The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 10 – Into the Woods

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Blimey, I feel like I’ve been all over the place now. Gehrman has still not returned from wherever it is that he goes, so let’s just see if I can remember it all.

Investigation results: I started in the bit of town outside the gaol. While it initially looked big, it turned out to be rather restricted. Bag-men and dogs patrolled the area, while a couple of giant pigs were just there for no apparent reason. At one end I just found a big wall. At the other end was a massive gate that seemed quite adamant that it wouldn’t be opened. Perhaps I can get around it somehow. Navigating this town has been quite convoluted so far, and I often seem to end up back at where I’ve been before, unlocking some door or gate that wouldn’t budge from the other side.

As that place didn’t really provide much in the way of clues, I went back to where I was captured. The bag-man was still there, so I dealt with him before I moved further along. I ended up in a large room with a big bowl in the centre, and some large doors opposite where I came in. The doors would not budge, and I considered trying to break them down as I heard a sound I had heard before, outside Oedon chapel. I quickly dove out of the way as a blue light swept across the place I had been standing. Close one.

I decided to leave the door alone and examine the bowl instead. I couldn’t find anything special about it, but an inscription on the base talked about needing the right offering to proceed. I didn’t know what that meant, so I thought it best to leave that for later. Maybe someone had a clue somewhere.

At that point I thought I had exhausted all my options for where to go, until I recalled one place I had not gone back to since night hit. Past where I encountered the first illithid, there was a building that led to a balcony overseeing the path down to a door, where a man had demanded a password to get by. I had a feeling I knew what that was now.

Speaking of the night. Looking up I don’t see any stars. In fact, the sky seems entirely overcast. Yet the moon shines brightly, as if the cloud cover always parts exactly so you can see it wherever you are. Or perhaps it just shines so brightly that it goes right through the clouds. I can’t shake the feeling that the moon is bigger now than when I first looked up.

Anyway, I want back to the balcony and found Alfred again. I wondered where he had gone. He was willing to tell me a bit more about the Vilebloods he’s hunting. Some time back, a Byrgenwerth scholar had gone rogue and taken some forbidden blood to Cainhurst castle, where the first Vileblood had been created. Alfred now seeks a way to Cainhurst castle to deal with the first, the leader of the Vilebloods.

I went down the path, and to the door, and again I was asked for the password. I said “fear the old blood”, and the door opened without a word. Beyond it, all I found was a corpse sitting in a chair. He seemed long gone, so who opened the door?

Regardless, I was able to proceed into the woods beyond, and I am not sure I have ever encountered such a twisted and confounding forest. The whole place is laden with traps and beastly people who were eager to get in my way.

I made my way down to a windmill that didn’t look like it needed repair so much as replacement. From there I set out into the woods proper, and eventually found myself at a village of sorts. A hamlet, perhaps. I saw no sign proclaiming its name, and the whole place seemed rather ramshackle and makeshift. As if it had been hastily put together, and not that long ago.

Just above the hamlet I found an old woman who seemed to be living alone out here. She seemed more knowledgeable than I would have expected, and offered me a strange stone. She said it would help me, and gave me a clue that sounded strongly like she was referring to that room with the bowl I had encountered earlier. I will have to go back there later.

Making my way through the hamlet, I came to where the beasts had set up a cannon. A bloody cannon! I have no idea where they got it, nor why or how they had set it up there. Were they guarding the windmill beyond? This was larger than the first windmill I had found, and the way in was open. It was exceedingly dark in there, so much so that even my eyes could barely see anything. I did however manage to make my way around, and in a corner out on a roof I found a man among some corpses, and he seemed to be eating them.

Mother always says to not waste food, but I had the impression this man had not simply come across these corpses incidentally. There was something in his voice, and his scent didn’t seem entirely human. He asked for a safe haven, and I did not feel comfortable sending him to Oedon chapel. I had a feeling it would be like setting a wolf to guard the sheep, if you will pardon the expression. I instead told him of Iosefka’s clinic. I don’t entirely trust her either, so I thought maybe they would be a good pair.

Making my way out of the mill, I ran into something that resembled a person from the neck down, but with a mass of snakes coming out where the head is supposed to go. I put an end to the thing, but I am still not entirely convinced that it wasn’t simply a figment of my imagination. The snakes simply vanished when the person-thing fell to the ground. This place is doing strange things to my mind.

Just beyond that bridge, I found an elevator that led back up to the first windmill I encountered. As I pondered just going back down and pushing further into the woods, I recalled a path near the hamlet I hadn’t taken. I decided to make my way back there, and see if it was just a dead end, or if it led somewhere.

I discovered that it led down to a cave filled with liquid poison, awful snake-worms, and some rather decomposed giants. While my resistance to poison is greater than your average person, I still made sure to get through the cavern quickly. Letting that stuff soak into my skin for too long was not an appealing prospect. At the back of the cave, I found a ladder going up. Climbing it I found myself back at the cemetery outside Iosefka’s clinic.

Side-note: Yharnam has a lot of cemeteries.

I checked in with Iosefka, and she said the man had already arrived, and his treatment was going well. I refrained from asking about what sort of treatment she was doing.

Making my way down the path I had just opened up, I ended up finding a back route into the clinic. It was really dark, and I pondered whether Iosefka just couldn’t afford candles. I headed for the room where she always talked to me through the door, figuring we could finally meet face to face, but she wasn’t there. Instead I found a blue-skinned thing that looked vaguely humanoid, with a bulbous head. It tried to attack me, but did not seem particularly strong or fast.

I am not sure where Iosefka has gone. I have no idea what she does when I’m not around, after all. It’s not like she has any patients at the moment besides that strange man I sent to her. Perhaps she is off dealing with his treatment.

No matter what she’s doing, I decided to just head back to the Dream for now. I will look into the clinic more after a short break. It does feel like trespassing, but I feel like something is urging me on. Hopefully Iosefka won’t be too angry.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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