The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 6 – Amelia

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The moon is out. Was it supposed to be a full moon tonight? I felt so certain it wasn’t. But it feels very applicable to a night like tonight. And here in the dream it seems a lot closer than it should be. It must be eighty years since I learned to control its influence over me, but I can still feel the pull. The yearning in my blood. Is it my imagination, or is the feeling stronger than usual in this town?

Investigation results: I encountered an illithid. I think. I have never actually seen one before, I just know them from mother’s lectures. It appeared as she described them. It resembled the sketches. I am certain it was an illithid. But what is it doing here? I have a feeling it is ill tidings. A sense of foreboding, if you will. It also seemed remarkably resistant to physical attacks. Along with those statues in the large cathedral, there might much more going on here than I initially suspected.

I did go down that stairway I opened up by moving the stone casket. For a while it seemed like there was nothing down there apart from a single werewolf that seemed hesitant to even attack me. It did eventually, a little half-heartedly, so I put it down. Maybe they’re starting to recognise my superiority. Regardless, further down I ran into some large doors forming a gate. There was a notice on the door to keep out, as Old Yharnam was long since burned and forgotten, and hunters were not wanted.

I pushed the gates open anyway, but upon entering was accosted by a man’s voice, ringing out surprisingly clearly. He repeated that hunters were not wanted, as only beasts are left, but they’re no threat to those above. Told me to turn back. I obliged him. Going by what Gehrman hinted at, I will need to come down here eventually, but no need to antagonise the man just yet.

I do wonder how Gehrman knows as much as he does. He seems to know more than any of the inhabitants of this area, even though he’s very cryptic about handing out any of that information.

While the key I acquired led me into the main plaza of the ward, there were still closed gates beyond that I could not access, which led towards the largest cathedral in the area. Going around the side alleys I found a way into a tower that let me drop down and get to the mechanisms controlling those gates. After I had secured the area and gotten them opened, I turned my attention towards the cathedral itself. I had seen someone go up there, but the guards had prevented me from following her right away.

Side-note: The giants in the area all seem to be wearing vestments of the church. Maybe the church does indeed employ and clothe giants, but they seemed ill-fitting, more like they had burst out of them, lending credence to the idea that they used to be regular humans before… whatever might have happened to them.

Making my way through the guards, I reached the entrance of the cathedral. I looked around the sides for any alternate entrances first, as I don’t like the feeling of being guided to what might well be a trap. Perhaps the lady will be willing to talk to me, but seeing as the guards here let her pass, yet tried to stop me, I am not holding out too much hope for that.

After making sure my equipment was in order, I pushed the doors open. Inside was a staircase leading up to the main room. No side passages that I could see, which leads me to wonder why the building is so big. Is there nothing inside the rest of it? Can you only access it through secret passages? On the sides of the staircase was a number of statues, and none of them were human. They were all creatures of nightmare and madness, if I was to put it into words. Inhuman limbs, bulbous heads leading into tentacles, bodies shaped wrong. I half-expected them to come to life and attack.

Up in the main room I finally found the lady. She was knelt down in front of the altar, praying. She was holding onto something, but kept it in front of her so I couldn’t see what it was. Partway into the room I raised my voice and said “Excuse me”, but I didn’t get any further. The whole atmosphere and scent of the room changed, which made me pause. Then she changed too. It was messy, and looked painful, but somehow that little lady turned into a giant white wolf. As she turned around, I could still see her clasping a gold pendant in her left arm. I was impressed by the size of her. I know mother can become that big without much effort, but it’s a rare sight. It takes a lot of energy.

Then she charged at me, and I changed myself. She was definitely stronger than me, but I was more nimble, and more experienced. Still, she was a lot more composed than Gascoigne was, and seemed to retain most of her mind even in this form. She simply wanted me dead. She seemed furious that I had entered this place. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but that was too late now. She was calculating, she looked for openings in my movements, and she even employed magic to heal herself. I still feel a bit bruised from some of the blows she gave me. However, in the end I won out.

I feel no joy about it. I would have liked to actually talk to her. If she had come back to the family with me, we could have taught her how to live with her current form. Looking at the pendant, it seems her name was Amelia. Church documents I’ve found seem to corroborate that. I did do another check of the room to see if there were any passages leading to the rest of the cathedral, but I couldn’t find anything. With that I turned my attention to the altar. There was a strange skull on it, with an even stranger glow about it. Part of me wanted to just run away from it, but a bigger part of me wanted to reach and touch it.

As I did, I received a vision. Past, future, or present? I don’t know. In it, a man called Laurence was saying farewell to another man he called Master Willem. Willem called it a betrayal, but Laurence tried to insist that it wasn’t. In the end they seemed to part amicably enough, reciting some verse about blood. A staple of the church, I assume. While I don’t fully remember it, the final line stuck out to me. “Fear the old blood”. Something about that makes me feel like I should understand it. Something at the edge of my mind. Maybe it will come to me.

When I got back out, it had gone from dusk to night. The remaining giants had settled down to sleep. How long had I been in there? I realised I had no idea. The moon was already high in the sky. By that measure, it must have been hours, but there is something off about the passage of time in this town.

Now to decide where next to go again. There are paths to each side of the cathedral, and there is always Old Yharnam. For now, I think I will go with the left path as you face the cathedral. I like going left first. Especially in mazes, but also just in general.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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