Spending the Night

[Part 1 of Not A Game, based on/sequel to Night at the Office]

Hifumi unlocks the door when they reach her place, and they both head inside, making sure to lock behind them.

“Sojiro, I’m home,” Hifumi says before taking off her shoes.

I can’t wait to get out of this suit, Aoba thinks. She has become quite the frequent visitor to Hifumi’s place in the past couple of months. She even has some stuff of her own here permanently. Officially moving in together would be the next logical step, but…

She lines up her shoes neatly alongside Hifumi’s and smiles.

“Do you want anything to eat before we go to bed?” Hifumi asks. She is loosening her collar and undoing the top button while heading into the kitchen. Aoba takes off her jacket and places it on a coat hanger.

“Hm… maybe something simple… like toast,” she replies and loosens her ribbon. “Nothing that takes time or is too heavy.” Aoba spots Hifumi’s pet hedgehog in his cage. “Hi, Sojiro,” she says, but Sojiro ignores her. Aoba has gotten the impression he doesn’t like her much.

Hifumi puts a couple of slices into the toaster, and takes the jam out of the fridge. Having Aoba over was really weird in the beginning. Hifumi never had guests over, it was just her and Sojiro. But Aoba is now a very important part of her life, and it’s really the only place they can be alone together. Hifumi smiles and blushes just a little bit.

Unfortunately going to Aoba’s place isn’t really an option, seeing as she still lives with her parents. Hifumi wants to bring that topic up again, but… it can wait until morning. Right now they’re both tired, and she worries that could cause things to escalate to an argument.

The toaster pings, and Hifumi extracts the slices of bread and put them on plates. One for each should do this late. She glances over towards Aoba, and-

“Aoba!” she says in surprise. “Go into the bathroom or bedroom to change clothes!” Aoba has started stripping in the middle of the living room.

“Eh?” Aoba replies and looks at Hifumi. Half the buttons on her shirt are undone. “But you’ve seen me without anything on. What’s the issue?” Hifumi blushes at Aoba’s bold statement. And maybe also at being able to see Aoba’s bra.

“S-Sojiro might see,” Hifumi says. “Anyways, it’s indecent. What if the curtains weren’t drawn? I don’t want you making a habit of this.” The way Aoba is smiling at her isn’t making Hifumi’s blush go away.

Aoba is considering refusing and continuing to undress here, but she relents.

“Okay okay, I’ll be right back then,” she says, and picks up her bag to go into the bedroom. Hifumi sighs in slight relief. It really just feels wrong to have Aoba strip down in the living room, even if the reasons she can name for why feel a little flimsy.

She puts the toast and jam on the table, then goes to feed Sojiro. He seems a little grumpy, but he eats as normal when Hifumi fills his food bowl. Maybe best to change the water in his bottle too.

Aoba comes out in her pajamas when Hifumi is just putting the bottle back. She thinks it’s really cute that Aoba still uses those. Hifumi just uses a night shirt.

They sit down to eat. Aoba yawns, which spreads to Hifumi too.

“It feels so nice to get into something more comfortable,” Aoba says, and winks at Hifumi. Hifumi’s not even sure how that’s supposed to be a tease.

“Please remember to not start changing in the living room again,” Hifumu says. “It just feels… improper. I hope you don’t think I’m being unreasonable,” she adds, but Aoba smiles at her.

“Not at all, don’t worry about it,” she replies. “I was too tired to think it over, I suppose. I’m sorry.” Aoba sounds sincere, and Hifumi smiles back at her.

They finish the toast, and brush their teeth, before heading into the bedroom. Hifumi’s bed isn’t a double, but it’s wide enough that they both can fit without it being too cramped. Buying a wider one might still be a good idea.

Aoba slides in first, while Hifumi changes. She can feel Aoba’s eyes on her as she unhooks her bra and puts on the shirt. It’s probably not necessary for them to really wear anything together, but it’s a matter of both habit and comfort, as well as not getting cold.

Hifumi turns off the light, gets into bed with Aoba, and they share a kiss. Then Aoba nuzzles herself against Hifumi’s chest.

“Can I sleep like this?” she asks. Hifumi sighs.

“You always try this,” she says. “But you know that’s not going to be very comfortable for either of us.” She pats Aoba on the head. “I know you’re just being a tease to get me to blush, but I’m too used to you by now.”

Aoba remains there for a moment before she pulls back and places her head properly on the pillow. They look each other in the eyes, even if they’re just barely visible.

“I guess I’m still a little envious of the size difference,” Aoba says mischievously a moment later. Hifumi giggles.

“You’re not that bad off yourself, you know,” she replies. “I can still get a good grip.” Aoba is definitely rubbing off on her.

“Oooh?” Aoba says and leans in to kiss Hifumi. “Are you saying you want to demonstrate right now?” Even in the dark Hifumi can tell Aoba is grinning.

“Don’t be mean,” Hifumi says. “It’s late, and we still have to get up early.” She can feel herself getting little worked up, though. Maybe she won’t be able to sleep like this anyway.

“Are you sure?” Aoba asks as she reaches around to softly stroke Hifumi’s back with her hand.

Oh, that feels good, Hifumi thinks. She wriggles a little closer to Aoba. “Well, just having you here is already distracting, so…” She says, and kisses Aoba again. “Can you use your nails a little? Oh… oh yeah, just like that…” Aoba has learned how Hifumi likes it, and in return she reaches down and cups Aoba’s cute butt, to better pull her close.

