The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 9 – Unknown Gaol

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I have found a top hat. Not exactly practical gear for this situation, but it is a very nice top hat. I think I will take it home with me.

Investigation results: Beyond the mysterious door I found a heavily guarded tower. Scaling it posed some difficulty, most surprisingly from a lot of old men in wheelchairs that carried an impressive arsenal. The flamethrowers were a particular surprise.

At the top I found two things. A locked door that I do not have a key for, and a special emblem. The little imps seemed to recognise it, and offered me a sword in exchange for it. This must be what Gehrman was talking about.

I have not seen the like of this sword. I don’t believe even mother has something quite like this in her armoury. On its own it’s a capable longsword, but you can slot it into the special sheath in such a way that it becomes a greatsword. Most curious. I’ve had the opportunity to test it out, but more on that later.

Going down the tower proved more difficult than going up. It was heavily damaged, perhaps beyond repair, and I had to carefully drop down to the few ledges that remained. I might have been able to survive the fall, but as I had no idea what was down there, or how far it was, I did not want to take the risk.

At the bottom I found a beast that at first seemed passive. I attempt to converse with it, but as it turned around I saw there was no reason in those eyes, and I had to put it down. Behind it was a door that led into a lower part of Yharnam.

Most of the homes seemed abandoned, or perhaps its inhabitants dead. But in the streets were several patrols of unfriendly people with dogs. It was also my first encounter with the curious bag-men. I came up behind him and was able to deal with him quickly when he turned out to be hostile, but he left me curious as I had not seen his like until then.

After some searching I found an elevator that took me back up to a section of the grand cathedral grounds not far from Oedon chapel. There were now different people in fancier church garb walking around, with some new equipment as well. I made my way down to Oedon chapel to make sure they were still okay in there, and encountered another bag-man on the way. He saw me coming, so we engaged on more equal terms.

Let me just say the buggers are much stronger than I expected. Especially once he seemed to enrage about halfway through the fight, glowing red, and became much quicker and more aggressive.

After I had confirmed the chapel was still secure, I headed down the final path left to me out from the grand cathedral. I encountered a couple of rogue hunters that I dealt with, and then I checked the nearby houses, as I could see lights still on inside. However, I got no response beyond mad screaming. As I turned around to leave, I saw a bag-man right on top of me, and I didn’t have time to react before he sucker-punched me and everything went black.

I woke up in a strange location, and I saw the bag-man walk off as I slowly regained my senses and got to my feet. It appeared as some sort of gaol, only they hadn’t bothered to lock the door, nor had they removed any of my weapons or equipment. Most curious.

Just outside my cell I found a strange message embedded in the floor. I jotted it down quickly: “Madmen toil surreptitiously in rituals to beckon the moon. Uncover their secrets.” What do they mean by “beckon the moon”. Some sort of moon deity? Or do they literally want the moon to come closer? I consider again how close it appears here in the Dream, but this place seems to operate on different rules.

As I was wondering where to go from here, I noticed the tones of someone speaking down the stairs nearby. I followed the sound, and as I got closer I heard it was someone praying in a shaky, terrified voice. I found a woman hiding in a corner, who switched between trying to ignore I was there, and begging me to not take her. I noticed she was dressed in church garb, and once I mentioned the Healing Church she snapped out of it, and finally turned to look at me.

She jumped to the conclusion that I had come to save her. I did not correct her, as she seemed in a bad enough way as it was. I got that her name is Adella, and she had been also been captured by one of those bag-men. She didn’t seem aware that it was the night of the hunt, but me telling her seemed to answer her question as to why she was taken. There had been others, but they had all been taken away from their cells, and she thought she would be next.

I promised to clear a way out for her, and said she could seek shelter in Oedon chapel afterwards.

I cleared the place as I searched it, and made sure she got on her way. There were more bag-men, some hunched-up women that bore some semblance to the Witches I encountered in Hemwick, and various prisoners turned into beasts that I unfortunately had to also dispatch. At the top of the gaol, underneath a disturbing statue, I found a way back to the Dream. There was also a note on the floor. “Nightmarish rituals crave a newborn. Find one, and silence its harrowing cry.” That does not sound like something I actually want to do, so let’s hope it wasn’t meant for me.

There were two exits to the place. The top-most one led into another part of the city. I will investigate there next. But I elected to take the one below first. I spotted a large beast down there, and the role I have accepted is hunting beasts, so I figured I might as well get it out the way. I decided I would test that new sword on it.

As it rose up upon sensing my presence, I noticed that its size was misleading. The creature was very lanky, and looked a bit haggard. As it took a swipe at me, I could both see and feel the electric charge coming off of its claws. Considering its long limbs, the thing had impressive reach, so I deduced the best course of action was to dive between its legs. I hacked at its back legs, and the creature lost the ability to support its weight. As it collapsed onto the ground, the charge seemed to go out of it. I quickly turned the longsword into the greatsword, and slammed it down on the beast’s spine. It wouldn’t be rising again, and I put it out of its misery.

Beyond it I saw a pair of large doors that looked familiar. I removed the bracing beam and pushed them open, and realised I was back in Old Yharnam. At least I now knew where I was. I had found no way of getting the door open from the other side, short of constructing a battering ram, so I had just left it.

Now I could attempt to go back down the path I was trying to go before I was so rudely abducted, but I am more curious what the part of town above the gaol is going to reveal. I will explore it after I go check whether Adella got the chapel safely.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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