already know where it is?

In Euro-Africa the only thing that appeared was a Heavy Fighter, which Corsair-3 dealt with quickly.

In the Americas a single Landing Ship showed up over Panama, and was then hunted and shot down over the mountains of Bolivia. Shrike-2 have been given clearance to launch.

While we were in the middle of this mess, the report for the analysis of our Harridan captive came in. It doesn’t really tell me much new. I already knew they’re dangerous to face on the battlefield. Though considering how docile they are otherwise, I do wonder if there’s any way we can convince them to work for us. I suspect not, but we could use allies.

The Landing Ship came down very close to base, so with the Shrike’s speed they should be just about there already. Good luck.

Shrike-1 Response Team on the ground. Night-time mission. Flares have been distributed. Weapons at the ready.

We land by a research station here on the tundra. We’re not hearing signs of fighting, but it doesn’t take long to find robots stalking the base.

We hunt down four of the things, with Maj Riddium getting injured in the process. Additionally, Maj Niña spots one of those teleporting shark things on a roof, and takes it down before it notices him.

The UFO itself is a mess, and all we find left is a lot of destruction and three robots left guarding the bridge. With them missing the tactical depth of the greys or even the lizards, and with no back-up, they go down fairly quickly. Maj Malo reports high accuracy and effect on the new plasma pistol.

The base suffered one casualty among their security personnel. Nothing we could do for them there. Minimal structural damage.

Shrike-1 head home.

At least it was only androns.

I was hoping for a more open area.

31st of January, 1980, 21:40

From what I hear Shrike-1 did pretty well. With the UFO as damaged as it was, there was less material to bring back this time, but that’s better than losing soldiers.

I ask the people coming on night shift to wake me when Shrike-2 reach their crash site, but for now I’m going to see if Major Merrywhiskers has missed me. She seemed rather busy when I came in to feed her earlier.

Shrike-1 should be back in about an hour, so I’m not going to sleep yet.

31st of January, 1980, 22:43

Major Riddium was wearing the new type of armour, so it seems his injuries ended up being not too severe. The armour itself is going to need some repair though, along with Major Troidell’s, who also took a hit, but wasn’t injured.

Already gotten a claim in from the research corporation up there for a tracked vehicle we apparently ruined. I’ll pass it on to the council. I don’t feel like arguing with these people.

Regardless, I think the team did a good job. I’m promoting Cpt Squirrel to Major, along with giving him his Service Medal, and Major Malo has earned the Order of Merit.

I can catch a quick nap before the council calls. Just have to make sure I don’t look shabby.

1st of February, 1980, 00:22

From grumpy old men.

Money money money.

I think that’s the first time we haven’t lost any funding with anyone. Overall we’ve been trending positive globally, but there’s always been at least one region that’s cut a bit.

With us saving Lima, of course South America’s impression of us has lifted considerably. And the fervent defence of the African continent throughout the month has pleased all the nations there considerably. Even over in Australasia were they willing to give us a little bit more.

Now to put in the order for three more Corsairs, and get a few hours of sleep.

1st of February, 1980, 02:36

Shrike-2 have reached the crash site in Bolivia. I hope they do well. Good luck.

Shrike-2 Response Team on the ground. Night-time mission. Flares have been distributed. Weapons at the ready.

By the time we land it seems the aliens have already killed most of the locals that didn’t get away.

It doesn’t take us too long to discover it’s greys that were behind it. They tried one of their usual ambushes, but with the Hunter returning fire it broke apart really fast. We can’t be certain how many we fought, because some got caught by pulse laser fire and there’s not much left after that. Our best estimate is that there were four of them.

In the UFO we shredded a lot of the cargo bay dealing with five aliens, before we faced the final three on the bridge. They were a little tricky to dig out of the there. Maj Havoc got caught in the blast from an alien grenade, but managed to apply first aid to herself.

By the time we got out, the final survivors had fled.

Shrike-2 head home.

Apart from that it went really well.

I hate alien grenades.

1st of February, 1980, 03:31

Sounds like Shrike-2 also did pretty well, even though they reported contact with caesans. I wonder if maybe their mission in Lima steeled them a bit more than the other teams. They might have less reservations about using heavy ordinance. Which is their call, of course. We have to focus on taking out the aliens.

I’ll see the report in the morning.

1st of February, 1980, 07:32

Weird to have money again, really. While I could expand the bases further, or even get started on that Australian interceptor base, I think I’ll hold off for now.

We have a lot of workshop projects upcoming with getting plasma weapons for everyone, and more suits of armour. All of which is quite costly. And who knows what new things the scientists will come up with before we’re even done with what we’re doing now?

1st of February, 1980, 10:18

I’ve gotten the report from Shrike-2, and as I suspected they didn’t hesitate to use the Hunter. Which is fair, we started bringing them along to reduce casualties and injuries.

Commander Dosjevsky didn’t see any need to recommend any promotions this time, but I see that Cpt Guard has earned her Service Medal, while Major Notsogrump earned the Military Cross for her performance this time.

1st of February, 1980, 16:42

I returned from dinner a little early today to find two reports on my desk, the combined results of all the researchers pouring their minds into heavy plasma weapons. We have the rapid-fire plasmas to replace the scatter laser and the aircraft-mounted laser gatling, and the explosive bolts for the Hunters and the defence batteries.

It will probably be some time yet before we get through the list of workshop projects enough to make a plasma caster, but I have ordered the interceptors and Hunters to be fitted with their new weapons, and from what I’ve been told the defence batteries have already been upgraded.

As for what comes next… the Chief has been further espousing the virtues of his inter-network, and I’ve agreed to have all the research staff on all bases focused on a single project at a time. The collaborated effort to finish the plasma weapon designs and upgrades seemed to work well enough. First up is the new alien reactor they pulled from a Landing Ship.

Maybe we can make it out of this mess after all.



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