Deadly Aftermath

“Eleven-five! Game and match to Futamaru!”

The sweat is dripping off of Kururi. She’s annoyed at herself. That hadn’t been her best play. She had gotten careless. Sloppy. She needs to be deadlier than that.

“Congratulations, Kururi!” Zakuro calls out as Kururi walks back, and runs out to hug her. Even her brooding can’t stand up to a hug from the girl she would offer up everything to.

“Thanks,” she says, and returns the hug.

Kururi and Zakuro both feel refreshed when they get out of the shower. They keep their hands to themselves, of course. The rest of the team know they’re a couple, but they’ve agreed to not do anything in front of them. It’s just not proper.

But as if by unspoken agreement, the rest of the team file out of the changing room as soon as they’re able, to give the two more time together. Yura is the last one out, and she winks at them before she closes the door behind her. The oft-scary Kururi blushes.

“All alone, huh?” Zakuro says. “Those girls…” She smiles. Despite anything she might say, she is very glad to have their support.

“All alone…” Kururi repeats, feeling a little bit flustered. She still gets like that around Zakuro, especially when they’re alone. Her heart refuses to calm down.

Once they’re dressed, Zakuro takes Kururi’s hand. Ba-thump!

“So are you going to talk to me about it?” she asks, and Kururi is so focused the feeling of Zakuro’s hand that she nearly misses the question.

“Huh? What did you say?” is Kururi’s reply. Zakuro sighs a little.

“Come on, Kururi. I can tell something is bothering you,” she says, and the look in Kururi’s eyes confirms it. “So are you going to tell me about it?” Kururi is torn.

“It’s… we won… it’s just going to sound deathly petty…” she says as Zakuro starts tying up her hair. Feeling Zakuro’s fingers running through it makes her shiver a little.

“Look, you know I can read you like an open book,” Zakuro says as she ties Kururi’s ribbons. “So out with it.” Kururi turns around to return the favour.

“Even though for the death of you, you weren’t able to realise my feelings for so long?” Kururi can’t resist bringing that up. The shade of red Zakuro turns is a nice compliment to her purple hair.

“T-t-that’s different!” Zakuro replies flustered, but calms down quickly at the touch of Kururi’s hands. It feels nice to have Kururi bundle up her hair and tie the ribbon. The one Kururi bought her. “Anyways, you’re trying to change the subject.” They head out, and she takes Kururi’s hand again once they’re out the door. Ba-thump! Kururi accepts that she can’t get away from this.

“Okay, I’ll tell you,” she says with a tone of resignation. “I’m not happy with my play today. It was sloppy. I need to be deadlier.” Zakuro squeezes her hand as they walk down the corridor.

“We won, Kururi,” Zakuro says reassuringly. “You won, and sealed our victory. Don’t be so harsh on yourself.”

“I got careless,” Kururi says in a frustrated tone. “Yes, I won, but I went down a game. And it annoys me to death.”

“They were strong opponents,” Zakuro states matter-of-factly. “I went down two games, so you shouldn’t feel bad about going down one.” They push out the door into the cool afternoon air. “And it was just a friendship match. It’s okay to enjoy yourself, and get a little carried away.”

“I should have done better,” Kururi says. She’s not so sure she’d call what she did ‘enjoying herself’. “I got thrown off when she came up with a consistent counter to my curve drive, and I took deathly long to recover.”

“Hmmm… did it remind you of a certain someone?” Zakuro asks with a hint of teasing. Kururi is well aware who she means.

“N-no… no,” she says. “Maybe a little… it brought back a little deadly memory of that… but she wasn’t as good as Tsumujikaze-san.” It’s a little embarrassing to remember that, but Kururi isn’t ashamed of her loss to Tsumujikaze. It had been a glorious battle to the death.

Zakuro giggles at Kururi’s blush, and she stops walking, gently pulling Kururi around she can look her in the eyes.

“Kururi… okay, so you had a small stumble,” she says honestly, then continues confidently: “But you recovered strongly, and getting back from a stumble is a more important skill than not stumbling at all. That’s me speaking as your captain.” She raises her free hand to cup Kururi’s cheek. “And you played beautifully the way I love you doing. That’s me speaking as your girlfriend.” Ba-thump! Kururi’s deep blush is a near-perfect contrast to her green hair.

“Have I told you that I love you today, Zakuro?” she asks.

“Oh my, you sound so serious,” Zakuro says with a grin.

“You know I’m always dead serious,” Kururi retorts, softening up. She feels better now. It had actually been a pretty fun match. She can see that when she’s not so focused on her own failings.

“Yes. Yes, you have. Four times already today,” Zakuro says, and starts walking again.

“Well, this is the fifth then: I love you to death, Zakuro,” Kururi says, her heart feeling like it could soar.

“I love you too, Kururi,” Zakuro replies affectionately. She’s glad Kururi has cheered up. “Now let’s get some ice cream. My treat.”

“Huh? No, I should be the one to-” Kururi tries to argue.

“Nope! My. Treat,” Zakuro says firmly, and shoots Kururi a very determined look. Ba-thump!

“I… okay…” Kururi says meekly. She knows she can’t argue with Zakuro when she gets like that. Plus the look of victory on Zakuro’s face is totally worth surrendering to.

Ba-thump! Ba-thump! Ba-thump!



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