The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 3 – Beast on the Bridge

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Gehrman has vanished. The last few times I’ve been back here, I’ve not found him anywhere. I am not sure what this means, but I really do not trust him.

Investigation results: I carefully cleared out the bridge and made my way across to the other end, where suddenly a giant beast jumped down from the wall above. There was something wolf-like about it, but it was hideously deformed. Especially the left arm which was too large, even for the size of the beast. Taking it down proved more difficult than I had expected. While I am the youngest of my siblings, I still figured I would have plenty strength for whatever was going on in this place.

It didn’t really move like a sane creature, its flailing seemed more erratic and desperate, so it took me a short while to figure out how to read it. In the end I used some urns filled with oil, and some fire bottles, both of which I had procured from dead townspeople, to stagger the beast, and I aimed my attacks mainly at the large arm and the legs. Once it was sufficiently weakened and slowed, I leapt onto it and tore its head off. I made sure to dispose of the remains.

There were a couple of items that might prove useful behind the beast, but the gate itself was closed, and there was no apparent way of opening it. I have instead turned my search towards the sewers. There was a way by those wretches that I have yet to explore. I was eager to use the ladder to climb up out of there. I can’t recall any other paths I did not take.

Shortly after slaying the beast, I did find a warehouse sitting on top what seemed like a dried-out canal. I assume that’s how they used to ship goods in and out of there. I made a thorough search of the place, and for a while thought there was nothing there¬†besides blood-thirsty locals. However, on the top floor I found an inconspicuous doorway leading out to an open area where I met a woman wearing a plague doctor mask. With some coaxing I learned her name is Eileen, and she seems to know the hunt well. She ignored my question about whether she herself was a hunter, but she clearly understood that I was, and after a while scolded me for spending time on questioning her when there are still beasts to hunt. I recognised it as a diversionary tactic, but I didn’t want to push her too much. I have precious few people willing to talk to me around here as it is, and I have a feeling we’ll meet again later.

I was similarly scolded by an old lady who felt I wasn’t doing my job fast enough. She demanded I find a safe place for her to relocate to, and I told her I’d get back to her on that. I’m not sure any such places exist in this town, but I’ll try to remember to go back to her if I find one.

I have also expanded my arsenal. I found a collapsible spear in that warehouse, and I’ve also been talking to those little imp-like things that like to hang around in tiny baths. They admittedly don’t talk back much, but I feel we’ve reached an understanding. They’re willing to sell me supplies, and even track down stuff like weapons and armour. I’ve resorted to not ask how. I asked them to find me some sort of sledgehammer or warhammer, as I wanted something with a bit more impact. They came back with what is essentially just a big block of metal with a handle. The handle is actually detachable, revealing a blade that slots into the metal block to create the hammer, but it’s the hammer itself I want.

I’ve been running into more of those hulking brutes that like to swing around stone bricks, and this hammer is weighty enough to flatten them. I just have to wait for the right opportunity.

I feel I should note that I am a little worried about the amount of blood I have consumed since I got here. Hopefully it will be fine. But for now I should get back out there and explore those sewers. It’s times like these I wish my sense of smell wasn’t quite so keen.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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