Anime Winter Season 2016 – Early Impressions

2016 is a go! That’s how they say it, right? English is weird.

I’ve been on a wee break, just main-lining as much Xenoblade Chronicles X as I could fit, while slowly attempting to steer my sleep schedule into a usable state. January is probably my least favourite month of the year, closely followed by November.

But we are here to talk about anime! With a couple of exceptions, like the new Precure show, everything is out now I think. Bar two shows that don’t seem to have gotten subbed yet, Ajin and Renkenzan, I’ve watched basically everything. Can’t promise the same for the shorts, but I think I’ve caught at least half of them?

I’ve actually found a fair amount of shows I’d like to see more of. About a dozen, if you include the shorts. So it could be a decent haul this season. Though there has also been a lot of just utter garbage. More so than I can remember from any season since I started in Summer 2014. Or maybe it just feels that way because of that day where I kept running into awful shows one after the other, gradually wearing down my patience until there was nothing left.

I might add more titles as they appear, or just save it for the mid-season post.

Let’s just get this started.

Starting Up


Active Raid: Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hachi Gakari [Dropped]

Aka Active Raid: Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eighth Unit.

With a title like that, you would be forgiven for thinking it’s based on a light novel, but apparently it’s an original. I know, I’m surprised too.

We’re in the near future, where power armour suits called Willwear are becoming commonplace, with all the benefits and drawbacks you can imagine from that. The police have their own Willwear unit to combat crime involving Willwear users, but its efficacy has been called into question. So a very grumpy lady named Kazari is sent to evaluate them, and she’s quickly thrown for a loop when encountering how the unit actually operates.

And… it’s okay. Not great. Not really bad either. Could develop into something good, but it didn’t really manage to hook me. I am still disappointed that the Chief didn’t put on a power armour suit and call herself Master Chief. Missed opportunity.

In the end, this one got put on the Maybe Pile, as I started calling it. Shows that didn’t immediately make me want to watch more, but that might be worth a second look if I didn’t have enough else to watch. The whole Maybe Pile has been put on ice though, since I did find enough shows I genuinely want to see more of. But if I drop enough of them for various reasons, I might grab something from the Maybe Pile.

Let's hope for an actual ball this time!

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime S2

Aka Snow White with the Red Hair.

I actually didn’t know they were doing a second cour of this until just before Christmas.

If you’ve yet to see S1, you can go back to my Summer 2015 posts to see my thoughts there.

I really don’t mind at all seeing more of this show, since it was definitely one of the best ones last year. I was left with a couple of concerns after episode 1 of S2 though.

First off: It kinda feels like things have taken a tiny step backwards. Like maybe it felt it reached too far at the end of S1? Not a huge issue though, and it doesn’t seem to have actually affected the flow of the show. It’s more a feeling that the state of things should be slightly further along. Could simply be my imagination after three months of absence.

Secondly: Could they be overreaching by throwing three complications into the mix immediately? It seems a little excessive, but hopefully they have planned out well how to juggle them.

Thirdly: Are they really still doing the “people want to kidnap Shirayuki” plots? That was old a couple of episodes into S1, if I’m honest. Though maybe they feel like since they dropped that for most of S1, it’s okay to bring it back up now? Or maybe it’s a feint, and they actually have something different planned.

Even with all that said, I am looking forward to what S2 will bring.


Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm [Dropped]

Aka Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue.

In the near future, people have learned to fly using special grav-shoes that let them grow wings on their feet a la Hermes. They’ve even come up with a sport for it already. I forget what it’s actually called, because I started calling it “fly-shoe quidditch” immediately.

Into the mix comes a young girl only recently transferred to the place and school where they have the flying shoes. She actually isn’t aware there are flying shoes here, even though she’s wearing them. She forgot to read the manual. I think she’s supposed to be in the “airhead” archetype.

This is based on a visual novel, so of course there’s also a guy, and yes, at some point he does walk in on a girl getting undressed. That scene seemed to be completely unattached from everything else in the episode, so there are definite tones of Teen-wank here. Though it seems like the girl is framed as the protagonist, so it might be doing things a bit differently. I guess we’ll see.

Or rather, you will see, maybe. As soon as the fly-shoe quidditch came up, my level of interest dropped rapidly, and I don’t particularly care about seeing any more of it. It’s another one for the Maybe Pile, really.

