The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 15 – Yahar’Gul

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The doll seems to be a lot more familiar with my presence, now. I’ve not seen Gehrman for a while, and maybe she hasn’t either. She’s admitted it’s a comfort when I’m around. I’m not sure how to respond to that.

Investigation results: Yahar’Gul is a hellhole. I don’t know how else to describe it. Whatever put this place into this state had to have been bad indeed. It also seemed like every being down here contained more blood than in creatures I’ve found elsewhere in the area. I more or less painted the town with it.

The first thing I noticed was that whenever I put down one of the beastly people, their body would just vanish, then a short while later I would hear the chime of a bell, and another beast of exact likeness would just rise up from the ground somewhere nearby.

It was not long before I deduced that I needed to find the source of that chime. When I happened upon a black-clad woman with a bell inside the first building I gained entry to, I cut her down quickly, at which point I could both hear and see the beasts she had summoned change. I am fairly certain they became weaker without her, and once I struck them down now, they stayed gone.

Unfortunately there was more than one of those women. And even more unfortunately it could be tricky to get to them sometimes. I did slowly clear the buildings and streets, though. Gradually a lot of the town’s surfaces were turning a rusty brown.

Maybe I should have started with this, but Yahar’Gul is also host to quite a lot of those big horrors. They seemed to be hanging off of everything. While most of them seemed content with just hanging there and staying passive, a few of them did react to my presence. They were not exactly dropping off to fight me, they just tried to grab me, or in the case of one: fire a massive explosive beam at me. Thankfully it was not especially accurate.

I am also reasonably certain that the moon was even bigger in Yahar’Gul than outside. That’s hard to prove conclusively without a camera though, and I did not think to bring one.

I think my biggest surprise was when I was nearly at street level, and came upon the gaol. I thought I was seeing things at first, but it was definitely the gaol. The lamp I had used to get out was smashed, but apart from that everything matched up. Even the back cave leading to Old Yharnam, and the same scribbles in the same places. I found the remains of the bag-men around the place, but I did not find a single one of them alive.

The main occupants of the gaol now were three hunters. They might have been the ones who had cleared out the bag-men, so at first I thought they might be friendly or neutral, but they turned out to be quite hostile. I could have circumvented them without much issue, but I felt that Eileen had entrusted me with a duty.

The first thing I did was lose them. Fighting all three at once did not seem like a good idea at all, for they appeared a well-trained team, with each person’s skills complementing the others.

Once I was certain they had lost interest and returned to the gaol, I snuck back and around using the shortcuts I had unlocked last I was here. No one had bothered locking them up again. First I ambushed their magical support. While he put up an admirable fight, he was not prepared to be attacked from behind. He was watching the stairs coming down from where the lamp used to be, the most likely path for anyone coming in.

With one down, I snuck up on the lightly clad one with the claws. While the one with the spear was watching the room, I am good at keeping a low profile, so she did not spot me until it was too late. Once only she was left, we did have a fairly lengthy duel. She was clearly more suited to melee than the lightning caster, and she out-ranged me. But on her own, it was just a matter of attrition, and I’m better at lasting.

Out on the streets I found neither living bag-men, dogs, or giant pigs, but what I did find were things that looked like piles of corpses, somehow animated into one being, that stuck out of a box and dragged itself along. Is this why the Yharnamites had been so careful to get every corpse into a separate coffin and chain it up? Had they experienced this sort of thing before?

They were not too difficult to deal with on their own, but they had a tendency to hang around in groups, and some of them could launch bone spears at high velocity.

And along the sides of the streets were a lot of statues. That seemed less like statues, and more like fleeing humans that had been turned to stone. Some of them were high enough up that it seemed like a blast or a hit had thrown then against a wall or a window where they stuck. What on Earth had happened down here? Gorgons?

Down at the end of the road, before a small chapel, I came to a large square, and up on the surrounding balconies overlooking the place, I saw a total of six women with bells. They were dressed a bit differently from the ones I had faced so far, but I immediately assumed they served a similar purpose. They rang out a certain resonance, and a big, black portal appeared that covered the moon, and out of it fell a massive corpse golem, so big it could only support its weight by going down on four legs ( or was it more, it was hard to tell ).

Going by earlier experience, it felt like a safe assumption that dealing with the bell-women was paramount. If only so they couldn’t summon anything else if I dealt with this thing. I sprinted up the closest stairs, and ran along the entire length of the balcony, striking them down as I went. They were not really fighters, though the huge abomination did try to strike me down as I went. It had a lot of reach.

Once all six were dead, I baited the thing closer. It seemed to have a very single-minded focus on me, so it’s not like it was that much of a challenge. Once it was close enough, I leapt out and changed in mid-air. I did not have any desire to bite the thing, so I relied on my claws to tear it apart. It did not seem to know how to deal with being attacked like this, and it did not last long.

As I burned the remains along with the corpses of the bell-women, I tried my best to not think about how much gore and viscera I was covered in. I longed to go back into the Dream and clean it off. Even the Queen of Blood has her standards.

But before I left, I thought it best to examine the chapel ahead. Inside I found a lot of chairs containing those strange corpses with weird cages on their heads that I had first seen on my initial trip to the gaol. They all seemed so decayed that they could turn into dust at any moment, but one of them was different. It had a slight glow to it, and it smelled of magic. I had a feeling something would happen if I touched it, so I thought it best to return to the Dream first.

Checking in on Oedon chapel, things did not seem to have improved, but neither were they worse, so I suppose that’s something.

Now I could go touch that mummy. But I also found a key down in Yahar’Gul. It was marked with “Upper Cathedral Ward”, so I have an idea where it fits. That’s supposed to be where the highest-ranking members of the church reside, so maybe I’ll find someone who can answer some questions up there. I am not holding out too much hope of that, though.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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