Hifumi sighs happily and slides her hand inside Aoba’s pajama bottoms while they kiss, and she can feel Aoba’s hand going up under her shirt. Seems neither of them will be able to sleep until they’ve tired each other out a bit.

Hifumi wakes up a few minutes before the alarm, as she has a habit of doing. While they tend to lose a bit of time, she nevertheless feels like she never sleeps more soundly than when Aoba is over.

Aoba is turned away from Hifumi, and spooned up against her. So Hifumi gives her a one-armed hug and kisses her neck. Aoba stirs a little, but doesn’t actually wake up until the alarm goes off. Hifumi rolls over enough to grab her phone and switch it off.

“Good morning,” she says and kisses Aoba’s neck again, causing her to shudder a little.

“G’d morn…” Aoba groggily replies while rubbing her eyes. Hifumi wishes they didn’t have to go into work today, but no such luck. It’s still only Wednesday. Three more days…

Aoba doesn’t want to get up either, and instead wriggles herself as close against Hifumi as possible. This bed has really become one of her favourite places. Probably any bed would be so long as it has Hifumi in it.

“Did you sleep well?” Hifumi asks, and Aoba turns around to kiss her.

“Mm yes…” she says, and yawns slightly. “You are really comfy,” she adds with a giggle, causing Hifumi to roll her eyes a little.

“Well, that’s good to know,” she says. “Now come on, time for you to stop teasing, and to get up with me.” Hifumi pushes herself up. Aoba makes a halfhearted attempt at holding her back, before she sighs and starts to get up herself. They get on their feet and stretch, nearly in sync.

This is nice, Hifumi thinks, and not for the first time. It would be even better if Aoba could move in, so Hifumi thinks she should bring that up again during breakfast. It’s not the biggest place, but it should be fine. Or if it turns out to be too small, it can at least last them until they find something more suitable.

She feeds Sojiro his breakfast while Aoba gets started on theirs, then Hifumi goes to help out. It doesn’t take them too long to get it ready. They sit down to eat.

“So, Aoba…” Hifumi says after they’ve eaten a bit. “Have you talked to your parents?” she asks, and the expression on Aoba’s face tells her right away that she hasn’t.

“Ah, n-no…” Aoba says and looks down, feeling a little ashamed. She had promised she would, but…

“If you really want to move in with me,” Hifumi says, maybe stressing the ‘if’ a little more than she had wanted to. “You’re going to have to.” She hasn’t even met Aoba’s parents yet. Admittedly Aoba hasn’t met Hifumi’s parents either, but at least Hifumi is living on her own.

“I know, I’m just…” Aoba says, pausing for a moment before finishing. “…afraid.” It’s the first time Aoba has said that out loud. “I’m scared of how they’ll react, and I don’t… I don’t want to lie to them either.” Hifumi can empathise with that, but she still feels a little hurt that it’s taking Aoba so long. Is she really that ashamed of the two of them dating?

No, that’s unfair, Hifumi thinks. It’s not like she has broken the news to her family either. She hasn’t had to yet.

“I can’t seem to ever find the right time,” Aoba says, and sighs sadly. “I’m sorry. And this week I started worrying about whether they’d stop me from going to the hot spring inn with you this weekend if I told them now… or if it would ruin the mood if it went poorly.” Hifumi leans down a bit to catch Aoba’s eye, and tries to smile reassuringly at her.

“You’re an adult now, they can’t actually stop you,” she tells Aoba. “And from what you’ve told me, I don’t think they’re the type that would, either.” Hifumi sits back up and takes a sip of her tea.

“Plus they must be aware that something is going on anyway,” she says, and Aoba nods in agreement. “Look, I can understand if you want to wait until next week, but…” Hifumi stops herself there, and lets out a small sigh of her own.

“Yeah… thank you,” Aoba says gratefully. “But I-I’ll try my best to talk to them before we go.” She smiles at Hifumi. “I really have been keeping you waiting for too long already.” They have been talking about it since just before New Year’s.

“If it goes poorly, I’ll do my best to cheer you up this weekend,” Hifumi says. Aoba suddenly gets that twinkle in her eye again.

“Does that mean you’ll actually wear the underwear I bought?” Aoba teases with a grin, making Hifumi go red.

“I… um…” Hifumi really feels that barely qualifies as underwear. It doesn’t even fully cover things up! It’s closer to cosplay, though she’s not sure what character would wear that. Hifumi likes cosplay, but they haven’t done any of the sexy kind. Aoba is so mean. However…

“If you manage to talk to them before we go,” Hifumi says, thinking maybe a little incentive will help. “I will w-wear it for y-you.” Aoba is a little surprised at that answer. Maybe that shouldn’t be what it takes to get her to actually talk to her parents, but it does make the prospect a little more tempting. Whether it goes good or bad, at least she’ll have something to look forward to afterwards. She feels a little guilty though.

“I will certainly do my best,” she says. “But… if you truly aren’t comfortable wearing it, you don’t have to.” Aoba’s not sure if she deserves a reward for doing something she should have done weeks ago.

“Well, I’ll at least bring it,” Hifumi says, still blushing a bit. “Beyond that, we’ll see…” Aoba feels a small pang of shame for how much she looks forward to that. But just a small one.

They finish up breakfast, clean up after themselves, and start getting ready. They take turns using the shower, help each other fix their hair and such, and then get dressed for work. Aoba making doubly sure she remembers to put everything she is supposed to back in the bag. They say goodbye to Sojiro, and hold hands as they go to work. Hopefully they won’t need much overtime today.



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