Definitely interesting.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi


A 29-year-old struggling manga author is trying to trying to find his place in life, like most of us do when we’re approaching 30. At first glance he seems like just your average introverted guy , trying to do what he wants, while being forced to work as a pizza delivery guy to make ends meet. But for whatever reason, he has a supernatural ability. Sometimes he will flash back in time. This is usually preceding some sort of accident, as if the universe wants him to prevent it.

He’s had this power, or perhaps curse, for as long as he can remember, and he’s grown used to it. He calls it Revival, and whenever it happens, he starts frantically looking around for what’s wrong. Even though he claims to not want to deal with other people, he always end up trying to deal with whatever triggered the Revival.

Having seen just the first episode, I still don’t know what to make of this show. See, at the end of the episode, something happens that triggers the Revival so hard he ends up all the way back in grade school. Which I assume actually kicks off the plot proper, so I’m not sure if I can yet judge what tone the show will take, and how it’s going to proceed. I will keep going with it until I figure that out, at least. Then I’ll decide whether or not it’s for me.


Bubuki Buranki [Dropped]


How do I even explain this one. On an island in the sky lives a wizard, her husband, and their two kids. Boy and girl twins. The wizard is there to watch over a bunch of giant golem-robot-things called buranki that are slumbering, but would be a threat to humanity if they woke up. So of course they wake up, and the wizard sends her kids down to the surface along with a friendly buranki, while she plans to deal with the situation.

Flash forward 10 years, and the boy twin returns to Japan, which is of course where they fell to Earth. He gets immediately arrested, and is told that his mother has been declared a witch, and they want… something from him. It was all a bit confusing.

Some other kids wielding strange, possibly sapient, weaponry break him out, and they try to find and awaken the friendly buranki that fell to the surface. I don’t really know what happened to his sister, or the other buranki, or anything, really.

And while I am slightly curious, I’m not curious enough. So this one also went on the Maybe Pile.

What even

Dagashi Kashi

Some sort of infomercial show, I think? It’s about a type of candy called dagashi sweets, and I think all the stuff they highlight are actual real sweets that they’re basically advertising.

It is also absolute nonsense. I’m not sure I saw a single thing that made a lick of sense in the entire episode. And the eyes, oh gods, the eyes. Everyone has tiny, dead, soulless pupils, except for Hotaru, who I think uses hers to hypnotise people so she can turn them into candy and eat them. Possibly to extend her life. She might be a vampire wizard, is what I’m saying. It would make as much sense as anything else here.

While I am a bit worried it’s going to kill me by overloading my brain ( I had to take a couple of breaks to get some fresh air ), I still want to see more of it.

Why is the asshole the centrepiece?

Dimension W

So it’s half past the future, and humanity have figured out how to get endless free energy through a fourth plane of existence called Dimension W ( the other three being X, Y, and Z ). The energy is harnessed through devices called coils. But it seems the technology, and perhaps Dimension W itself, holds some sinister secret.

The two main characters are firstly: Kyoma. An asshole who thinks clean energy is bad, and still drives around in a petrol car, and sneers derisively at the coil tech. His job is to find and seize illegal coils, which are craved by criminals.

The other is Mira, an android girl who is one of a kind, and essentially human apart from her body. She is amazing, and by far the main reason I want to watch more of this show. Hopefully through exposure to her, the asshole learns to become less of an asshole.

So, yeah. Hoping this one pans out, because it has a lot of potential. I just hope it doesn’t become a “clean energy is bad, fossil fuels is best” kind of thing.

Full Gate Alchemist

Divine Gate [Dropped]

Right. Let’s see if I got this. At some point, something called the Divine Gate was opened, which connected Earth, Heaven, and the Underworld. Turns out humans, celestials, and demons basically all look the same. The Gate has since faded into myth ( ??? how, when that was what caused the current state of the world ), but people who have the ability to use special elemental powers can sometimes sense the Gate, thus perpetuating the myth, I guess.

Enter a bunch of kids who I honestly have no attachment to, who all have elemental abilities of course, a World Council that does its best to establish and maintain order, a ghost-kid who keeps talking to the really sad kid, and the asshole who leads the World Council deciding it’d be a great idea to open the Divine Gate again, just to see what will happen. I don’t even know how he suddenly found it.

Long story short, it’s basically Full Metal Alchemist. The gate looks the same, the ghost-kid is basically the same, with the power users there are some who need tools to do stuff, while others seem to be able to just do it.

