A Model Model – Part 1

[A/N: I got the idea to write two different versions of the same story. There’s basically the same events, but in this one Riko and You are not dating, and in the other one they are.]

“Now try on this next one,” You said, and eagerly handed Riko a black and white dress, with a skirt in various hues of purple.

Riko had been quite eager herself when You invited her over to do some modelling, as she’d take any excuse for the two of them to hang out. But she hadn’t expected there to be so many outfits. They had already done two, this was the third, and it looked like You had more. How did she find the time to make them all?

“What’s this one for?” Riko asked as she held it up. There was something that seemed a little bit familiar about it.

“Oh, I figured for Halloween we could all dress in the same style as Yoshiko-chan,” You said cheerfully. She did indeed have a couple more outfits in mind before they were done, but things were proceeding well so far.

“Okay…” Riko laid it out carefully on the bed so she could take off the yukata-style one You had her try previously. It had been a little loose in the sleeves, which was much better than it being too tight, if Riko had to choose. “Now I remind you, no peeking,” the redhead said, and looked over her shoulder at You.

“Yeah, yeah,” the ashen-haired girl said, then took a seat in a chair, and turned away. “I’ve seen it all in the locker room at school, though.” The way her eyes maybe lingered a second too long at those times was something she hoped no one had noticed.

“But it’s more embarrassing when it’s just the two of us,” Riko said, so quietly that You just barely heard it. Maybe it had been a bad idea to wear cute underwear. Usually it helped her feel more confident, but she hadn’t taken into account that You might see it. “There’s still a long time until Halloween,” she commented before pulling the dress down over her head.

“It never hurts to get started early,” You said. The temptation to peek was growing with each outfit. They were in her room, after all. Surely that afforded her a little bit of privilege. Though of course Riko’s comfort came first.

“Okay, you can look again now. I think I need some help with the laces,” Riko said. Doing the buttons over the chest was one thing, but the laces up the front would be tough on her own, even with a mirror. She did her very best to keep her cool and hold her breath while You was working on it, but she could really feel You’s fingers on her abdomen as they made sure everything was in order, and were tying them up. “Not so tight. Yeah, that’s better,” she said, and allowed herself to breathe as You stepped back.

“How does it feel?” You asked. She could see hints of pink in Riko’s cheeks, but maybe she was just imagining it because of the lighting or something. Or maybe not, she thought with a slight grin.

“It feels fine,” Riko replied. “Does it look funny?” she asked when she saw You grin a little. Perhaps this style didn’t suit her.

“Huh? No no, it looks good on you,” You said reassuringly. “You’d make a great fallen angel.” As Riko’s cheeks reddened a little further, You was sure she wasn’t imagining things. It did feel like the outfit might be missing something still. “Could you turn all the way around for me? Slowly?” she asked, and Riko complied, doing a full 360 degrees turn. “Now just stand still a little, I want to check a few things.” Riko stood still, and You stepped close.

“Eek! What are you doing?” Riko asked as You crouched down to examine the skirt. The thought that You might look up her skirt, even accidentally, was mortifying.

“What? I need to check how it sits,” You explained. Which was true, but it was also a little fun seeing how Riko reacted. As if she was hiding something. You stood up, and went around Riko’s back. There were definitely some ideas she had for how to improve the skirt, but what about the back? Maybe she could make something like wings that could go on, to fit the motif. Riko was seeming quite tense all of a sudden.

“You okay, Riko-chan?” You asked, trying to hide the enjoyment from her voice.

“I’m fine,” Riko murmured. That was a close one, and now she really wished she could force herself to stop blushing. It didn’t help that You was obviously amused.

“Next one!” You said eagerly, and dived into her wardrobe to retrieve it. Riko accepted it, then wondered if she was seeing things.

“Is this a maid outfit?” she had to ask. It certainly looked like one.

“Um… yeah,” You replied. “It’s for a genuine reason, I promise! I’ve been thinking about a maid theme for one of our concerts, but…” She coughed awkwardly.

“But…?” Riko wondered if perhaps You’s motives weren’t entirely pure here. She certainly seemed to be squirming a bit.

“But I haven’t really gotten around to starting on them yet. I was hoping that seeing you wear a regular one would give me some ideas…” You said, and smiled sheepishly. “Please?” she tried in her sweetest possible tone. Riko sighed, but figured it was probably okay to humour her. It’s not like it was revealing, or outrageous in any way.

“Alright, I’ll do it. Turn around,” she reminded You, who obliged. There was a bit of effort to get the previous outfit off, but she still preferred to do that part on her own. Something had been on her mind ever since she got the invitation, though. “Why me?” she asked after getting the dress off.


“Why did you ask me to model for you?” Riko clarified. Surely there were others in Aqours who’d do a better job, and wouldn’t get so easily embarrassed.

“Oh! Because you’re beautiful,” You said as a matter of fact, and Riko nearly dropped the maid outfit.

“E-e-e-excuse me?” Riko stammered, and turned to look at You. She wondered if You was grinning, though she couldn’t tell as she was still turned away. It hadn’t sounded like she was joking, though.

“Since you’re so pretty, it’s easy to see the outfits at their best. So I know what to work towards with the others,” You explained, and glanced over her shoulder. Riko was quick to hold the maid outfit up in front of herself as cover. There was also that Riko had a very average build for the group, which made it easier to set a baseline to work from. But You felt that Riko didn’t need to know that bit.

