After a Hard Day’s Work

[A/N: This idea popped up while I was working on a different idea, and I just had to go for it. This is likely going to turn into an irregular series for when I need more of this fluffy trio.]

It had been a long day at work, and a long day of being Yoshiko. Yohane was tired. Overtime sucked, but it was perhaps worse that she was getting used to being Yoshiko. She was an adult now. Perhaps it was finally time to embrace Yoshiko as part of that. She unlocked the front door, and stepped inside. Or perhaps not. Being an adult wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

“Yohane?” A familiar, soothing voice called out from the direction of the kitchen/living area. Hanamaru stepped into the hallway while Yohane was taking off her shoes and coat. “Overtime again, zura?”

“Yeah,” Yohane replied. She had sent a text, but Hanamaru was clearly just being concerned. “We have some rough deadlines right now, but things should calm down by next week.” She sighed and picked up her bag to carry it in. Hanamaru spread her arms to offer Yohane a hug, and she accepted it gratefully.

“Thank you, Zuramaru,” she said and felt close to collapsing against Hanamaru’s soft, warm body. Maybe she could just fall asleep here…

“You’re welcome, Yohane,” Hanamaru said and rubbed Yohane’s back. It wasn’t as often Yohane called her Zuramaru any longer, but when she was tired it seemed to just happen automatically.

“… you don’t have to call me Yohane any longer, you know… we’re adults now, I should leave that behind…” she said, though with not a lot of conviction. Hanamaru giggled, and helped her into the living room.

“Don’t be silly, zura. You finally got me to call you Yohane, and now you want me to stop again?” she said with an affectionate tone as she took Yohane’s bag away. Yohane plopped onto the couch. “Besides, I can tell you like it, zura. Lifts your spirits, perhaps?” She could see Yohane’s cheeks darkening a little, which was all the confirmation she needed.

“I suppose you’d know about that, growing up at a shrine,” Yohane joked. It wasn’t a very good joke. Hanamaru still laughed.

“I’ll get dinner started, zura. If you want to take a bath before we eat, there’s time,” she said, and walked into the kitchen. “Ruby’s in there already, zura. She’s a bit burned out from studying, so I’m sure you’ll fit together great.” Hanamaru wasn’t good at jokes either, but at least they could be bad together.

Yohane pushed her aching self up from the couch, and headed for the bathroom. She knocked on the door and heard a squeak from inside.

“I’m coming in,” she said, and went in, quickly closing the door behind her. Ruby was looking a little startled, but relaxed when she saw who it was.

“Oh, Yohane,” she said, letting out a sigh of relief. “S-sorry, you startled me.” She was still in the bath, along with a rubber ducky, and a rubber boat You had gotten them for a house-warming gift. Because You. Yohane thought Ruby looked good with her hair down. And with nothing on…

“You still get so easily startled, Ruby,” she said as she started taking her clothes off and throwing them in the laundry. “You know it’s only going to be me or Hanamaru.”

“B-but it could be a burglar, or a guest, or… or… something…” Ruby said, then sighed again. “You’re right… I still need to work on this.” She was watching Yohane undress with great interest. Ruby couldn’t pick between who she found more attractive of Yohane and Hanamaru, but she firmly believed that Yohane was the prettiest of all three of them. Ruby was the cute one, Hanamaru was the curvy, comfortable one, and Yohane was the pretty one. If you wanted to overly simplify things.

Yohane finally loosened her hair bun, and went over to the bath.

“Can I darken these waters, my little demon?” she asked with dramatic flair. There was that voice that made Ruby’s spine shiver.

“Naturally, my sweet angel,” Ruby said and made room. She was smiling pretty wide. She had been about to get out, but she definitely didn’t mind staying a little longer for this.

“Fallen angel,” Yohane corrected her as she got in. The water felt very nice.

“Well, you certainly shine brightly to me,” Ruby said with a wink. Yohane blushed!

“Gah! You’re such a dork!” she exclaimed. She was tempted to splash Ruby, but she was too tired to start anything. Ruby could tell.