It’s not a bad premise though, and there are definitely worse things you can be inspired by, but it ultimately failed to grab me. I put it on the Maybe Pile, so we’ll see if I pick it back up later.

Hoo boy...

Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri S2

Aka GATE S2.

TW: Rape.

You can go back to my Summer 2015 posts to see how my thoughts on this thing evolved, but I’ll give you a summary:

A gate to another world opens in Tokyo. This other world is pretty much exactly as we would imagine a fantasy setting these days, and as such can’t really stand up to modern weaponry.

When going through to set up a base camp on the other side, the JSF casually slaughter 250 000 people who try to stop them. Then the main character is told to take his squad and go waifu hunting. I mean, do a recon of the area.

At first I had written this show off as just bad. Their understand of everything revolving how a military works seems to come directly from Hollywood movies, some of which they wear their inspiration from quite proudly in certain episodes.

But in a bizarre twist the show ended up turning into a “so bad it’s good” thing. It was like… once they got the initial unpleasantness out of the way, they were free to be more silly. It still wasn’t good though, don’t ever think that. But it was kinda cute and endearing how it thought it was actually self-aware, and some of the characters were actually neat. It did often feel like it was toeing the line though. Like borderline trying to be more serious than it could actually support.

And then… the first half of episode 1 of S2 is really fucking uncomfortable. We get introduced to one of Piña’s brothers, through an extended rape scene. While it is behind a curtain so we can technically only see their shadows, I would still advise any survivors stay away from this one. Seems like the kind of thing that could be triggering.

See, the thing is: When you make a character, villain or otherwise, a rapist, you have made them irredeemable. I think most of us can feel that, even if we might not know why. If they’ve raped, they can’t have a redemption arc, they can’t come over to the good side, that character is tainted forever. Making a character a rapist is what you do when you really want your audience to despise them, and to want them dead. It’s a cheap trick, but very effective.

I could go more into the psychology behind this, but this isn’t the place for it.

That scene, and the amount of screentime that was given to this piece of scum afterwards, has put me on guard. I am still not sure of the directors and the writers’ intentions behind this, so even though S1 built up some goodwill, this burned most of that away. I will be judging the show more harshly from here on out.

The art is interesting.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar [Dropped]

Aka Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.

This seems to be another “kids stuck in a game world” type of show. A bunch of kids wake up inside a weird, empty stone building, and they have no recollection of their life before that point. In the local town it’s explained that they’re in Grimgar, and that they have to be “volunteer soldiers” ( adventurers ) and defeat monsters to earn a living, or starve. So they have no choice but to comply.

The strongest of the kids picks the most promising of the others, and they form a party and start making good progress. However, the story is told from the perspectively of the six who were left behind, who also form a party and end up living in the same building. They got a bit of starting money, but they have to figure out how to earn their keep.

Which turns out to be very hard for them, as even the weakest monsters are more combat-adept than all of them together. At the end of ep 1, after having been in Grimgar for a few weeks, they still haven’t defeated anything.

This ended up on the Maybe Pile for several reasons. There’s one really fucking annoying character in the group. There’s a certain undertone to the show that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable at times. And ultimately there was nothing that truly grabbed my interest. It’s okay. The artwork is nice. That’s all I can really say.

So bad.

HaruChika: Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru [Dropped]

Aka Haruta & Chika.

How? That is my main question about this show. How?

Right, so there’s this girl who wants to join the school brass band and play a flute, because she’s tired of being seen as a tomboy. She wants people to see her as a cute girl, and thinks this will help her turn a new leaf.

And everything goes downhill from there. For the viewers, I mean. Already in the brass band is a guy who was the girl’s childhood friend ( and currently is an insensitive butthole), and they run into a mystery, and dear gods, why is this so bad? The writing is atrocious, the dialogue is really wooden, everything is over-explained, conversations drag on far beyond what they should, as if the writers actually thought they were being clever here. Then at the very last minute they go “oh btw, this is also a love triangle”, even though that had had almost no foreshadowing at all. I still don’t feel like it was delivered in a believable way.

It’s not even so bad it’s good, it’s just exasperatingly bad. I saw someone talking about episode 2 on Tumblr yesterday, and apparently that gets even worse.

And personally I’d say the worst part is that this is from the same studio that did Shirobako. Which returns me to my original question: How? How did they go from that, to this? People who are more veterans of PA Works have told me this happened once before, with the show before Shirobako: Glasslip. I’ve been told it’s so bad I shouldn’t even bother looking into it.

