The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 1 – Arrival

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[ I have to date finished only two LPs out of five, which is not a great track record, but here we are again. Trying something a bit different now though, where I instead write about my time with Bloodborne after a session or two in a kind of diary style, with tweaking a few things to fit a story of my own. Essentially, it’s fan-fiction. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep it up for as long as I manage to stay interested, at least, but with my drive to write often being in the negative lately, I can’t promise any regular updates. Sorry about that. ]


Mother’s instructions were clear. A significant sample of our blood was stolen and taken to some place called Yharnam deep in the middle of nowhere of Europe. I am to investigate the place, and either recover or destroy the sample, along with anything it might have been used for. Our family’s blood is quite potent and while mostly harmless on its own, it can be used for a multitude of purposes. Mother will not allow that.

I was able to pay a coach driver to take me there. They couldn’t, or wouldn’t, tell me much about the place, but would say that I should seek the clinic of someone called Iosefka, I believe, to start my search. A doctor seems like a likely suspect, and even if she’s innocent, that seems like the kind of person who would know more about the place, maybe even where to look.

All I have really brought with me is the clothes I wear, this journal, a sizeable axe, a blunderbuss, and some minor supplies. And of course myself. I assume the town will have merchants where I can acquire supplies.

We’re still about an hour away, but I can already sense… something. Something about the place we’re going to is not right. A strange scent in the air. I can’t put my finger on what, though, it’s just a feeling. Hopefully my investigation will provide some answers.

~Nicoletta Wulf

I was dropped off close to Iosefka’s clinic, and made my way there immediately as the coach raced off. The atmosphere of this town is pressing. Everything smells wrong. Something bad is going on here.

At the entrance I found a werewolf. Not our kind, a different type. They didn’t seem to have any sentience left, and attacked me immediately. Unsure if they just attacked people indiscriminately, or they sensed that I’m a rival wolf. I suppose it doesn’t matter. I don’t think it’s going to regenerate from our encounter. There was a faint scent of our family in the blood shed, which could explain why it was so crazed and decrepit-looking. Introducing our blood to a different type of werewolf, or if you inject it as part of a cocktail into a human, I can see it creating a… monster like this.

I burned the remains to make sure any remnants of family blood were destroyed, and moved further in. There were a couple of corpses, clearly mauled unrecognisable by the werewolf, and I did find Iosefka. Well, I got to speak to her, as she wouldn’t open the door. I didn’t bother forcing my way in. She did give me a special vial of blood, saying it had healing properties, and directed me into the town to reach the cathedral. Apparently the local clergy deal in matters of blood.

I also found a note mentioning something called “paleblood”, but no information on what that is, or where to find it. Time to head into town.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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