The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 8 – Old Yharnam

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I have that chalice that Gehrman was talking about, but the bastard has disappeared again. I guess I just have to wait for him to show up again to get an explanation for what to do with it.

Investigation results: I ventured into Old Yharnam, and for a while I thought I had entered unnoticed. The beasts down there seemed scared of fire, so I kept my torch out to manage them better. Some of them were covered in cloaks, and the larger ones had a cry that would enrage the others and make them less concerned with charging into my fire.

I didn’t make it far before I heard the man’s voice again. He called me merciless, which I took affront to. I had not attacked anything that did not attack me first. He said he must stop me, and then a hail of bullets rained down upon me. I was able to dodge behind cover, and glanced up towards where the shots had come from. On top of a tower I could see him, and the gatling gun he had set up there.

There was no way I’d be able to explore the place with him firing on me like that, so I had to get up there and stop him. Making my way there was the issue. I had to find a route where I could stay in cover, and have room to deal with any beasts that got in my way.

As I was nearly at the tower, I discovered he had an ally. A hunter charged at me, and nearly caught me off-guard. He turned out to not be that much of a challenge, but he did nearly get me killed in that during our fight, I ended up in the line of fire for that gatling. I can still feel the bullets tearing into me. I healed up before I climbed the tower, and found the man. He was also dressed as a hunter. One who had taken pity on the residents here, and disapproved of the Church’s actions, perhaps.

I am not a fan of what happened here myself, but circumstances led to us coming to blows. He didn’t want to listen to anything I had to say. He proved a much tougher opponent than his ally below, but in the end my axe won out. A shame it had to turn out this way.

The rest of my investigation of the place yielded little in results. I couldn’t find any intact or legible documents that could shed light on anything, and all residents seemed to be far beyond reason. They were all in various states of beasthood, and charged at me on sight. I can understand why that hunter would feel pity for them.

Yharnam’s love of cathedrals extends to even this place. I passed through one brimming with beasts on my way down, and then came upon another at the bottom of the place, with only one inhabitant.

This was the largest beast I found down there. The skin on its back seemed like it had somehow been torn and pulled up over its head. This must have happened some time ago, as there was no blood coming from the raw back, nor from the flapping skin. Actually, the thing seemed on the whole a bit emaciated, as if it hadn’t eaten well in a long time.

I changed into my own beast form to be more on par with the thing, and at first it seemed like an easy fight. While it came at me, and tried to pounce me a few times, its movements were almost lethargic. I was thinking I maybe hadn’t needed to change at all. But as the fight went on, it was getting more and more frenzied. Its movements sped up, and it managed to catch me off-guard. As the claws raked me, I could feel the sting of poison. The thing was venomous.

I backed off and became more wary. The berserk swings made it difficult to get close enough to land my own attacks, as it was more than strong enough to knock me around. I waited for my opportunity, then leapt onto its back and tore into the raw skin. The fight was over.

On the altar was the chalice, but the cathedral had no alternative exits. My search for additional paths up to modern Yharnam or the Cathedral Ward was a failure. I had checked every nook and cranny of this place, and didn’t feel the need to go over it all again.

I decided to return to the Cathedral Ward and modern Yharnam to check up on the people who had locked themselves indoors. Yes, even the ones who had been rude to me. While they didn’t like outsiders, they had at least seemed of sane mind still, and my fellow outsider friend hadn’t sounded too good last I spoke to him.

In truth, he was worse now. He could barely speak inbetween his coughing fits, and sounded like he was on his last leg. I don’t really know anything about healing, so I couldn’t offer him any aid. Despite my misgivings about the good doctor, as there was something strange in her tone when she asked me to send people to her clinic for their safety, I nevertheless asked him if he could make it over there. The only response I got was more coughing.

The other inhabitants of the town didn’t really seem to be doing well either. Some responded only with mad cackling, others with distressed shouts. The little girl I helped seemed to be gone entirely. Whether she went out on her own, or someone came and took her away, I don’t know. There was no trail to follow.

In the Cathedral Ward I found two people who still seemed to be holding together. I got them to seek safety in the chapel with the old woman and the person I later learned to be a beggar. I checked in with any others I remembered, but they all seemed beyond saving. There might not be much left at all of this town by the end of tonight.

As I went to Oedon chapel to check up on those willing and able to go, I discovered that the door I had been trying to find my way around was now just open. No one had an answer for why or how.

Checking in with them: The beggar seemed to be in good spirits in spite of it all, simply happy that I had gotten more people to come; the old woman did not seem so good, but I don’t know what I could do for her; the… lady of negotiable affection was grateful, and gifted me a vial of her blood; and the grumpy man didn’t seem pleased about the state of things, but I like to believe he’s at least a little grateful. Maybe.

The beggar told me that he had seen “the woman dressed as a crow” pass through towards the cemetery where I found and fought Gascoigne, so I headed down there myself. Before I found her, I ran into another hunter. They attacked me as soon as they saw me, and outside of the man in the Old Yharnam tower, he was my toughest opponent yet. However, it was not long before Eileen joined the fight. Between us we took the rogue hunter down, and she explained her role more.

Eileen is a hunter of hunters, which apparently is symbolised by her garb, the crow outfit. She tracks down and deals with hunters that go bad. While she appreciated my aid, both in dispatching Gascoigne and this one, she asked me to stick to hunting beasts, and leave the hunters to her. I tried to explain that it was hard to do when they were so eager to attack me first, but she didn’t seem entirely convinced. I like her, though. Maybe we can be friends. It would be nice to have a friend in this place.

My next move will be investigating beyond the door in Oedon chapel that just mysteriously opened, apparently by itself.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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