Outside of thinking PA Works have two creative teams, one that is good, and one that is shit, and they do every other show, I’m not sure how this is possible.

Don't care. Won't care.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! [Dropped]

Aka KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Guy dies in a super-embarrassing manner, ends up in the afterlife, and is told he’ll get a second chance if he agrees to start fresh in a fantasy world that’s essentially just like being in a videogame. Yup, another one of those.

After a sales pitch by the goddess in residence, because the population of that world is declining since no one can stop the Demon King, he agrees to go, he just has to pick one super-powered ability or item to take along.

Since the goddess Aqua has been mocking him over and over, he decides he’s had enough, and says that he’ll bring her. The other goddesses go “hm, okay!” in spite of Aqua’s frantic protests that this must be against the rules.

It was about here we reached the point where I didn’t care any longer. The guy is unlikeable, the goddess is unlikeable, and a cursory glance at the rest of the episode didn’t reveal anything all that interesting about the world they went to either. I just don’t care enough to look any further into it.


Koukaku no Pandora

Aka Pandora in the Crimson Shell.

Plot: I haven’t the foggiest. So there’s this cyborg girl called Nene, who runs into another cyborg girl called Clarion, along with Clarion’s master/owner/boss: a sketchy woman called Uzal.

Clarion is cute and has cat ears that she is very protective about, so Nene falls in love with her immediately. Much cuddling happens once Uzal tells Clarion to stop dodging out of the way.

There’s also something about secret superweapons, and the Pandora protocols, or something like that. Look, there was gay cuddling happening, and I was very distracted. The show is quite shameless about fan-service, but I can endure a lot for yuri. It’s all just very fun and playful.

I demand smooches!

Luck & Logic

Okay, so this is some sort of alternate world where the human world is being invaded by… things. Demon-creatures, I think? To fight them, goddesses from another world who were fleeing this demon horde have entered covenants with special humans that can use Logic, a catch-all term for the “magic” of this universe I guess.

Main guy used to be one of these logicalists until an incident two years prior where he overloaded his powers and lost his Logic card in the process. One of the goddesses went to search for it, and when she found it, she sought him out, because for whatever reason she really wanted a covenant with him.

He doesn’t take much convincing to come back, and they have a private covenant ceremony, which resembles a wedding in many ways. I think they even sealed it with a kiss? And then they’re ready to fight and be badass.

He’s then taken in by ALCA, the management centre for the logicalists, and he’s told he has to live with his covenanter ( the goddess ) now. Which he seems oddly shy about, considering that earlier ceremony…

There are certain signs pointing to this being a Teen-wank. Like, male logicalists seem to be rare, all the covenant deities are female, he basically ends up in an academy surrounded by just girls, he’s really good at being a logicalist, and he has to live with a girl.

But on the other hand it seems to forego any of the ecchi, cringy stuff that seems to come with the Teen-wank type of show, and I’m genuinely interested in seeing more of this. Maybe it’ll actually be a cute het romance for once?

Nope nope nope nope

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. [Dropped]

Dog nope nope nope


Just no.

Musaigen no Phantom World [Dropped]

Aka Myriad Colors Phantom World.

No. I can’t be arsed. Nope.

It’s the near future, and monsters called Phantoms plague humanity, and it’s up to school kids with special powers to battle them, and it’s just another Teen-wank. Seriously, the boob limbo scene was infamous before I even got to watch the episode, and it became clear really quickly that the show thought it was far more clever than it actually was, and that bad stuff was okay so long as they pointed it out, probably using the same logic as those who try to get away with making shit by claiming it’s “satire”.

I refuse.Dog nope nope nope


Nijiiro Days [Dropped]

Creep alert!!!

Right, so blond guy up there got dumped at Christmas, and a girl who was handing out tissues gave him a pack when he was on a bench crying. So like a true fuckboy, he got it into his head that because she did that, and apparently she accepted a scarf from him, he definitely has a shot with her.

So he tries to figure out how to get her, and his friends alternate between trying to talk sense into him, and cheering him on, and it is so fucking creepy, oh my gods!

Guys, just… don’t be like that. Don’t be like this. Just… don’t.Kate Nope

Creep creep creep creep

Norn9: Norn+Nonet [Dropped]

Creep alert! CREEP ALERT!

Apparently it’s the near future again, and for whatever reason a bunch of kids fly around on some Death-Star-like contraption called The Ship.