“Oh,” Riko said shyly, while blushing so brightly she nearly glowed. “But still no peeking,” she repeated, and You quickly looked away again. It had been worth seeing the expression on Riko’s face, though. Riko fumbled a little while trying to pull the outfit on as quickly as possible, but she got it sorted out. “Okay, you can look now.”

You turned back, and paused for a moment to marvel at how cute Riko looked. There was something really charming about the way she looked embarrassed, though You wondered for a moment if she was evil for enjoying that.

“Hm… turn around,” she prompted Riko again, making a clockwise motion with her hand. Riko turned slowly, having learned that by now.

“Well?” Riko asked when she was facing You again. It was like she could feel You’s eyes scrutinising her.

“Can you raise your arms?” You asked, making a T-pose. Riko imitated her, and You got up to get a better look. She made sure to check from different angles. “Hm… yeah, looks good. Can I hire you?” she asked playfully, looking Riko in the eyes. The way Riko looked back said quite clearly ‘absolutely not’. “Hey, I was only joking.” She went back to her wardrobe. “This is the last one, I promise.” This was it. What everything had been leading up to. The modelling had been genuine, and had given her some good ideas, but she had yet another reason for picking Riko. She was starting to feel nervous now, even though she had prepared herself for so long. She offered the outfit to Riko.

“Is this… a sailor uniform?” Riko asked, and You nodded. She wondered why You suddenly seemed bashful. “But we’ve already done a sailor-themed concert.” Even if the outfits hadn’t looked quite like this one. This was certainly much more uniform-like.

“Mm… please put it on?” You asked. Her cheeks were definitely a little pink now, so Riko wondered if there was a catch. She took the outfit, and turned it around a few times. There didn’t seem to be anything odd about it, so You’s behaviour was still a mystery.

“Okay, if you insist,” Riko said, and this time You turned around without being prompted. Riko smiled a little, and put the uniform down to hoist the maid outfit off. Which was somehow trickier than putting it on. When she finally got it on, she found the sailor uniform was a perfect fit. Even with the buttons on the jacket done up it didn’t feel too tight, or too loose. Did You really know Riko’s measurements that well? “I’m done. Now will tell me why you’re acting so weird about this?” she asked.

Okay, here goes, You thought to herself as she turned around. Riko looked exquisite in the uniform, even without the cap. Dammit, I forgot the cap! She had a slight moment of panic. Too late now. “Well… um… truthfully I had an ulterior motive for asking you specifically… I wanted to see what you’d look like as my first mate,” she said as steadily as she could.

“You-chan?” Riko blinked in confusion.

“I’m the captain of my ship, and I like you, so… I was hoping you’d be my first mate. Will you join my crew?” You asked, and it slowly dawned on Riko that this was a confession. “Damn, that sounded so much cooler in my head…” You murmured, and took a sudden interest in examining the floor. In spite of her intensifying blush, Riko giggled a little. She wasn’t sure how to properly respond to this.

“Oh, You-chan… um… aye aye, captain, I’ll… er… join your crew,” Riko said, figuring she might as well go along with the ‘theme’. You looked back up, and smiled so brightly Riko couldn’t look directly at her. “D-did you know I like you too, or did you just… go for it anyway?” she had to ask. It wasn’t hard to imagine the latter.

“I guess I had a feeling… or maybe I just hoped,” You admitted. She was feeling very relieved, as she didn’t know what she would have done if this had gone wrong. Taking a step forward, she gently took Riko’s hands in her own. “Do you… want to stay the night?” she asked, while looking into Riko’s golden-brown eyes.

“Already?!” Riko said in shock, her eyes going wide. “I-I don’t think I’m ready for that yet,” she hurriedly added.

“No, not like that!” You said, realising how that had sounded. “I just thought it would be nice to wake up in the same room. You don’t have to sleep in the bed with me, we have a spare futon!” She gave Riko a hopeful look. There wasn’t school tomorrow, so it should be fine. Probably.

“Ah. Right. Of course you didn’t mean… um…” Riko felt a bit awkward for misunderstanding. “B-but I haven’t brought pajamas or anything…” She really wasn’t ready.

“You can borrow some from me!” You quickly suggested, but Riko shook her head.

“No, You-chan,” Riko said firmly. “I like the idea, but… not tonight.” You visibly slumped from the disappointment. Riko caressed You’s hands. “Soon though. I just want to prepare first, and bring my own things,” she added in a reassuring tone. It sounded nice, but she didn’t want to just jump into it spontaneously. Plus the idea of wearing You’s pajamas was a bit much to handle right now. At least You cheered up a bit again.

“Okay. I guess I was a little hasty,” You conceded. “I was just so happy you said yes.” They smiled at each other.

“I should get going so I catch the next bus. I promised I’d be home in time for dinner,” Riko said, and reluctantly let go of You. She was about to pick up her things when she remembered she was still wearing the uniform. “Right, I need to…” She became acutely aware of how You was looking at her as she started undoing the buttons. “Still no peeking!” You quickly turned around. She was a bit lost in the moment too.

“So… want to meet again tomorrow?” You asked. Riko thought about it very briefly while making sure her skirt was on properly.

“Yeah,” she answered. That would be nice.



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