“I’m sorry, but you left yourself wide open on that one,” Ruby giggled, and motioned for Yohane to come sit with her back against her. “You look really tired, Yohane. Are you sure you can’t refuse overtime at least a couple of nights?” Yohane leaned against Ruby and batted lightly at the rubber boat. Ruby put her arms gently around Yohane’s waist.

“I think I’m still considered too new to get away with that,” she said, and put her hands over Ruby’s. This was nice. “And none of the people who have been there longer have gone home early either.” Ruby softly kissed Yohane’s shoulder. “We’ll be done by the end of the week.”

“If you say so,” Ruby said, nuzzling against Yohane’s back. She was worried, but she couldn’t force Yohane to do anything. Working life was hard, and sometimes merciless, it seemed.

“Besides,” Yohane said and turned her head to look at Ruby. “I can just absorb the energy I need from my little demons.” She grinned a little, and Ruby giggled. Ruby grabbed the chance to give Yohane a kiss on the cheek.

“Should I wash your back already? I’m guessing you’ve not eaten in a while,” she said, and Yohane’s tired sigh confirmed that.

“Mm…” Yohane wished she could just stay like this, but Ruby was right. Best to get done quickly. “Yeah, thanks.” She scooted forwards, and got started on her everything else while Ruby washed her back. She wasn’t so tired that she couldn’t also return the favour. Ruby and Hanamaru did genuinely revitalise her.

“Here’s some fresh underwear, zura,” Hanamaru quickly popped in as they were getting out. She took a moment to enjoy the view before she had to go back to the food.

The two of them quickly dried off and got dressed, then shared a quick kiss before heading out into the living room.

“Mmm, that smells good,” Yohane said, and her stomach growled in agreement.

“Have you got a little demon in there too, zura?” Hanamaru teased as Yohane’s blush darkened.

“S-shut up, or I’ll cast a curse on you!” Yohane said.

“Zura! I’d best be careful then,” Hanamaru said with exaggerated shock. Yohane rolled her eyes and set the table, while Ruby helped Hanamaru finish up and get the food served.

Hamburg steak seemed perfectly fine right now, though Yohane could probably eat anything at this point. She reached for the hot sauce, and just poured it on. Ruby and Hanamaru were still impressed at how much of that stuff Yohane could handle. They had barely upgraded to medium curry.

“I don’t really want to talk about my work today, but how have your days been?” Yohane asked them before taking her first bite.

“Well, we had a pretty slow day,” Hanamaru said. She had gotten a job at a bookstore, and had already made manager. “Yui could handle most of the customers, so I mostly ended up sorting new inventory, zura.” Yui was one of the other employees. Hanamaru was the first of the three to leave in the morning, and the first to come home unless Ruby didn’t have any afternoon lectures. So Ruby was home first on Tuesdays and Fridays.

“Ugh, I feel like my brain is cooked,” Ruby said. “Why is math one of the required courses, I’ll never understand…” Yohane chuckled a little. It’s nice how some things don’t change. Ruby going to university for fashion design was their main reason for moving to the city. It helped that it made it easier for her and Hanamaru to get jobs.

After dinner and cleaning up, they ended up on the couch. Hanamaru in the middle, naturally. She was the comfiest one to rest on, and she had resigned herself to this fate. Currently both Yohane and Ruby seemed close to falling asleep, using Hanamaru’s bosom as their pillow.

“Hey, you could at least kiss me before you so shamelessly exploit my body,” she told them, picking her words very deliberately. Ruby and Yohane both blushed, and Ruby giggled.

“Sorry, Hanamaru,” Ruby said, and sat up to kiss her. It was deep and sweet, their tongues meeting while Yohane sat up more slowly. Leaving her favourite pillow was agony.

“Sorry, Zuramaru,” she said when Hanamaru turned towards her. Yohane still tasted of hot sauce, but Hanamaru didn’t mind. She was used to it, and it was fairly mild in Yohane’s mouth. Just a bit of tingling on the tongue.

“Mmmkay, you’re free to go back to what you were doing, zura,” Hanamaru said, feeling like she’d been well enough compensated. She patted both of their heads as they settled back down. Yohane fell asleep before a minute had passed, and the other two watched her sleep peacefully for a while before they dozed off themselves. The TV droned on in the background.



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