Occasionally they go to the surface to recruit new people. And by recruit I mean tie up and kidnap. And the show seemed to be trying to pass this off as totally okay and normal, and it was so fucking creepy.

I just can’t.Kate Nope

Not the worst.

Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R [Dropped]

Right, there’s this girl called Komugi-chan who dreams about being a magical idol, and one day she runs into this round little bunny thing that offers to make her into a magical girl, though it means wearing a really embarrassing outfit. If you look at the promo image, I honestly don’t see what’s so embarrassing about it?

While I still think she should have punted the bunny into the sea ( at least she did the sensible thing of running away the first time ), she relents and agrees to become a magical girl when a monster starts attacking the set where she’s gotten a small film role.

There are two other little round animals, a cat and a tanuki ( at least I think it was a tanuki ), which I assume will eventually give us the other two magical girls on the promo image.

And the show is… fine. Really. It has a decent sense of humour, with knowing winks at the camera, the action is decent, the characters seem alright, and there were a couple of moments that made me go “well played”. It still went on the Maybe Pile, but it’s probably sitting on the top of it.

Really cute.

Oji-san to Marshmallow

Paul Blart, Mall Cop has become Paul Blart, Office Worker. He really likes marshmallows. A girl who likes him and keeps flirting with him ( that he is too oblivious to notice ) tries to use this information to her advantage.

I thought this was all really cute, and for a short palate cleanser this might be the best choice of the season.

Could go very wrong.

Ooyasan wa Shishunki!

Aka The Landlord is in Puberty!

Considering the title, I have a feeling I should just drop this and stay the fuck far away, but I am also curious… like… will they actually go there?

It’s a short, about a guy who finally moves into his own rented apartment, and discovers that the landlord is a girl still attending middle school.

So yeah… red flags raised, but a voice in my mind goes “surely they wouldn’t…”, and to my own detriment I think I need to find out.


Oshiete! Galko-chan

Aka Please tell me! GALKO-chan.

A weird little show that seems to be about how you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

It’s another short, so there’s not a lot to say about it yet, but I thought it was funny enough, and I want to see more of it. If only because of how they were going against expectations in several ways.

They also ask the girls somewhat rude questions a few times during the episode, which I think is going to be a running theme.

If only it made sense.

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation [Dropped]

I have not played PSO2. Apparently a lot of people haven’t, because it’s not had a worldwide release. This anime almost seems like a slap in the face of those people. A taunt.

I thought maybe it was going to be set in the game-world when I first learned about it, but no, it’s set in the near-future Earth, where kids go to the Seiga ( get it? ) Academy, and are basically forced to play PSO2 to show off their social skills. Main guy has been avoiding the game, but then he’s forcefully recruited to the student council and ordered to play. Because…

Because… we… wouldn’t have a show otherwise? Fuck if I know, it’s never given any sensible or reasonable explanation, things just happen because the plot demands it.

The scene where he does his character creation might be the highest concentration of bullshit I have ever seen.

There is a lot of very blatant advertising here, as you see SEGA logos everywhere, there’s a giant Sonic head in the middle of the academy grounds, and taunting advertisements as interlude images.

That’s not really the problem though, it’s more that the animation is fairly bad, the story is bollocks, the writing leaves a lot to be desired, and the characters are entirely forgettable.


Prince of Stride: Alternative

I’ve never paid much attention to sports anime before, but after seeing this I am thinking I maybe should.

This was the first of the new animes I saw this season, and it blew me away. It’s so amazing! Granted, I base this off of a single episode, and maybe it’ll go bad soon. But holy hell, what an entrance.

The main character is a girl ( it’s based on an otome VN, which I think means it’s like a dating sim with a girl MC? ) who transfers to the Honan Academy because she’s a fan of the Stride Club there. Only to find that the club is now virtually non-existent because of some unspecified problems between the earlier members. There’s basically only two people left. Three if you count the Shogi club president. The two clubs joined together to prevent either club from dissolving.

With some help from a couple of other interested guys, they work to reboot the Stride Club and make a smashing come-back, with main-girl as the manager!

It kinda feels like the show straddles the line between being a harem, and just being your typical sports anime full of gay boys. So I’m expecting both a lot homoerotic tension, and for main girl to develop interest in at least one guy. She’s cute, and I hope things work out for her.

Fuck this.

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut [Dropped]

Aka Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle.

