The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 4 – Gascoigne

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Gehrman is back. He ignored my casual question about where he has been and instead started talking about some chalice. I decided to not press the issue. It is by his hospitality I am allowed to stay here, after all. I’ll just make sure to keep an eye on him as best I can.

Investigation results: The sewers were the right way to go. I did have to make my way through even more of those wretches to get anywhere, but I soon found myself at a tunnel going forward, and a ladder going up. At the end of the tunnel I could spot what appeared to be a very large boar. Boars charge, and there was not a lot of room to dodge in there, so I elected to take the ladder, thinking I could investigate the tunnel later if necessary.

Getting to the top, I came up in front of another bridge. To the side was something I didn’t expect to find. An elevator. Not many of these devices around. Certainly not in remote European towns. The mechanism was stuck, but unlike mother I have a touch for mechanical contraptions, so I was able to get it running. I rode it up to test it, and it led back up above, meaning I don’t have to pass through the sewers to get to that area and back any longer. The stench down there is ghastly, so I am glad for it.

The bridge itself was a clear ambush. I’m sure even human eyes could see that much. There was a mob in the middle of the bridge, and someone ready to roll down a boulder at the end. The boulder would clearly hit the mob along with whomever they attacked, so it wasn’t a very good ambush as such. I’m not even sure if it was set up for anyone specific. Maybe just to catch any and all hunters coming this way?

Beyond the bridge I came into a cemetery, where I found another hunter dispatching some of the blood-thirsty locals. However he did not seem too well himself. He started saying that it was only a matter of time before I became a beast myself, and it was better to dispose of me now. For a moment I thought he had an understanding of what I am, but it rather seemed like the blood had gone to his head, and he would likely indiscriminately attack anyone by this point.

Our duel started with him basically just charging at me and trying to strike me down quickly. He had a blunderbuss and an axe not dissimilar to mine. As he realised my skill, he became a little more wary. He clearly had a fair of experience himself, and even the blood messing with his mind couldn’t entirely suppress that. After a few minutes he suddenly started complaining about a stench. Or did he say scent? I was occupied with watching him, not listening to him, and then…

Then the change took him. I am not sure if it was his first time, or just one of the first, but he clearly had no control over it. Much less refined than how we do it. He lunged at me, and didn’t even seem surprised when I met him in kind. Maybe because he actually thought everyone were beasts now, or his mind was too lost for something like fear or surprise to register. Gone was any skill or experience; he fought like a drunken beast. I tore him to shreds easily. I made sure to crush his heart before I burned the remains.

I did do a quick examination of the blood in him while I could. There was definitely some of our blood in there, along with a mix of others. I torched any significant pools I found. Wouldn’t want anyone coming to collect a sample after I’ve gone.

On top of the gravedigger’s shed I found the body of a woman, wearing a brooch much like that described by the little girl. A name was engraved, Viola. That seemed familiar, and I remembered the music box. I opened it again, and faintly on the note I could see “Viola and Gascoigne”. Was Gascoigne the hunter I fought then? Did he kill his own wife? Or was he avenging her by cutting up all the people around here, after finding that they had killed her? Maybe her death was what finally caused him to lose his mind…

I resolved to take the brooch back to the girl, but first I wanted to press on into the chapel beyond the graveyard. Gascoigne had a key upon him, and I found it to fit the cemetery gate. I came upon a small library as I entered the chapel. The only item of note was a cryptic scrap of paper talking about the “Byrgenwerth spider”, and the secrets it keeps. I have never been especially fond of spiders. I always refused to go down into mother’s basement.

I followed the scent of incense to the chapel proper, and came upon a person covered in rags. They were so dessicated I mistook them for a corpse until they started speaking. They explained how they had set up the incense, because it keeps the beasts out and makes the chapel a safe sanctuary. They seemed quite concerned that there was something different about the night of the hunt this time, and told me to tell anyone looking for safety to come here. I don’t truly trust anyone in this town, but I didn’t get an impression of menace or malice from them. I figured I should tell the old lady about this place.

When it comes to whether this incense stuff holds true, I wouldn’t know. That is more Katarina’s field, not mine.

It appears this chapel is my gateway into the cathedral ward, but first I headed back, informing the old lady of the chapel, and finding my way back to the little girl. After I handed the brooch to her, and she realised what that meant, she broke down in tears. I wanted to tell her about the chapel too, but I couldn’t get through to her any longer. Maybe I can try again later.

I am starting to feel like this place is getting to me already. I sometimes think I hear things, but upon investigating there’s nothing there. The more I see of this place, the more I want to get away from it, but I have a task to complete. While I have a likely culprit of the theft, I still don’t really know what’s going on here, nor have I tracked down every bit of that sample.

Next I have to go into the cathedral ward and see what I find. I wonder about the so-called Healing Church. I found a note saying they locked their doors after burning Old Yharnam when the hunt began. I’m not sure where that is. Not yet. But if they are indeed the supreme authority on blood-related matters around here, I find it likely they had a hand in how bad things are right now. Perhaps stealing those blood samples was an attempt at finding a cure for whatever is turning people into beasts and drastically failed, or they intentionally escalated things. I am not sure which is worse.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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