The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 7 – Hemwick

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I think I’m definitely seeing things. Little scuttling things in my peripheral vision that vanish if I try to look straight at them. They’re not real. Probably just my imagination getting to me. Right?

Investigation results: I went down the path to the left when facing the cathedral, and after passing through a lengthy path and a forest area full of riflemen, dogs, and corpses, I came to a hamlet outside of town. The sign said Hemwick.

While the dogs in town looked rather mangy, these ones just looked wrong. They were too black, and it seemed like spikes were growing out of them. They still went down easy, though they had a tendency to try to mob me.

Hemwick itself largely contained angry women with torches and sharp implements, like sickles and cleavers. Okay, a couple of them had large wooden mallets, but they were a minority. There were a handful of those big brutes as well, but I do wonder if the men of Hemwick were just all those riflemen in the woods.

I won’t make any judgements on whether they were all driven mad, or they treat all outsiders like that, but they did seem to have neglected upkeep of the place. Buildings were falling apart, and all animals besides the dogs were dead. Whether they were killed or just died of neglect is hard to tell. They’d clearly been dead a while. The place might have looked nice once.

I couldn’t find a single friendly or even neutral soul in the whole area. I did find a lit window, and tried knocking, but the sounds that come out of there were not speech. I’d call it some sort of groaning, with a bit of growling interlaced. This did mean that it was hard to collect information around here. Most of documents I found were illegible, and those that weren’t mostly concerned daily life before the place turned into… what it is now.

There were some mentions of the leader of the place. I’m not sure if mayor is the right word here. She was mostly referred to as the Witch. I’m sure that sounds scary for your average superstitious peasant, but my mother could technically be called a witch, so I was in no way deterred. Granted, had I run into mother up there, that would have been a bit scary. I gathered this Witch resided in the large building on the highest hill, so I made my way up there. Far from unopposed, but I got there.

As soon as I stepped inside, I could see wrapped-up bodies everywhere. Not that Yharnam had any shortage of those either, but they did seem rather concentrated here. There wasn’t much else to see on the ground floor, but I found a staircase leading down. At the bottom I came into a large open room, with a multitude of wrapped-up bodies hung from the ceiling. Some sort of shadow creature rose up from the ground, and just slowly walked towards me. I couldn’t really sense much from it, it seemed to barely exist, but I was sensing something in the room that was hard to pinpoint.

When it got close enough, it pounced for me, but I took it down with relative ease. Moments later another rose from the floor, and I could feel a familiar prickling race across my skin. Someone was using magic, likely in this very room. It seemed like the title Witch might be quite apt after all. But where? I couldn’t see anything, and this room smelled so heavily of death and decay that it was hard to pick out any other scents. I started searching the room. There weren’t any obvious hiding spots, and more shadow creatures were rising up at a steady pace. I decided to ignore them unless they got too close.

Finally I saw a red glow emitting from thin air, and I darted over. Once I got a within a few metres of it, a hunched-up figure with strange growths on them just appeared from out of nowhere. I attacked, but the figure quickly teleported away before I could finish them off. I saw a brief flash across the room where they appeared again, but then nothing. Some sort of cloaking magic then, but with limited range. I had noticed that even right up close, their scent was very faint, as if masked.

I eventually hunted the Witch down, but the shadow creatures remained. And I saw that glow again. There was one more, but now that I knew the tricks, I hunted this one down much quicker, after which all the remaining shadow creatures dissipated.

Why did the inhabitants refer to her The Witch if there were two? Didn’t they know? Did they want to confuse outsiders? Was it just tradition? People do a lot of strange things because of tradition.

Regardless, there was one more door out of the room, and it led further down. I came into what looked like to have once upon a time been an office or a library, but had been turned into a torture room. There was a hunter tied firmly to a chair down there, and it seemed like they’d been dead a while. The skin was starting to drop off the bones, but even now it was clear they had been mistreated. To what end, though? The books and documents in the room didn’t say anything about it that I could see, but there were some troubling mentions of “the Great Ones”. It is never a good sign when people are talking about “Great Ones”. It’s always something like Fae elves, power-hungry dragons, demons, or… or old gods.

Considering what else I found, the clues unfortunately point towards the latter. Which would explain why that illithid was here. There was also a tool sitting next to the hunter, which it seems reasonable to assume was taken from them, as I found it to belong in the Hunter’s Dream upon my return. I also found the description of a rune that I remember from mother’s lectures on symbols associated with these things.

Am I even equipped to deal with this stuff? I’ve been taught what it can do to your mind. I’m still young. I would rather not be haunted by madness for the rest of my life. Though at this point, I’m not even sure if the place would let me leave. I will give it a shot, try to see if I can leave to get help, but I have this feeling it won’t work. And there’s still blood to dispose of.

If I am indeed stuck here as I suspect, Gehrman actually shared some interesting information with me. He told me that once the Church and the Hunters were much closer; indeed the Church was essentially the keeper of the hunters, forging their weapons and giving them support. He implied that some of these weapons can still be found, and he told me to “ascend to Oedon chapel”. I have been in the basement of the chapel, and the ground floor where the sanctuary was set up. I didn’t see any obvious ways up, but there was one doorway still closed. I couldn’t get it open in any way, but now it has me thinking about Old Yharnam.

The Cathedral Ward already has one way down there. What if that place has more ways up? I’ve combed the Cathedral Ward as it is, and nothing has led back to Oedon chapel. Perhaps it is finally time to go into Old Yharnam and see what is there. I wonder if there is any way to sneak past the notice of the man that told me to leave the last time? I suppose we’ll find out.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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