The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 18 – Host Micolash

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Why does there always have to be spiders? Is it really too much to ask to go somewhere without running into giant spiders? I know this is a nightmare, but even so.

Investigation results: I had not even spent a minute in the place before I was assaulted. Small, barbed spears were shot into me, and while they did not do a lot of damage, I could feel they were heating my blood.

I dove into cover, and tried to see where the spears were coming from. Every time I was shot at, I could see a far tower lighting up. The spears were unerringly accurate, and came too fast to dodge. All I could do was stay in cover to calm down and remove the spears, and then dart between cover as fast as I could.

To my benefit, they did not discriminate, and actually took out several of the nightmare creatures wandering around if I lured them out into the open. That was also when I noticed that there were already several corpses impaled into the ground all around the area.

The main part of the area was an immense castle, and once I got out of the tower’s line of sight, I was able to access it. Then the first room I ran into had a lot of large spiders hanging from the ceiling. One of which was absolutely massive. While the spiders I had fought in Byrgenwerth lake were deformed to the point where I could pretend they were not actually spiders, the ones in the nightmare looked all too much like “proper” spiders.

I had already searched the outside thoroughly, and I knew there was no other way in, so I had to find a way to deal with it. Thankfully they did not seem to immediately notice me, and I was able to sneak up a staircase to the right. There were a few spiders up there too, but I gritted my teeth and managed to take care of them without alerting the others. I now had access to a ledge where I could see the end of the room, and a doorway leading out of it. One too small for the massive spider to get through.

I leapt off of the ledge and sprinted for the door as I heard the spiders drop down behind me. As I got through, I used the narrow hallway as a choke point to deal with the smaller spiders, just relieved that the big one was indeed too big to get through the door. I wanted to just keep running, but as I did not know what was in front of me, I really did not want them to catch up to me if I was forced to fight anything else up ahead.

From there on out, things were more manageable. I met another rogue hunter, but dealt with him quickly. Beyond him was the main lobby of the castle, where I was able to unlock a different access route and exit to the castle, meaning I never had to go to the spider room again.

The lobby was populated with strange, little people that watched my every move, yet did not take any hostile action. At first. On the floor below were some larger brutes, and they commanded the little ones to attack me. It took a while to kill everything down there, especially when it turned out some of the little people were actually armed with crossbows.

Eventually I got to an elevator leading up. The elevators in the nightmare are strange compared to real ones, but they seem to function the same.

Up above I came to a door guarded by unnerving marionettes, and inside was some approximation of a library. The books all seemed to be nonsense, as one expects from a dream, but there was also a person there. He was wearing a Mensis cage. He introduced himself as Micolash, and claimed he was the host of this castle. My attempt at starting a conversation proved fruitless as he devolved into rambling, speaking about the Kos, and beseeching the Great Ones to grant his pleas.

I was prepared to ignore the madman and move on until he sealed the door behind me, and started animating more of those marionettes to attack me. As the best way I know to undo a spell is to kill the caster, I decided I had to chase him down.

Let me tell you, the man can run. I managed to corner him on a balcony, and blocked his exit. Turns out he was not much of a fighter. He tried to cast some attack magic, but I had no trouble dancing around it and striking at him. Before long, he warped himself away. I gather that probably took a lot of his power, as he did not try to do it again later.

He was not exactly hiding though, as the sound of his rambling was still easy to hear. He was just further up ahead, and I followed the sound of his voice.

A few of the little people tried to get in my way, now sporting poison-coated flails, but it was not long before I spotted Micolash again. Trapping him this time was trickier, as I had to break his magic mirrors to stop him hopping around, and the layout of the area was much more convoluted. In the end he barricaded himself in a room, probably thinking he was safe, but I was able to find an alternate entrance and put him out of my misery.

As I worked the mechanism to get the gate he locked down open again, I inadvertently triggered something else, which raised a bridge I had passed earlier to allow me access to the upper parts of the castle.

With all the marionettes now fallen to pieces without Micolash to keep them up, I took a few moments to search the area I had been chasing him around in. While there were several useful things to find, like extra bullets and blood vials from others that had fallen here, the most interesting thing I discovered was a key. I will have to keep an eye out for any locked doors, as I found it unlikely the key would be for anything outside of the nightmare.

Though considering the nature of a dream or nightmare, why would you need to lock anything away? Some part of your mind you don’t want to access?

I am currently taking a bit of a rest at the lamp beyond the bridge I raised, to write this down. This place is a lot more fascinating than the other nightmare I visited, and I have a feeling there is still a fair bit left to see. I believe this castle is even larger than Castle Cainhurst.

Now I need to move on. I do not think Micolash was the key to ending the hunt, unfortunately.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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