The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 12 – Nightmare Frontier

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It is so big. Why is it so big? How did it get so big? Why is it just hanging there? What exactly is it? And why does it seem so disinterested in actually doing anything? Okay, let me back up a bit, and explain how we got here.

Investigation results: I returned to the bowl room with the stone. I tried placing it in the bowl, but nothing happened. Moving it around didn’t help. I thought perhaps the inscription meant I had to give the stone directly to the blue light that tried to grab me.

While I tried to just offer the stone, it ended up grabbing me as well. Whatever it was, it was really strong, and I had no chance of breaking out of it. Then it squeezed me so hard that I thought all my blood and organs would come out. I blacked out, thinking I heard laughter as I did so, and then woke up somewhere else entirely.

With a bit of exploration, I discovered this was an old lecture hall. The only living things left were some gooey creatures dressed in student clothing. I am not sure if it was the actual students, now transformed, or if it was just the creatures putting on whatever they had found. Maybe they had devoured the students from within and come to wear their clothes that way. I will probably never find out.

There was one other, though. A man spoke to me through a hole in a door, claiming he was divine, and that I should bow down to him. I didn’t follow that nonsense, of course. Like Iosefka he refused to open the door, but at least this one showed his face. The rest of him, well, I’ll get to that.

I did look over all the books in the place. Well, skimmed the titles at least. It really only seemed to be books related to teaching and learning. Nothing to really help me out with what is going on now. There were some texts on that tomb of the gods I have heard about, but it was awfully dry, and nothing really stood out as especially relevant.

With all other options exhausted, and no clear way of getting to the second floor, I went to the large exit doors. I thought I might be able to find a way up from the outside. However, the doors opened into a swirling void, and before I knew it, I had gone through.

After a moment of disorientation, I found myself in yet another place. It was nowhere near as nice as the lecture hall. It was more like something out of a nightmare. The landscape felt wrong. Every creature felt wrong. The beastly people whose heads were basically giant vertical mouths full of teeth, the slithering things made of entirely too many tentacles, and of course the weird singing women with the massive heads that looked like giant brains full of eyes. If they looked at me, I started to feel like my blood was being brought to a boiling point.

The most normal-looking things were the giants who liked to use me as rock-throwing target practice, and a couple of hunters. I assume they had been stuck in this place, and lost their minds as a result, being reduced to just attacking anyone who came here.

I feel like it took me hours to search the place and get a good feel for the layout of the area. When I came to an edge and looked out, there was just thick fog as far as the eye could see, with the tattered masts and sails sticking up, as if a lot of ships had run aground around this place.

And I also ran into my “friend” from the lecture hall. I assume he got here the same way as me, though why is another matter. As I was searching along the cliffs, he managed to sneak up on me and push me over the edge, into the water below. All of the water in that place was quite toxic, so it stung a bit.

Looking up I could see his face, and part of the spider-like body it sat on top of. He shouted something about me having to “find the godhead”, and then he scurried off. I feel like this justifies my long-time dislike of spiders.

Eventually I came to where I could see a tower in the distance. It was the first part of the place that hadn’t been just twisted landscape or some sort of tombstone, so I gathered it must hold some significance.

As I got close to the tower, something suddenly dropped down from it. Something that had been invisible to my eyes until the moment it decided to drop. Something that looked quite a lot like the various statues I’ve seen around of the place of creatures with strange heads and too many arms. Something big.

While I don’t know the name for this kind of thing, I could tell it was one of the horrors mother had warned us about. Never had I felt more that coming to Yharnam was a bad idea than the very moment that thing revealed itself to me.

I think this is the largest thing I have ever fought. I was quite aware that just seeing this thing would have an impact on my mind. However, I am not one to back down from a fight. At first I danced around it a bit, trying to get a feel for how it moved, and to observe what it did. It didn’t have a lot of finesse, but it was fast and strong. It probably just relied on that brute strength to deal with targets, with the added impact that most people would probably just be stunned by the look of it. I might have been too, if not for mother’s lessons, and having spent several hours in Yharnam already.

The hide of the horror seemed quite tough, but I gambled that its head might not be. I waited for the right moment as its head was low to the ground, and I went for it, changing and leaping on. I tore into it with just my claws, as I didn’t feel it was a good idea to bite this thing. It threw me off a couple of times, but I got back on and kept shredding. Eventually its head just came off, and the whole body collapsed with a thud. Then it just faded into mist, as if it wasn’t real enough to stay around without active effort.

I just slumped together for a few moments after that. It had gotten me pretty good a few times, and I’d consumed a fair deal of blood to keep going. I felt knackered.

There wasn’t much of anything in the tower. While I could see windows further up, there were no stairs or ladders inside. Climbing the outside was more effort than I felt like putting in. At the base level of the tower was an exit back to the dream, so I went back here to take a rest.

Before I sat down to write this, I did go back to Oedon chapel to check up on them again. Maybe I’m fussing too much. But this time I sensed something outside. So I headed out and looked up, and… there was another one. Much larger than the one I had fought. It was just hanging off the side of the chapel, seemingly not interested in doing much of anything else. I am not sure if it saw me, or even cared if it did. It seemed quite passive, but it did remind me of the blue light I had seen out here, back when I first arrived.

I hurried over to the room with the bowl, and sure enough, there was yet another one there. This one was not as big as the one at the chapel. It was closer to the size of the one I’d fought, but it was also quite passive. It seemed the only thing it was interested in was grabbing anyone who got close to the door.

The one at the chapel is the reason for the questions I asked at the start of this entry. And I have some more. Has it always been there? Is the reason I can now see it because I fought one of them? Was that what it did to my mind? Make it more in tune with these horrors?

I probably shouldn’t think too much on this. That might make it worse. I’ll consult mother once I get out of here. For now I have an invitation to Castle Cainhurst. Let’s see if the stage coach is still waiting for me.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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