Fallen Angel Hunt

[Sequel to: A Good Friend]

Dia was conflicted. She didn’t like the idea that her little sister was in love at all. Ideally that wasn’t supposed to happen until Ruby was at least 30.

She knew that was hypocritical, considering her own feelings towards Kanan and Mari, but this was her sweet little sister she was talking about. She was too innocent for these things!

Yet Hanamaru had told her all about it when Ruby had fallen asleep again. In truth Dia had had some suspicions. What else could wound a young girl so deeply but love? Dia had read the stories. She just hadn’t wanted to face the possibility of Ruby loving someone… that way. And Yoshiko of all people!

Dia was furious at Yoshiko. Worse than Ruby falling in love in the first place, was the fact that Yoshiko had broken her heart.

She should have done something as soon as she noticed how Ruby seemed interested in, perhaps even fascinated by, Yoshiko’s strange antics. Yohane? Fallen angels? Little demons? Dia still remembered that obscene PV they did back when it was just the six of them.

Normally Dia had nothing against Yoshiko. She found her a little endearing actually, though it was at times like having a second Mari. The way those two ended up on the same page a little too often was scary. But right now Yoshiko was the girl who hurt her little sister, which was unforgivable.

Yoshiko hadn’t shown up to school today. Dia had made sure to check, and double-check, that she was nowhere on the premises. Considering what Hanamaru had told her happened yesterday, Dia wasn’t surprised. And she didn’t know how long the ‘fallen angel’ intended to stay away. However she did know where Yoshiko lived.

Maybe going to her home to fetch her was taking things a bit far. Maybe it was petty. But Yoshiko needed to take responsibility for her actions. At the very least apologise, and…

And… did Dia actually want the two of them to make up? What if Ruby still wanted…

Dia and Kanan had hurt Mari pretty deeply, even if they had told themselves it was for a good reason. Yet Mari came back to them… so it was possible that Ruby would still…

But if she could get Yoshiko to apologise, and turn Ruby down more properly, maybe her little sister could move on. Regardless, she had to get Yoshiko.

Yoshiko was faster than Dia though. That had already been demonstrated. If she ran… Dia didn’t want to pull anyone else into this, but she might need the help of You or Kanan just to catch Yoshiko.

Dia sighed. The other Aquors members were already asking about Ruby, and when they learned Yoshiko was also gone they would doubtless get more worried. She decided to talk to Kanan after class. Consult her about whether she wanted to recruit more help.

Whatever the case, Dia would do what she needed to catch Yoshiko.

Yoshiko knew she was in trouble, but she didn’t know what to do about it.

After how she fled from Zuramaru yesterday, there was no way she could have gone back to school today. She didn’t think she could have faced Zuramaru or Dia, and the rest of Aquors might have heard about it by now.

She pushed her computer to the side and banged her head on the desk. Why had it turned out like this?

Yoshiko thought she had been so clever. That there was no way Ruby could have actually fallen for her, and that the great Yohane had been so smart for figuring that out. Heh, fallen.

So she had gotten really swept up in things, as usual. She had been so high on the idea of her own genius, and had… she had…

Clutching her head with both hands, she banged against the desk again. She really had to be cursed with the worst luck.

So it seems possible, even likely, that Ruby was sincere. Had she known… had Yoshiko been aware… she wouldn’t have… done what she did. Ugh, just thinking about it in hindsight made her feel a little sick. Had anyone done that to her…

Yoshiko got up to get a glass of water. What would she have done, though? Employed her powers of darkness to suavely turn Ruby down? Let her know that this fallen angel can’t be bound to anyone? That her wings need to be free, and committing herself to any one human would be a disservice to herself and the world? Found some way to say no without hurting Ruby?

Or would she have accepted Ruby’s feelings, and taken her hand? Yoshiko suddenly felt very hot even thinking about that, so she quickly gulped down the glass of water and filled it back up.

She had been trying very hard to not think about her feelings for Ruby, whatever they might be. Ruby was small, and sweet, and she always seemed to enjoy Yoshiko being Yohane. She was always so supportive, even when she admitted that she didn’t really get it. Come to think of it, Ruby had seemed interested in the idea of becoming one of Yohane’s little demons.

Was Yoshiko just happy that someone unconditionally accepted her as Yohane, or… or did she also have feelings for Ruby? She wasn’t sure.

She put the half-drunken glass of water on her desk, and fell onto her bed. She really wasn’t sure. Was it even okay that someone like her got together with someone as pure as Ruby?

There was suddenly a knock at the door. Who could that be? Yoshiko sat up, and was about to get on her feet.

“Tsushima-san!” a familiar and terrifying voice called out loudly. It was Dia. And she was using Yoshiko’s family name. She knew. “Open up, Tsushima-san! I’m here to take you in!” Take you in? Was Dia the police now?

What was she to do? Yoshiko again cursed her bad luck for living on the tenth floor. It’s not like she had actual wings so she could just jump off the balcony. And she doubted Dia would buy it if Yoshiko pretended to not be at home.

So what could she do? Using a sheet as a parachute was out. This wasn’t a cartoon. Gah, the knocking wouldn’t stop. It’s not like she could tie sheets and clothes into a rope either… rope… she did have that rope her mother insisted she get in case of fire… no. If she lost her grip, that was it.

The nice lady two doors down! If she could get across the balconies, she could probably get Narita-san to let her in, and go out her door. It wouldn’t give her much of a headstart on Dia, but it could be enough. It was certainly a safer option.

Yoshiko went with the plan. It was a little scary going across the balconies, but thankfully Narita-san was cooperative. When Yoshiko went out the door, Dia was still knocking, so Yoshiko sprinted for the stairs while she heard yelling behind her.

Why did she have to live this high up? This was a lot of stairs to take at this speed, but she was still certain she could do it better than Dia.

When she finally hit the first floor and stumbled out the door, she saw Kanan leaning against the tree outside.

“Hi there, Yoshiko-chan,” Kanan said as she stepped forth. “I’m sorry, but I can’t let you go.”

Yoshiko knew it was over.

[Sequel: Fearful Reunion]



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