Heading To The Inn

[Sequel to Spending the Night]

They are planning to leave right after work today, and Hifumi has noticed that Aoba has seemed a little down all day. Though she can’t tell if it’s the ‘I wasn’t able to talk to them’ kind of down, or the ‘I talked to them’ kind. Maybe best to not bring that up until they’re on the train.

Work is a bit of a situation itself. It’s not like they’ve exactly been trying to hide that they’re dating. Hajime and Yun have probably realised. Just like they’re all sure that Toyama-san and Yagami-san have been together for at least as long as Hifumi has worked here. But Aoba and Hifumi haven’t brought it up, either. They’re not really sure how to, unless they get asked first. Or unless they have some big announcement…

It reaches the end of the day, and Aoba, Hifumi, and Yun get up. Hajime doesn’t move.

“Aren’t you coming, Hajime?” Yun asks her. Hajime sighs and looks back at them.

“Not yet, I have to finish up a couple of things before the weekend,” she says with a sad smile. “Hopefully it won’t take too long.” It hasn’t escaped her notice that Aoba and Hifumi brought bags to work today, so she adds: “Have fun on your trip, you two.”

“Yeah, have fun~,” Yun chimes in with a clever smile. Aoba and Hifumi both blush. They feel like they just got confirmation that Hajime and Yun definitely know.

“T-thanks,” Aoba says, and Hifumi is grateful she spoke up. She’s not sure she’d be able to right now. “You two have a fun weekend too,” Aoba manages to add. Yun is graceful enough to let the two of them take an elevator first without her, though she grins at them while the doors close.

“I guess I’m not surprised they have figured it out,” Aoba says, and leans lightly against Hifumi. She hadn’t been prepared for that today. “But that was still a little embarrassing.” She looks up at Hifumi. “Maybe we should have been more open about it before now?”

“Y-yeah, maybe,” Hifumi replies. It had indeed been embarrassing, but part of her is glad that to learn that their relationship isn’t a secret.

They arrive at the train station five minutes before the train arrives, and Aoba squeezes Hifumi’s hand while they wait. Her talk with her parents is weighing on her mind, and she’s wondering when Hifumi is going to ask about it.

Once the train arrives, they get on and stow their bags before finding a seat. Aoba has a quick debate with herself whether she wants to sit facing Hifumi so she can look at her, or sit next to her so they can snuggle. The latter option wins out pretty quickly.

It takes another 5 minutes before the train starts to move, and neither of them say anything during that time. Hifumi decides to speak up after they have started moving.

“Did you talk to them?” she asks, and Aoba squeezes her hand again before replying.

“Yeah,” she says, and sighs. “It could have been worse, but it wasn’t great.” She settles in to tell Hifumi about it, while Hifumi reaches over to gently pat Aoba’s head.

Aoba has never been interested in boys. She has always been interested in girls, and she’s been aware of that for as long as she remembers taking any interest at all. Her parents must have at least suspected, considering Aoba hasn’t been terribly subtle about it.

Hifumi had certainly noticed, almost from the start. Aoba has a way of looking at girls she finds cute and attractive that is rather hard to miss. She’s not very good at hiding when she’s checking someone out, even if she’s not doing it consciously. Aoba is someone you could describe as ‘gay as hell’.

It didn’t take long before Hifumi had felt a connection to Aoba. She is so small and cute, and Hifumi found her surprisingly easy to talk to. She thinks she probably developed a crush pretty early on. Yet she would always feel a stab of worry and jealousy when Aoba looked at someone else. Aoba’s just so cute and lovable that Hifumi can easily see almost anyone being drawn to her.

However it had been to Hifumi that Aoba had confessed. Aoba had taken her aside after the launch party, and confessed her love. Hifumi had been so shocked she hadn’t been able to answer for a little while. She had resigned herself to an unrequited love, especially seeing how Aoba had acted towards Yagami-san at the time. Hifumi was too shy to be the one to confess.

When Hifumi had gone quiet, Aoba had worried she was going to be turned down, but Hifumi finally replied after a minute. And they have been dating ever since.

Aoba had told her parents some of this while trying to explain things. Her father was actually fairly supportive, but her mother was not. She’d said some harsh things that Aoba hadn’t managed to respond to, so she’d just fled to her room. Her father came up shortly after, saying he would talk to her mother. He also told her to enjoy the trip. Aoba and her mother hadn’t spoken the next morning before Aoba left for work.

Hifumi dries Aoba’s cheeks with a tissue, then hands it to her so she can dry her eyes herself. Aoba hadn’t even noticed that she’d started crying.

“T-thank you,” she says, and blows her nose. How very romantic, she thinks, but Hifumi doesn’t mind.

“You did it, though,” she says, and smiles as Aoba looks at her. “I’m glad you were able to, and I’m sure things will work out now that it’s out there.” She doesn’t add out loud ‘even if it maybe takes a while’.

“I guess so,” Aoba says. “At least I have something different to worry about now,” she says, trying to be humorous about it. Even though it hadn’t gotten the result she wanted, it still felt good to get it off her chest.

“Besides,” Hifumi says as she leans in to kiss Aoba. She doesn’t care that someone might see. “I promised I’d cheer you up this weekend if it went badly.” Aoba perks up at that.

“Oh, does that mean you…?” she leaves the question hanging, certain that Hifumi knows what she means.

“Hm, we’ll see…” Hifumi replies. “Regardless I’m sure I’ll find some way,” she adds playfully. She thinks it’s getting a little warm in here.

“Mmm, I don’t doubt it,” Aoba says and winks. It’s not too long until their stop now, so they settle in to snuggle silently again until then.

It’s practically dark when they arrive at the inn. They get shown to their room, and put their bags down inside. Aoba takes a seat. The climb up to the inn’s a little steep, so she feels a tad winded.

“We should probably take a bath before we get anything to eat,” Hifumi suggests. Aoba’s pretty hungry, but she agrees with the idea.

“Yeah, better to eat when you’re not feeling gross,” she says, and watches as Hifumi bends down to open her bag. The inn provides towels, but Hifumi wants her toiletries, and a fresh change of underwear for afterwards. Suddenly she feels Aoba on her back.

“Hey, did you really bring it?” she asks playfully and tries to look inside Hifumi’s bag.

“Ack, get off me, you little fiend,” Hifumi replies, and tips herself to the side to roll Aoba off. She quickly grabs the last item she was looking for and closes the bag. “Whether or not I brought it shall remain a secret for now,” she says and giggles a little. Aoba pouts in an exaggerated manner.

“I could just look inside when you’re not paying attention,” she says, and Hifumi instinctively moves the bag so she’s been between it and Aoba.

“I don’t think even you would be that mean, but I’ll still tell you: don’t you dare,” Hifumi says sternly. Aoba backs down.

“Okay okay, I won’t look. I promise,” she says, and Hifumi’s expression softens. “But do I get anything in return for being a nice girl?” Aoba asks teasingly. Hifumi can’t help rolling her eyes.

“You’re hopeless,” she declares. “I’m not so sure you deserve anything.” Then she smiles warmly. “But I’ll give you something anyway.” She crawls over to where Aoba is sitting, and kisses her. “This is only because I love you, you understand.” Aoba giggles and wraps her arms around Hifumi.

“I love you too,” she says, and pulls Hifumi in close for more kisses. The bath can wait a little bit longer.



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