The Yharnam Diaries Extended – Entry 3: Henriet and Ludwig

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Tick tock.

I have made two important discoveries.

The first discovery: Among my possessions I found a curious bell. I do not know where it came from, nor when I picked it up. For whatever reason I immediately thought of it as a summoning bell upon seeing it, even though I am not sure what led me to that conclusion. Certainly it resembles a bell used to call servants in wealthier households, but it was more like looking upon it let me sense its purpose.

Below a chapel similar to the one where I first met Alfred in Yharnam, I found a strange red sign on the ground. Somehow I “knew” that this was a place I could use the bell. I cannot tell you where I acquired this knowledge, but it turned out to be true. At the ring of the bell, the sign glowed brighter, then vanished, and a cloud of mist appeared. Out of the mist stepped a person that was clearly a fellow Hunter. She looked a bit ethereal, but she was provably as solid as I. A quality of this nightmare, perhaps?

In a way I am not entirely sure she was in full possession of her own will, but we were able to hold a short conversation. She introduced herself as Henriet, a Hunter of old. Though clearly in full control of her body, and with all her hunting and combat prowess intact, she seemed uncertain as to how long she had been in the nightmare, or how she came to be here.

Perhaps she was merely being evasive out of a sense of privacy, but it felt more like those parts of her mind were repressed, or perhaps suppressed. And she was a lot quicker to respond to my direction than I honestly expected. Perhaps she could sense my royalty. A queen is fit for command, after all.

Regardless, it seems this bell allows me to summon Hunters of old to come to my aid, though only in specific spots marked by those red signs. Trying to ring the bell elsewhere has no apparent effect.

The second discovery: I do not seem to be able to die in this place.

I swear this was not a discovery made in an attempt to escape the nightmare. While exploring deeper into this place, Henriet and I came across a giant crypt that was inhabited by a giant beast. We did not go quietly, but we were still slain.

As my vision faded to black, and I was certain I was passing into oblivion, I instead opened my eyes to find myself back at the chapel, next to the lantern I had lit when passing through there earlier.

Upon exploring my surroundings, I found that all the giant brutes and beasts I had slain before were back, exactly where they had been, and Henriet’s red summon sign was also back in place.

For a moment I entertained the idea that I had been transported back in time, but I came to a more chilling conclusion shortly after. I am trapped here like those other hunters, the ones where I felt their essences float away after I defeated them. Same with all the other creatures. Same with Henriet and any other Hunters of old. I do not have any definitive evidence of this, yet somehow I know it to be true.

Questioning Henriet on the subject proved fruitless. She either cannot, or will not, talk about it.

Was it this way back in Yharnam as well? I am certain I did not write down anything of the sort in my journal, and it feels like it was all a singular experience, yet…

The lanterns. I remember that Yharnam had lanterns. They led me to the Hunter’s Dream, with Gehrman and the doll. But I cannot quite remember how that worked. Trying to focus on my memories regarding the lanterns makes it all feel like a haze, and I start to notice irregularities surrounding my experiences with the lanterns. Perhaps it is best to not think about it.

Henriet and I assaulted the beast several times before we emerged victorious. He was fearsome, but we could always return. It was only a matter of time.

At some point he found a sword among the detritus of the crypt, and his whole manner changed. That was when he learned his identity. Ludwig, the first Hunter of the Church. Even in this horribly distorted form, he regained some of his sense of self upon being reunited with the sword, but it was not enough to withstand our relentless assault.

As Ludwig fell, and his body rapidly decayed, Henriet bowed to me and faded away, presumably back to wherever she came from. Her summon sign is no longer where it was. I suppose her duty has been fulfilled.

Ludwig’s head survived, somehow. Before I put him out of his misery, I heard his final words.

Good hunter, have you seen the thread of light? Just a hair, a fleeting thing, yet I clung to it, steeped as I was in the stench of blood and beasts. I never wanted to know, what it really was. Really, I did not.

~Nicoletta Wulf


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