The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 11 – Snakes in the Woods

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I stopped by Oedon chapel again. I’ve made it a habit to regularly make sure they’re okay in there. The old lady has calmed down, and now she seems to think I’m her child. Apparently I was “always the good one”.

Investigation results: There was not a lot more to Iosefka’s clinic from besides I had already seen. There was a lot of evidence for what she had actually been doing to her patients. I’ve seen more of those blue, bulbous creatures since. Did she create them all? I do not know. I am not sure I want to think too much about it. I think in her own way she was trying to find a way to end the beast plague that haunts this town.

She did not take kindly to my intrusion. She did offer me the chance to go away and find more patients for her, but I denied her request. While she fought well, equal in skill to any hunter I’ve met so far, in the end I won out. She had actually seemed quite eager at the chance of getting to work on me. Now she won’t ever work again.

On my way out I noticed an envelope sitting on one of the beds, looking quite out of place. It was actually addressed to me, which I found a bit disconcerting. I still do. How would they know my name, and that I would be in that part of the clinic in time to find the envelope? It turned out to be a summons to Castle Cainhurst. The place Alfred spoke of. This letter looks like older than my arrival here. Much older, in fact. So how can it bear my name?

I will have to go there eventually. Soon. There’s supposed to be a stagecoach out in Hemwick. I do have one other thing I want to investigate before I go, though. Hopefully the coach will wait another hour or so.

After I exited Iosefka’s clinic, probably for the last time, I headed back to the woods. There was a whole area I had yet to explore, after all. I wanted to map out the area properly. The area beyond the windmills seemed to be the main portion of the woods. No more hamlets, no more windmills, in fact the only building I found was a crypt.

It was a lot of trees, darkness, and winding paths. And snakes. Lots and lots of snakes. Not even regular snakes. Cluster-snakes! Like moving bushes comprised entirely of snakes. Wriggling and writhing. Some so large they might be called hydras. And more of the people with snakes for heads. You know, I never had any particular feelings for or against snakes. My main issue has typically been spiders and scorpions. But after this, I feel like I really, really dislike snakes. Funny how that goes.

I did also find a side-path full of those blue creatures. Some of which could cast magic. There were also several of those really large pigs I’ve been seeing in various places. How do they even breed these things? They seem too big to sustain. I’m not even sure how to go about carving or cooking one of those, and I really can’t imagine the people of Yharnam having much luck either.

When I could finally see the end of the forest, I was accosted by three shadowy figures. I tried talking to them, but like almost everything else I’ve run into since I came here, they attacked me. I’m not even surprised at this point. Just disappointed.

At first the set-up seemed as expected. The first charged in close, trying to keep me occupied with their blade, while the other two provided support. The second had a blade of his own, but seemed mainly concerned with trying to use their flamethrower on me while I was clashing with the first. The third stood further back and cast fireballs at me. They did not seem affected at all by eachother’s fire attacks.

I knew the one in the back would be the most trouble, so I managed to manoeuvre myself around while dodging the fire to strike at that one first. As they went down, suddenly the other two started sprouting snakes, and became more ferocious in their attacks, along with gaining a few new tricks. I really do think I dislike snakes now.

I went for the one with the flamethrower next. They had set fire to their sword, but they did not seem as skilled a swordsman as the first, and went down in a three-way melee. Unfortunately I also took a couple of hits from the first in that scrap, so I backed off and used the blood to speed up my regeneration.

It took me a moment to notice that the first wasn’t following me, and then I saw an eerie red glow appear around him. At which point giant snakes sprouted from the ground. I feel like someone set up all these snakes on purpose, and when I find them I will drag out their entrails for them to see, and ask whether they like those snakes.

I charged back in, and after a furious back-and-forth managed to cut down the first, at which point all the snakes just disappeared.

I went back to the Dream after that, and here I am: writing this entry while I recover.

Next up is going back to the room with the bowl, and seeing what I can with this strange stone I was given. Let’s just hope it does not involve snakes in any way.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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