The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 16 – The Orphanage

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The old lady is gone. Passed on, I mean. When I came back down from the upper part of the Cathedral Ward I found her chair empty, with a note saying “Wait just a wee bit longer, my little sweet-pea”. I found her right outside, dead in a pool of blood, in front of a grave. I did not feel like checking whether or not it was self-inflicted. I have never been religious, but I hope she is with her sweet-pea now.

Investigation results: Climbing the tower near Oedon chapel, I tried the key in the door at the top. Sure enough, it opened, and beyond I found a fairly large area, mostly consisting of a few bridges and a couple of large buildings. The most prominent was just ahead of me, so I climbed the stairs and headed across the bridge there.

On the way I saw these small, pitiful larva things. I am still not sure what exactly they were supposed to be, and my only guess is a bit too terrible to consider, but they were all around the outside of the building I later learned was called the Orphanage. I tried my best to just avoid them. There was just something that made me not want to fight them. Though once I finally reached the building, the front gate was locked. I pretty much expected that, to be honest.

Searching around the sides made the larva things notice me, and they immediately turned hostile. In their own pitiful way. They were neither fast, nor strong. But there were a lot of them, and I had to sometimes just knock them out of the way to move forward. The noises they made were unsettling.

One of them managed to bite me, and it actually stung quite a lot. They were clearly venomous in some form, even though it doesn’t feel quite like I was poisoned. More like my blood started boiling.

I did eventually find a side entrance, and making my way through the guards I slipped inside. It was a vast building, like a sort of mansion. I expected another type of cathedral, but there weren’t any signs of a place of worship at all. A lot of statues though. All covered up. I was not especially tempted to look under the covering. None of them ever moved, nor did I sense any life from them.

The only inhabitants I found in the place were a pack of werewolves with strange, blue eyes, and a bunch of illithids. I managed to outmanoeuvre and slay the illithids, mostly due to how spread out they were. I could not really help feeling a sense of terror at the idea of them getting their hands on me, though. That was probably the main factor for my excessive caution. I hope this is the last I will see of the illithids, even if I can not quite believe that to be so.

The wolves on the other hand were quite feral, and easy to trick. I do wonder how they got those blue eyes. Mother always taught us that werewolves, regardless of their type, have yellow eyes. Especially when feral or enraged. A wolf might be able to maintain a different colour if they remain in control of the change, but once the bloodlust takes over, the yellow always comes out. I should remember to make a report of this to her when I get out. I remembered to grab a sample from one of the wolves.

After the building was cleared, I felt I was safe in searching the place. I learned that this building was called the Orphanage. Orphans were taken here to be trained in scholarly pursuits for the Church, and eventually led to the founding of the Choir, which comprised the highest-ranking clerics of the Church. They were apparently also scholars continuing the work that started at Byrgenwerth under Master Willem. I wonder if that is related to the scene I saw in that vision at the Grand Cathedral.

I could not find a single living member of the choir. Perhaps the monsters in this place used to be them. Or perhaps they are the creatures I found in the upper part of the Grand Cathedral, but now I am getting ahead of myself.

More recent documents talked of a split between the Church and the Choir, though I could not find anything on the why of it. There were some mentions of a Great One that had been left behind, and the Choir searching for a way to rediscover “true greatness”. The writings were not really making a whole lot of sense at this point.

Making my way through the Orphanage, I was able to unlock the main gate from the other side, and get access to the bridge across to the other prominent building in the area. Looking down, I realised it was actually an upper part of the Grand Cathedral, meaning there is at least one way to access more of the building.

Inside was a large garden consisting entirely of blue, luminous flowers. Something felt wrong about all of this, and it was not long before my feelings were validated. Several of those blue, bulbous creatures rose from the garden, and came charging right at me. For every one I struck down, it seemed like another rose shortly after to replace it.

At the point where I started to wonder if the tide was endless, and if I should be looking for an escape route, one of the ones I struck did not immediately fall. Instead it seemed to become quite angry, and grew in size quite a lot. I assumed it to be the leader, and focused all my attacks on it. The smaller ones did their best to get in my way, but it was not long before the large one fell, causing all the others to just drop like marionettes with their strings cut.

Aside from the flowers, there was really nothing to find in the room. For a while I thought it held no other exits than the one I came in, until I noticed a large stained-glass window. I had almost taken it for just a decorated wall. I could not see through it, so I simply smashed it and went through. I was now on the balcony directly above the main room of the Grand Cathedral. I could easily see the altar with the strange skull down there.

At the far end I found an elevator going down. At the bottom I came upon a large open area, and at the far end of that I spotted a large, fleshy form with wings that did not look flight-capable. Initially it seemed to not notice, or maybe not care about, my presence, but as I drew close it rose up and turned towards to me. Behind it I could see something like an altar that it had been knelt down in front of. Praying, perhaps?

In appearance the thing was clearly some sort of horror, but there was also something majestic about it. The sense of a unique and marvellous being, and for a moment I was awestruck. The being also seemed to be appraising me for a moment before it charged, which I feel ruined the mood, really.

While it was fast for its size, it was nevertheless bulky, and I was able to find a bit of a blind spot quite close to it where I could both attack and easily dodge any blow it tried to throw at me. Once it went down, and its great form was dissolving into the ground, I felt a sadness stronger than I had expected. Maybe this could have been avoided. Maybe not.

Examining the altar it had been kneeling in front of, I could see how it resembled the Byrgenwerth spider. A more immature form, perhaps, but the resemblance was clear. Another creature that had not been immediately hostile towards me.

The piece of flesh I took from the queen’s throne was now pulsing more noticeably, and I took it out. Something told me I should place it on the altar, so I did. There was a brief flash, and the flesh was gone. I returned to the throne room at Castle Cainhurst to confirm my suspicions, and sure enough, the queen was yet again on her throne, whole and unharmed.

She made no mention of her death or resurrection as I made my audience with her, and while it could be because she did not feel it worth mentioning, I rather got the feeling that she simply did not remember. That she had been restored to a point before that happened, and her memories with it. That might have been her plan all along.

I will not relinquish my title as Queen of Blood, however. She is free to be the queen of Cainhurst, but I shall retain my own position.

With all that out of the way, I feel it is time to return to Yahar’Gul, and see what will happen in that chapel. While I am not practised enough to tell different schools of magic from one another by scent alone, I have a hunch as to what that enchanted corpse will do.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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