A Hot (Spring) Evening

[Sequel to: Heading to the Inn]

Getting into the warm water is bliss. It’s absolutely pitch black now, and while the area around the outdoor bath is pretty well lit, they still decide to go for the indoor one. It’s not as big, but at least no one else is here right now. It’s not really prime time for tourists.

They can both feel aches they were barely aware of starting to melt away. Aoba enters after Hifumi, so Hifumi can get a good look at her as she walks in. Aoba sits down next to her, and sort of melts into the water. Her hand searches for and finds Hifumi’s, though not before ‘accidentally’ brushing against Hifumi’s bottom, eliciting a slight squeak.

“Be nice,” Hifumi chides. “People could come in at any moment.” At least her blushing will be mostly disguised in here, whatever happens.

“But isn’t that part of the thrill, senpai~?” Aoba asks while grinning slightly, but she doesn’t pursue it any further. She sinks down until the water covers her shoulders and touches her chin. Hifumi shakes her head a little, then follows suit. This really feels fantastic.

Hifumi reflects on how things have gone since they started dating. It has certainly been an interesting few months. At the start neither of them knew how things were supposed to work, but it didn’t take them too long to get a handle on it. They both did some research, even if they never actually told each other that.

There’s been a lot of memorable moments. All the times they’ve gone out to eat, gone shopping, just walked the streets and markets, especially around Christmas. Held hands in the cold, shared frosty kisses. They went to Comiket, where Hifumi wanted to cosplay. She even let Aoba help her a little with the outfit. They might have also bought some girls love doujins for… research purposes.

Going to see the fireworks together on New Year’s, where they kissed at midnight. Going together to the shrine the next day.

Hifumi’s mind drifts in a slightly different direction.

There was the first time they had sex, when neither of them knew what they were doing. And the third time when they were starting to get the hang of it. It’s also really hard to forget the time Aoba went down on her in a changing room. At least Hifumi knows how to be quiet when she has to. Aoba isn’t very good when it comes to that…

Hifumi suddenly sits bolt upright. What am I even thinking about?! she asks herself. She is bright red now, which might be partly due to the hot spring. There’s certainly a bit of dizziness.

“Hifumi?” Aoba sounds concerned. “Are you alright?” She sits up herself, and leans in to support Hifumi.

“I… I’m a little…” Hifumi says, starting to sway.

“Come on, let’s get you out of the water,” Aoba says, and helps Hifumi up. “We’ve probably been in here long enough anyway.” She leads Hifumi out and towards the showers. Hifumi starts feeling a little better already.

“I’m sorry,” she says, as Aoba helps her sit on a stool. Aoba giggles a little.

“You don’t have to apologise,” she says, and kisses Hifumi gently on the cheek. Aoba’s lips actually feels a little cooler than her face. “I’ll go get our shampoo and bodywash,” Aoba says, and walks off. Aoba can be really responsible when she wants to.

Hifumi reaches for one of the shower hoses, and lets out a yelp as she sprays comparatively cold water on her head. She didn’t think it would feel that cold. It’s kinda nice, though.

When Aoba returns, she asks: “Did that help?” in a teasing tone. She had heard the yelp. Hifumi smiles.

“Yeah,” she replies. “Feel for yourself,” she says, and sprays Aoba. Aoba yelps too, and nearly drops what she’s carrying.

“H-hey, stop that,” she complains. “Or I won’t wash your back.” Hifumi doesn’t do it again. She hadn’t really intended to keep going anyway, only Aoba would be that mean. Probably.

Aoba hands Hifumi her shampoo, while she settles in to wash Hifumi’s back. There’s something genuinely calming about this, plus Hifumi’s skin is really nice and smooth.

“Do you want me to wash your front too?” Aoba asks teasingly.

“Do I have to spray you again?” Hifumi retorts. “I already said someone could come in at any moment, so you had best behave.”

“Not even your tummy?” Aoba tries, and slides her hands down Hifumi’s side, eliciting a gasp. Then she’s rewarded with a spray of water across Hifumi’s shoulder.

“I said no,” Hifumi replies. She’s glad Aoba can’t see her face. Aoba shakes some of the water off.

“I’m sorry, I’ll stop,” she says. “You’re so tempting it’s hard to restrain myself… but I promise I’ll do it.” Aoba knows she went a little far there.

“Just… save it for when we’re in the room…” Hifumi says softly, and leans back a little. “Can you scratch my shoulders a bit? Yeah, like that…” Aoba is happy to oblige.

Hifumi rinses all the soap off of herself, and they switch places. She does get the thing about temptation, because Aoba looks extra small and vulnerable from this position. But Hifumi knows how to behave.

Aoba’s enjoying the backwash so much she nearly forgets to wash herself at the same time. Hifumi’s hands are soft, but they also feel surprisingly strong. She’d love to stay like this, but her hunger is becoming quite pressing. Aoba rinses herself clean, then they put on their robes, and head back to the room to get dressed.

The food was absolutely delicious, and Aoba ate a little too fast. Now she’s in the room by herself, groaning from being too full. Hifumi has gone to get them something to drink.

It’s barely the start of the weekend, yet Aoba’s already thinking about next week. Wondering what it’ll be like to see her mother again. She’s not particularly looking forward to it.

Aoba has always been on good terms with her family. As an only child she’s probably been a little spoiled, to be honest. So she had hoped…

“I’m back,” Hifumi says as she pushes the door open, and steps inside.

“Welcome back,” Aoba says, and rolls onto her side to look at Hifumi. Regardless of her mother’s approval, being with Hifumi is what feels right. Aoba can’t really imagine a different life.

“I have warm tea,” Hifumi says. “How are you doing?” she asks. Aoba groans a little.

“I really ate too fast…” she replies while sitting up. The tea feels very nice, though it also makes her realise how tired she is. It’s not that late yet, but…

“Shall we call it an early night?” Hifumi asks. She’s thinking the same, partly because she notices how Aoba’s eyes are struggling to stay open.

“Yeah…” Aoba says, and finishes off her tea. She crawls over to her bag and digs out her pajamas. Hifumi finds her night shirt, and it’s not long before they’re both in the futons. Naturally they decided to push them right up next to each other, and snuggle close.

“Hey, Hifumi?” Aoba says. She’s thinking about bringing up her thoughts regarding next week, but she is really tired.

“Hm?” Hifumi says and puts her arms around Aoba to cuddle her. Aoba decides it can wait until tomorrow. Or even Sunday.

“I love you,” she says instead.

“I love you too,” Hifumi says with a smile. She’s about to kiss Aoba when she notices she’s already fallen asleep. So she kisses Aoba’s forehead instead and whispers: “Good night.”

She listens to Aoba’s breathing as she falls asleep herself.



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