The Yharnam Blood Hunt Diaries: Entry 20 – Unexpected Delivery

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All in flames. The whole workshop is burning. Yet the flames do not actually give off any heat, nor do they seem to actually be consuming the building. Maybe they are merely symbolic? I suppose a Dream does not have to operate on logic.

Investigation results: I found a way into the final part of the castle, to gain access to that glowing tower that had been driving spears into me. The ramparts were guarded by those singing ladies with the large heads full of eyes. Having now seen more of them, in better light, those heads look a lot like oversized brains full of eyes.

There were also more spiders. Because of course there had to be more spiders. Some of which had human heads that resembled monks. I shall not even begin to presume I know what that is about. Did Mensis have an unfortunate incident at a monastery?

Making my way past the ladies and the spiders, I finally came upon a platform overlooking the tower that had been so lit up. I could see something in there, held in chains. Though it was hard to tell what exactly it was, as I was looking down from above. All I could tell at the time was that it looked fleshy. And conveniently in front of me was a lever that I had a feeling I should pull. I did so, and the thing inside dropped. I got a brief glimpse of a lot of eyeballs on the fleshy thing as it dropped into whatever lay beneath the tower.

I climbed down and got a closer look at the tower. It seemed set up in a similar fashion to a lighthouse, though it had clearly not housed any ordinary light. I looked down the hole to see if it was possible to see anything, but it was black as pitch down there.

At the end of that walkway I found an iron door which the key fit into. It lead back into Micolash’s twisted library, through a bookshelf that was now destroyed. Had that happened during the time I chased him around there? I had certainly not noticed it. Perhaps someone or something had broken it since?

A locked door in a dream. The question I am then left with is: which side was it meant to prevent access from? Considering I found the key in the library, and the bookshelf that had been placed in front of it, it had clearly been locked from that side. But was it to keep anyone from going out there, or to keep what was out there from coming in?

Making my way back down the castle, I found another of those cage elevators that I had not noticed on my way up. I stepped inside, and it took me down into the darkest place I have ever been. My night-vision was useless, and the torch barely illuminated a few yards ahead of me, but the floor was also so black that it was hard to tell.

There was something that smelled down there though, so I followed the scent. This is how I learned the range of the torch, as the thing came into view. It looked like a giant brain, brimming with eyeballs. It even had some limbs, though they appeared entirely limp. It couldn’t move, it could only look at me.

I regarded it for quite some time. I am not even sure how long, as its gaze seemed to hypnotise me. I was vaguely aware that I had assumed some position, though I can not tell you what it was. That memory seems to be gone.

After however long I had stood there, the image of a rune came into my head, and suddenly I was consumed by rage. Though the thing had not attacked me, and did nothing to defend itself, I just laid into it with all my might. It was not long before it burst, you could even say exploded, in a mass of blood that rained down upon me for several moments afterwards as I stood there, panting. I had the strange feeling that I had been anointed.

I had claimed the title of Queen of Blood, but now I had been crowned and recognised.

As I returned to the Dream, I found the workshop in flames. The doll informed me that Gehrman was waiting for me by the big tree. The night was ending. The hunt was over. And Yharnam was lost. I don’t think there’s enough sane people left to return the town to life, and I doubt anyone would move here now. Perhaps mother could help me arrange something for the few left alive that might be saved.

With that in mind, I paid another visit to Oedon chapel before I go to end this. For a moment I thought nothing had changed, then I saw that Arianna’s chair was empty. With a trail of blood leading towards the back. The scent was unmistakable. She had been with child. I had hoped I was wrong.

Following the trail, I found her in a chair down in the basement. She seemed broken. Shattered. I wonder if she had been of faith. Maybe she had heard the bit about the womb that would be blessed with a child. And seeing this child could have shaken anyone.

It was lying on the floor next to her. Facing her. It looked just like the creatures I had seen outside the Orphanage, only smaller. I was reminded of the note from the gaol. “Find a newborn, and silence its cry.” At the time I had felt I could never do that. Now, looking at this thing, it seems like it would be a mercy on everyone.

I brought the axe down on it, and the instant it died, Arianna also breathed her last. That was not intended. I had not even considered that the nightmare child might have linked its life essence to its mother. It is too late to undo now. I will just have to live with the regret. I regret many things about this night.

Now I have to go meet with Gehrman. Hopefully that will be the end of it. Hopefully I can leave after that. I feel quite tired. I want to go home.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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