The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 17 – Return to Lecture Hall

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I want the record to show that I called it.

Investigation results: Touching the corpse with the weird cage on its head pulled me back to the lecture hall I was in before. The big difference is that I ended up on the second floor now.

There were a lot less of those goopy students up there, but the texts I found were more helpful. I was not able to piece together a complete picture. Either volumes were missing, perhaps I had overlooked them while browsing downstairs, they might have been destroyed, or they just did not have that information themselves.

The crux of it all was that this lecture hall had somehow become a crossover point between the real world, and the world of nightmares. On this strange night, there was also a bit of bleed-over between the two. Stuff that should not be in the real world was given form, while stuff from the real world had more of an influence and presence in the nightmares. On any other night, I might not have been able to do much at all in there.

I have already visited one nightmare. The one that ended with me slaying that large horror I later learned was named Amygdala. Even with the bleed-over, it seems like some creatures are thoroughly confined to the nightmares. Like those squidgy venomous tentacle monsters, or the singing ladies with all the eyes that make your blood boil. While the giants and the beasts are rather twisted, I would not be overly surprised to see them on the streets of Yharnam.

In one of the second-floor corners, I found a lonely giant guarding a ladder. While their fiery fists unnerved me a bit, I was able to dispose of them without too much trouble. Going down the ladder I found myself on the other side of the door with the self-proclaimed “divine being”. The treacherous spider with a face that is almost human.

He did not care to introduce himself, initially just expressing shock that I was there, as he had expected his “Lord Amygdala” to deal with me. He tried to backpedal on that, claiming he had no choice, that the horror would kill him, or worse, if he refused to present offerings, and so on. The same old story, in other words.

I felt nothing but disgust for the creature, and as I realised he did not have anything useful to tell me, I brought the greatsword down on him and bisected him quite neatly. The two parts of his body ended up going poof in a similar manner to the hunters I have fought. I am still not sure whether than means they are gone forever, or they have just gone to be resurrected somewhere.

I undid the lock on the door just in case I had to come back to this place later, then I went back up the ladder. I do not really expect the goopy students to use doors anyway. They seem to have other means of getting around.

The final door up there I had surmised led to another nightmare. While I could find no information who the first nightmare I visited belonged to, as I would expect a nightmare has to have a dreamer; this second one was described as the nightmare of Mensis. I knew the name from notes I had seen. “The Mensis ritual must be stopped”. Perhaps that is what I can do in that nightmare.

I could not really find any solid information on who that Mensis person is. Or at least, there was not much at all about who they used to be. But from what I could find in the texts, with some things only inferred, I feel like the story went like this:

Mensis attempted to ascend to the Great Ones, perhaps even wanting to become one of them, but it failed spectacularly. His mind was torn from his body, and the nightmare of Mensis was created around it.

Additionally, those cages I have seen on the heads of quite a lot of corpses on Yahar’Gul are called Mensis cages. The idea behind them was to open the mind by restraining the self, and improve communication with the Great Ones of the cosmos. After all I have seen, I am not sure how much of this is real, and how much is superstition. Some sort of mind-altering aliens from somewhere out in space, that drive lesser beings to madness, possibly existing on a different dimensional plane from ours, that sometimes intersects with our own? I honestly thought mother was speaking of myths, or at least exaggerating, but now I am not so sure.

While I have a feeling I will find nothing I like in there, I do not think I have a choice but to enter the nightmare of Mensis now. If it will lead to the end of this night, to the end of the hunt, I must try.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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