The Yharnam Diaries Extended – Entry 2: Hunter’s Nightmare

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Tick tock.

I met someone who actually did not immediately try to kill me. It took a bit of coaxing, but I learned his name is Simon.

He informed me that this is the Hunter’s Nightmare. Apparently this is where Hunters who have become too drunk on blood end up. He advised me to turn back, since I still seem to have my sanity. I am not so sure that I do, but I appreciate his thinking so.

I found him when I had successfully circled around the area and found a way to open the side door back into the Chapel. I think he was taking a break there, away from the Hunters and beasts. I was drenched in blood by the time I got there, but he did not seem overly concerned.

As for turning back, I am not sure I can. Simon hinted at a secret in this nightmare. Perhaps seeking that out will allow me to leave.

My trip through the twisted Cathedral Ward was interesting, for lack of a better word. There are so many Hunters wielding unfamiliar weapons, alongside more familiar-looking creatures like Yharnam townsfolk and Old Yharnam beastfolk. Unlike my two earlier trips into Nightmares, which shared certain similarities, this one appears to work a bit differently. Fascinating, indeed.

Making my way past the monsters and the traps, I got to the top of the steps to the Grand Cathedral, where I was met by a giant wielding a massive axe. I feel I have seen something like that before, only not as big. I got past it and into the Cathedral, where it seemed to be exactly as I remember it. Aside from the giant beast draped over the statue and altar on the far side.

Again a sense of familiarity came over me as I was making my way towards it. It looked like it had been burned so intensely that it was still smouldering, yet somehow still intact. I kept expecting it to wake up as I went to see what way lying in its hand that was hanging close to the floor. There was a pendant with an eye on it, and even as I picked it up, the beast did not move. Perhaps it is indeed dead, but I do not trust it.

Going down a side path from the Cathedral, I arrived at a bridge overlooking a river of blood. Or rather, a riverbed of blood. I had a feeling I had to make my way down there.

On the way, I arrived at a house that I am certain was in Central Yharnam. It should not be here, but somehow it is. I was struck with a sensation that I should go out the back and up the stairs. A very familiar beast was waiting up there. I knew it well. Knew him well. This is not the first time I have seen him in my nightmares. The first person who helped me when I arrived in Yharnam. My fellow outsider. I was not able to save him, and I put him down when he became a beast. I forgot to ask his name, or maybe I just forgot whether he told me. In a way, it makes sense that he would be here.

He did not say a word, he just went straight for my throat upon seeing me. His eyes said all that was needed about how he blames me. I can’t fault him for that. It was my fault.

Putting him down again was a much harder task. My failure had given him considerable strength. Perhaps it would have been better had I let him have his revenge, but in the end I won out, and my axe connected with the back of his neck. If nothing else, I hope he rests in peace now.

I headed down into the bloody riverbed, where I was faced with several of those damned oversized blood-gorged fleas. Are they the reason the river is so dried up?

Instead of going directly to the other bridge, I headed right and carved my way through the fleas in the way. Which is the main reason I am currently so completely drenched in blood. When those things pop, it gets everywhere.

At the end I found a cave guarded by a Hunter wielding a hand-held gatling gun. Getting him down took considerable effort, and afterwards I had to sit down for a moment before venturing further into the cave. Perhaps the Nightmare grants enhanced strength to its resident Hunters.

What I found inside the cave was even more interesting. At the back of the cave, past more Old Yharnam beastfolk, I found that beast I fought in Old Yharnam’s smaller cathedral. It was smaller than I remember, but I would recognise that coat of flapping skin anywhere. Had my night-vision not been as good as it is, that could have been a really bad fight.

Between the Hunter, the beastfolk, and the beast, it was pretty clear to me what the cave was representing.

At the back, behind where the beast had been standing, I found a weapon. At least I suppose it is a weapon. Could be a weapon. Yet again I felt a sense of familiarity that I cannot truly explain. At first glance it looks like a giant club, but with the right manipulation it seems to come alive, with almost a mind of its own. Swinging it this way makes a large tentacle claw stretch out, and it feels like it is moving partly on its own, seeking out nearby targets.

While my axe had served me well up until now, I feel a compulsion to try this thing out. With some refinements and adjustments, I am sure I can turn it into a fiercely effective weapon.

Beyond that I got onto the second bridge, which led me to the path to the side-door that got me back here.

I glanced down towards the other end of the riverbed, and spotted a path moving further on. That is my next destination.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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