The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 2 – Initial Investigation

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I have found shelter in a place called the “Hunter’s Dream”. The man in charge, Gehrman, seemed all too happy to let me use the place and all its facilities. He seems to believe I am here for the “hunt”, which seems to be a regular thing in this town. From what I gather of my tour of the town, they hunt werewolves and other beasts. However, something is not right this time. Every part of my senses could tell me that, even if no one was saying it with words. Very well, I will take on the role of a Hunter if it aids my investigation.

This place seems to be not entirely in Yharnham itself. I’m not sure how to explain it. Mother or Franz would maybe understand it more than I do. I have mainly resolved to not think about it too much. Aside from Gehrman, there is one other person here. If person is the right word. Gehrman calls her a doll. In fact, she calls herself a doll. When I first arrived, she was indeed just propped up against a wall, like a puppet with its strings cut, no scent of life about her, but when I came back from my initial investigation, she was up and active. She tends to my needs, and occasionally my wounds, in exchange for blood essence I collect. For whatever reason my regeneration doesn’t seem to work properly in this place. It’s not gone, just… dampened.

Now then, the results of my initial investigation round. I wonder if the blood theft has something to do with why things are abnormal around here. There’s certainly a variety of cocktails that have been put into various people and creatures that roam this town. I’ve sensed blood from other clans, and from creatures that are clearly not wolves. Some victims, for I can think of no other word for their treatment, seem to have retained a lot of their minds. Others reek of madness and fear, and you can sense their bloodlust from quite a distance. I have burned what I can.

The locals have not been especially friendly. The ones in the streets mostly charge me on sight, and I’ve had to put them down forcefully. The ones indoors just tell me to go away, even after I attempted to dress up in local attire to blend in. I do see various beasts that look more or less like werewolves strung up in the streets, which I assume is the work of the roaming mob.

I only found two people willing to talk to me. The first was a fellow outsider named Gilbert, who did warn me that the locals aren’t exactly hospitable before I had much experience with that myself. While he had no answers when I asked about the paleblood note I found, he could tell me more about the local clergy. They’re called the Healing Church, and apparently deal with a lot of blood-related matters. Gilbert hinted that they’re the reason the blood vials I keep finding are so… invigorating. They restore my regeneration, but only for a short burst at a time. Gilbert gave me directions for how to reach the Cathedral Ward, but the streets are a mess of debris, closed gates, and road blocks now, so they’ve not been easy to follow. I will make another attempt once I am done with this entry.

The other person was a little girl who said her parents had gone missing. If I understood her correctly, her mother had gone out to find her father, but forgotten a music box that “helps him remember them”, whatever that means. I have a bad feeling about it. She gave me the music box, and asked me to deliver it to her mother, and I accepted the task.

Not much else to report. Getting around this place is quite convoluted. I keep finding ways back to areas I’ve already been, and I even went through the sewers at one point, which were filled with diseased rats, mangy-looking wolfmen, and discarded wretches barely clinging onto life. It does seem like quite a lot of the local population are in various stages of wolfification. Not even the birds are untouched by whatever is going on here.

I should be getting back out there. There is something unsettling about staying too long in this “dream”, and I am not sure I fully trust Gehrman.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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