The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 19 – Baby Cries

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On a guess, I am going to say that Mensis had certain issues when it came to animals. I am by no means an educated therapist, but you can call it a hunch.

Investigation results: Moving past Micolash’s twisted library, I entered the upper parts of the castle, which was mainly outside in the open air.

The view of the moon is spectacular out there. It is still massive, but at least it is not red. And it could be because this is a dream world rather than reality, but I do not feel any pull from it. It is strangely refreshing, but I can feel that the wolf part of me is a little confused and unnerved by it. Something expected is not there.

It seems that all the strange little people and the puppets were confined to the inside, because on the outside parts were either animals or cloaked figures eerily reminiscent of that trio I fought at the end of the snake woods. Thankfully these did not seem to have any snakes, only swords and fire. I am not sure I could handle snakes along with the spiders and everything else in here. I suppose I should be thankful it is not my nightmare.

Speaking of the animals, here is why I think Mensis has issues. There were crows and dogs. Only the crows had dog heads, and the dogs had crow heads. There were also giant pigs, that had entirely too many eyes. I feel it is not unfair to assume that with this being Mensis’ nightmare, they had some problems with animals.

As I made my way up, I slowly gained access to a whole series of elevators that eventually took me from the very top to the very base of castle. A couple of them were basically just cages though, being pulled along the outside of the walls. I am not normally worried about heights, but I must admit using those things made me feel a bit unsafe and queasy.

Just before I got to the very top chamber, I encountered a woman clad entirely in white. In fact, she was practically shining, and I am not sure if it was because the whiteness of her garb reflected the moonlight, or whether her dress was shining on its own. Her hands were bound with wooden cuffs, there was blood on the front of her dress, and she was sobbing incessantly.

I attempted to speak to her, but no matter what I said she did not acknowledge my presence in the least. I even gingerly tried to touch her arm to get her attention, but she made no indication that she noticed. She merely kept sobbing steadily, her gaze fixed towards the top chamber. So I walked over to the final elevator and ascended.

At the top was a short hallway leading into a large chamber. In the middle was a black baby carriage, and I could hear the cries of a baby ringing out from the chamber. There was an ethereal quality to it, and it did not quite sound as if it was actually coming from the carriage itself.

Thinking back on it, I have seen numerous baby carriages throughout Yharnam as well. All have been empty. I am not sure if that makes me feel better or worse.

I slowly circled around the carriage so I could see inside before I got too close. Knowing the nature of nightmares, or even just that of Yharnam itself, I did not feel certain that some horror would not spring from it.

When I could see that it was indeed empty, I slowly approached it. I could barely get within 10 yards of it before some thing dropped down from above. It was large and ragged, and while it was hard to tell with the ragged cloth everywhere, I believe it had eight arms. Six of which were wielding blades. There was a cowl that moved as if there was a head supporting it, but there was nothing there to be seen.

However, outside of the intimidating appearance, it was not an especially difficult fight. It was a large target, it was not that fast, and it had a tendency of leaving its back open. Perhaps it relied on intimidation to overwhelm its foes, or no one had reached this chamber before me, so it had not had a chance to practice.

The only real danger was when it blanketed the chamber in darkness, and projected an image of itself that moved much faster, and was impervious to my attacks. It was not able to keep that up for long, so I was able to go back on the attack in short time and put an end to the creature.

With its death, I heard the baby’s cries returning, then fading after about a minute along with the last of the darkness.

Coming down from the chamber again, I saw the woman in white bow to me before she too vanished without a trace. Was she perhaps the mother of that baby I had heard? I felt as if I had put an end to something significant.

Now I am taking a short rest, though my business in this place is not concluded. I have yet to find the door for that key, though I saw a ledge I might reach that could lead to what is hopefully the final part of this castle. I shall just take a moment to clean my crown before I go.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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