Fuck this show. Fuck it. I thought maybe I was getting a neat science fantasy about cool swordswomen with mech suits, but then it revealed that “um actually, our main character is a dude”, and kicked off with one of the worst Teen-wank tropes, and made it even worse with the execution.

I want to flip a table on top of this thing and set it on fire. I hate it so much.

Hahahaha, oh gods...

Schwarzesmarken [Dropped]

Hahahahahahaha, what were they thinking? Maybe they weren’t…

Right, so partway into the Cold War, they discovered aliens on the moon, and they came down to Earth to invade, probably with the goal to kill and eat us all.

The show starts in East Germany, where in spite of the alien invasion, the social situation doesn’t seem to have changed at all from what the history books say? There’s still the Stasi, there’s still people living in fear of the government rather than the aliens, and selling out their friends, neighbours, and family, and good grief.

It’s trying to be all “grr, grr, we are serious story, have some horrors of war, PTSD, jerks, political tension, and all that dark, gritty stuff!” Which is promptly undermined by just how excessively Anime™ it is. It’s hard to take a supposedly sombre scene seriously when the girls look like they have water balloons taped to their chests. Neither boobs, nor fabric, work that way! And the dialogue is just… sigh-worthy.

It’s like they’re trying to have a cake made of shit, and also wanting to eat it.

Then they rescue this West-German girl who just happens to look almost exactly like main-guy’s sister, and she finds out they’re the super-cool and famous 666 Squad, and she wants to join them! For… reasons!

I was groaning so hard at that point, and…Think i'm Done here extended

I can't.

Sekkou Boys [Dropped]

A really weird short show about an idol group that is literal statues that can talk, and the girl who is their manager.

I can’t. I just can’t. I can’t handle this.

Seems pretty good.

Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu

Aka Girls Beyond the Wasteland.

I think this is set at the final year of high school for the main characters. It’s time for them to decide what they want to do with their future, and main guy Buntarou is having trouble deciding, when a somewhat mysterious girl called named Sayuki scouts him to help her make a bishoujo game.

It’s actually a lot more interesting than it sounds. Unlike most anime protagonists, Buntarou seems like a genuinely good guy, helpful and observant. He has some great friends, especially the awesome Yuuka, who I want to hug. Actually, I guess I want to hug everyone, but my point is that she is great!

All the characters I’ve seen so far seem to be very good, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it.


Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu [Dropped]

Not finding any English title for this one.

This is one of those awkward cases where I run into a show that’s doing something different and interesting, but watching it just makes it so absolutely clear that it’s not a show for me.

It’s the mid-60s, I think, and a guy has finally served his prison sentence. He decides to turn over a new leaf, and become a rakugo performer. As far as I was able to discern, rakugo is a kind of one-man theatre performance, where the performer tells a whole story on their lonesome while sitting on the stage, having to bring all the characters to life.

Ex-prisoner Yotaro was swayed by a master rakugo performer that came to the prison, so he seeks out the master and begs to become his apprentice, partly because he has nothing else to go to. The master is intrigued enough to take him in, and Yotaro’s training begins.

The first episode was double-length, and those who liked the show seem to have appreciated that, but I was getting bored already 18 minutes in. ( I remember the time from when I had to take a break. ) I really wanted to like it, but I was so turned off by the rakugo performances. They do a really long performance in the second half, and I just skipped through it, not wanting to see any of it, just wanting to see when it was over.

So yeah… probably really good if you can get into it, but sadly not for me.

No idea, but food is good.

Tabi Machi Late Show

Another short show. I think it might be a show about food and travel? It wasn’t super-interesting, but it was kinda sweet. So I’m mainly curious about how the show will be going forward? Whether the first episode was representative of the rest of it, or not…

Not Watching

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu S2: Hahah, nope! S1 was so bad in the second half, and that ending was awful. I doubt you could afford what it would take to get me to watch this.

Durarara!!x2 Ketsu: This is still going, huh? I never got through S1.

Fairy Tail Zero: I considered it, but not having seen any of the regular Fairy Tail, I decided to leave it.

Naruto: Shippuden – Itachi Shinden – Hikari to Yami: No. Not happening.

And that’s it! Blimey, these things always run long. At least we’ve already trimmed away a lot of stuff, and I have a feeling more is going to go before we reach the halfway point.

Going over this now, I might indeed have misremembered just how many awful shows there were, but I don’t think I can be blamed, considering how bad it was to sit through them.

I’ll see you for the mid-season thoughts in 5-6 weeks!



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